Covesting Yield: the new tool to earn high returns with your PrimeXBT account

Covesting Yield Account connects users with the best DeFi apps

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Covesting officially launched its Performance Accounts, Covesting Yield, which generate returns on the client’s cryptocurrency holdings.

With this product, users have the option to transfer their assets to Covesting Yield, on PrimeXBT, to receive variable interest while holding their cryptocurrencies.

The innovative Covesting Yield Account experience connects users with the best decentralized finance applications (DeFi), to obtain the highest possible returns.

Such accounts connect clients with various DeFi performance generation protocols to deliver a very attractive APY.

In addition, the firm also facilitates the visualization of how much estimated performance can currently be expected in real time, as they provide transparency through the Covesting copies of the trade module and the leaderboards,

Thus, users can quickly and easily track earnings, increase deposits, make withdrawals, and more.

Covesting’s goal is to provide users with exposure to the best possible returns with the least risk, as well as to offer industry-leading performance conditions with unmatched clarity.


So you can use the Covesting Yield Account

Using these performance accounts on the platform is extremely simple, once they are launched on the market in late 2021.

All you have to do is log into the account control panel in PrimeXBT, click on the “Covesting” tab and click on the new “Yield Account” section to start “stake” the cryptocurrencies that are held in. the exchange.

The platform included detailed charts and metrics on historical performance, in any selected currency supported by the exchange.

In addition, an APY calculator will be available that will provide a snapshot of the estimated potential earnings, after entering information on which and how much of any asset you wish to stake.

More utilities for the COV token

Covesting introduced an innovative participation mechanism, further leveraging the value of the COV token.

By blocking COV tokens, users receive three levels of account membership status: Advanced, Premium or Elite, to enjoy a wide range of benefits within the Covesting ecosystem.

COV benefits all levels of membership status in multiple ways, ultimately increasing the profitability of the product in favor of members wagering COV tokens.

That way, strategy managers can lower their trading fees; Followers can eliminate entry fees and improve the percentage split they get from profitable trades.

Covesting Performance Accounts will also provide additional features and benefits unlocked, through the COV token utility.

Users who stake the COV tokens will receive a massive increase in APY, obtaining up to double and high returns over the standard variable rates.

The COV Staking and Covesting Performance Accounts, enhancing the power of the COV utility token, provide a unique and diverse value proposition for all token holders, users, and followers.

How does it work?

By using the service, Covesting clients authorize their funds to be used for loans or market making activities and in turn receive an interest payment for this.

Lenders can be various market participants such as trading platforms, institutional market makers, loan platforms, and more.

A hedge yield account is similar to a traditional bank savings account in this regard. When you deposit your funds into a savings account at a bank, you give your bank permission to use your money.

For example, banks regularly use customer funds to lend to third parties, invest in bond markets, and other financial activities.

For this reason, the bank returns you some interest, but hardly. A hedge yield account works the same way: You receive interest for the use of your funds in various DeFi trades.

The difference is that with Covesting, the rates are higher than what traditional savings accounts offer today.

As low as $ 100 worth of dormant crypto assets are required to get started, and interest is paid on a daily basis.

Hedge Yield Accounts are very flexible, allowing users to withdraw the amount of their stake with interest whenever they want.

There are no long lockout periods, so withdrawals are done once a day. Upon completion of the withdrawal, the user will receive the full amount plus any accrued interest.

Without a minimum investment period, users have full control over their funds. However, interest swaps are processed at the end of the 24-hour pay period and may take a few hours to process.

What is Prime XBT?

Prime XBT is a cryptocurrency trading platform, which allows traders to take advantage of the ability to trade major digital currencies with high leverage and low commissions.

Which makes it possible to exchange virtual assets without having to invest a large amount of money.

The exchange aims to overcome common problems of other platforms, including lengthy Know Your Customer (KYC) approval processes, unexpected downtime, low liquidity, trading issues in failing markets, limited order types, poor user experience and high trading fees, through an innovative portal that equips users with the essential tools required for their daily business activities.

This is why PrimeXBT offers incredible leverage, a very easy-to-use interface, a large amount of liquidity, and more.

This is probably one of the reasons why the company has seen exponential growth since its launch in 2018. It now has customers from 150 different countries.

PrimeXBT has a high 24 hour trading volume. Decent liquidity, compared to the rest of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, which places the aforementioned exchange among the top 40 in the world.

Plus, it features instant transaction executions due to the added liquidity. Thus, downsizing and the inability to create effective positions due to lower volumes are mitigated by combining the liquidity of 12 other leading exchanges.

This provides the ability to accurately execute trading strategies, while achieving ideal market entry prices and ensuring that any size transaction can be made on PrimeXBT.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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