Meet Qamilio, A Decentralized And Secure Anonymous Messaging Application On The Blockchain.

Qamilio DApps is a great, anonymous, decentralized and secure platform that fixes the flaws we know today.

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One of the important barriers to overcome in the crypto world is the security of communication and transactions, taking into account the anonymity of people who participate in various platforms. Having  a DApps  like  Qamilio  where you can send documents and communicate effectively while reducing risk is a tool that benefits everyone. Both for clients who transact with cryptocurrencies, and for those who just want to talk to someone else without fear of having their information compromised.

Padlock token (PDL) in search of communication optimization, communication security in a world as wide as the crypto world. Supports the development of Qamilio DApps.

In order to innovate and make this application more attractive, they have studied many of the weaknesses of other current applications, such as: viruses, hackers, transfer of personal data for registration, which compromise trust, security and privacy.

Qamilio is an application with quick and easy access for everyone, whose characteristic is to solve the aforementioned problems. Its main function is to improve the communication and sending of files, guaranteeing the security of user data. So, with these features, it is perfect for dealing with the problems we face every day, such as social media crashes like  Facebook  , or scam hacks, like the ones that happened recently  on Instagram.

Qamilio DApps Breaks Down the Barriers of Traditional Communication

, Meet Qamilio, A Decentralized And Secure Anonymous Messaging Application On The Blockchain., Criptomonedas e ICOs

As you know, the crypto world uses secure cryptographic codes, and the data of its users can be anonymous. This anonymity is lost on other networks when you need to communicate, and for this you share personal data such as: email address or phone number. That in the case of Qamilio, this will be another barrier to overcome, which will no longer prevent the user from communicating with another if his problem is anonymity. Because with these DApps, your data is as secure as the blockchain itself.

Another feature of Qamilio that distinguishes it from other applications is the ability to remain anonymous. Because access to the platform does not require personal data, phone or email. You just need to have a Metamask wallet to log in to use the Qamilio services. So if you want to follow the principles of anonymity and freedom that a decentralized world offers, Qamilio is perfect for you.

Qamilio Data Storage Form

, Meet Qamilio, A Decentralized And Secure Anonymous Messaging Application On The Blockchain., Criptomonedas e ICOs

The way data is stored makes Qamilio a different tool as your data is not transferred and the information cannot be changed. This way you can be sure that your data will not be sold to a marketing company or that your information will be used for another purpose without your consent. Only the user can see its content, although it is stored on millions of computers around the world, it is stored encrypted using blockchain cryptography.

The information is stored in blockchain blocks, which are stored on the unused hard drive space of nodes around the world, not on your phone or computer. Thus, Qamilio does not require large storage areas. On the other hand, if files or data are to be shared, their size doesn’t matter, because unlike current platforms, there is no file transfer limit.

Qamilio is uncensored

, Meet Qamilio, A Decentralized And Secure Anonymous Messaging Application On The Blockchain., Criptomonedas e ICOs

Working with the blockchain ensures that no personal, public or private entity has the right to prohibit the use of the service. This decentralized network ensures that no matter what situation you are in. Whether it is because of a dictatorship in the country or because of a war, through Qamilio you will be able to communicate without fear of censorship.

While technology gives us the ability to have access to a lot of information, it’s important to consult trusted sources with experience in the crypto world and interact with groups of people who are already successful or have more knowledge, making it easy to learn a new way to communicate and share information. .


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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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