Conquer Uranus: the project that will take you far beyond the moon

Conquer Uranus seeks to reach "Urano" with the power of the community

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Conquer Uranus is a decentralized finance protocol, with a secure token, community oriented and implemented on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

The project seeks to expand the protocol and reach as many holders (asstronauts) as possible, which is why it has launched a non-pre-sale release.

Conquer Uranus seeks to reach “Urano” with the power of the community, so the team has developed a token called ANVS, to receive rewards and carry out burns that help the sustainability of the protocol.

All ANVS transactions are taxed with a 10% fee, 6% of which will be redistributed to all Asstronauts.

ANVS can be used in a Metamask wallet, or any other wallet that accepts BEP-20 tokens.

The black hole vault

The Conquer Uranus team created a protocol called the “black hole vault”, with which they seek to establish a deflationary system for the ANVS token.

In this way, they vacuum (burn) 50% of their profits forever, maintaining the protocol and decreasing the total amount of circulating ANVS.

This process will be repeated on a monthly basis.

In fact, 25% of the “Black Hole” will be blocked annually, with ten payback periods over the course of a year, for Conquer Uranus to use the platform.

These refunds go to the Dev Wallet and will be used for marketing and listing decisions. The rest of this wallet will be used to provide liquidity.

The last 25% break will go to the “space debris” Wallet and will be used as a reward for the stake.

Every four months, an allocation will be made to the top 50 ANVS holders, rewarding the most committed Asstronauts.

This amount of distribution will be estimated to ensure the sustainability of the token.

Every four months, once the special assignment has been made and as indicated in the waybill, a shipment will be made to the Void (burning) of the Dev Wallet.

Black Hole Vault, Devs Wallet, and Space Waste Wallet are excluded from ANVS rewards.

The token has a fee of 1.5% of sold by contract to BNB and another of 1.5%, which will be automatically paired with the previous BNB and added as a liquidity pair in Pancake Swap.

The ANVS has a total supply of 2,543,164,000,000. This figure represents the total meters from the earth to uranus. So when you get ANVS you go to Uranus, literally.

The four phases of reaching Uranus and governance

Conquer Uranus has two four phases to fulfill its objective.

The first is the fair launch, with which all ANVS will be made available to the community.

The second, the launch in the decentralized exchange market.

The third, blocking of the LP (liquidity providers) in DxLocker, for 10 years.

And the fourth, the LP generated with each transaction and blocked in PancakeSwap.

The platform is governed by the community, which is why they have made a web portal available to its users where they can send and vote for proposals that seek to help the project.

In that sense, the pools will be chosen by the community. So, in principle, those of BNB, BUSD and DAI will be available, but then they will be expanded to those of all the ShitCoins that the community wants.

The NFTs

Conquering the ANVSverse will be rewarded with exclusive NFTs of the platform, which will be achieved as certain objectives are achieved within the project.

Among them are making the first purchase of more than 384,400,000 ANVS (MOON); make the first purchase of more than 69,000,000.00 from ANVS (MARS); make the first purchase for more than 591,000,000,000 ANVS (JUPITER); make the first purchase of more than 1,200,000,000,000 ANVS (SATURNO); and make the first purchase of more than 2,543,164,000,000 ANVS (URANO).

In addition, there will be NFT’s for the most outstanding Asstronauts, to commemorate the ANVS sales and for those who complete social missions on the platform.

The team behind Conquer Uranus

The ANVS team is completely anonymous. However, its aliases play brilliantly with the profile of the project that, from its own name, tries to show itself as a “memecoin”.

In that sense, we find Elanvs Musk, as executive director of the ANVS team; Assnonymous, Anvsverse Cybersecurity Master; Sofia VergarAss, the most Community Ass woman in the Universe; Nostradanvs, the team’s financial and economic advisor; Vitalik Butterin, the Developer God and HR Gasesor; NicolAss, the person in charge of the animations; Donass Trump, honorary president of the company.

They are joined by the Galactic Ambassador, ChewbaccAss; ObamAss co-president; ButtMan, as the superhero from Uranus; and ChristiAnvs, the star player of Uranus.

How to buy the ANVS?

The Conquer Uranus ANVS token is now on sale and can be purchased by following the steps below:

  • Download Trustwallet or Metamask. In case of choosing the second, the wallet must be configured to receive tokens from the Binance Smart Chain.
  • Buy BNB.
  • Go to the DApps tab at the bottom and search for PancakeSwap, or go directly to the PancakeSwap portal in your computer’s browser.
  • IPhone users may need to enable the trusted browser and then use the browser tab. You can also click on the “BUY NOW” button, directly on the Conquer Uranus website, if you are not doing it from a mobile phone.
  • Click on “Select a currency” and enter the address of the contract in the search field (0xd6C3Cd84B69F5b362B0DeBE507Fb49eE511ce094).
  • Before shifting, you must click on the sprocket and set the slip between 11-15%.
  • Now, you must set the amount you want to buy and press the exchange button.
  • Confirm the transaction and you’re done. You have already taken the first step to reach Uranus.

Do you want more information? Visit their website.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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