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Criptoro: the Spanish Fintech for the new era

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 Criptoro is a Spanish Fintech / Technological, multi-service and multi-product company, which was born with an international vocation, to be a benchmark in numerous fields such as training, financial health, new technologies or innovation, so important and necessary for the development of any society or country.

With its social and fiscal headquarters in Madrid, the firm created a token, Criptoro Coin (CTRO), to support the company and the community.

Criptoro has the two main points necessary for a cryptocurrency to be successful: its usability, for products and services (of the firm and third-party companies) and the community that supports it.

In addition, it has a unique point of innovation in the market, and that is that the company that collects the ICO (Initial Cryptocurrency Offering) will be supported and backed by physical precious metals (gold, silver, platinum and palladium) and by Bitcoin , with the aim of thinking about the development of the business also in the long term.

The ICO of Criptoro

Criptoro began on October 1, 2020, until next January 11, the public sale of its Token Criptoro Coin (CTRO) , with which it will finance its ambitious project to help world sports companies in their process of tokenization and technological adaptation to new world standards.

Thanks to this ICO, investors from all over the world will be able to acquire their CTRO Token, with which they will subsequently be able to obtain products and services from its platform , in addition to benefiting from the significant revaluation potential of their currency sustained by the exponential growth that the company anticipates.

The token was developed using ERC-20 Ethereum technology, which is the most widespread protocol in the Blockchain ecosystem, also optimizing said development and will have the category of ‘utility’, that is, it is not a financial instrument.

The total amount (total supply) of Criptoro Coin tokens will be 500,000,000, of which 50,000,000 will remain in the custody of the company to burn tokens, so that its scarcity increases.

These burned actions will be audited and certified to provide the process with greater technical and legal security.

CTRO token distribution

The distribution of the tokens of Criptoro Coin (CTRO) has been designed based on a strictly business approach, the real objective is to grow the company in an exponential way, using own resources seasoned with the economic injection of crypto assets, and guarding part of it cold, to promote future scarcity by reducing the “total supply” (the total amount of coins and money supply).

There are 500,000,000 Criptoro Coin (CTRO) tokens, of which 50,000,000 will be kept in a cold wallet until their programmed burning in several phases.

The remaining 450,000,000 Criptoro Coin (CTRO) tokens will be distributed as follows:

  • 75% Token sale
  • 7% Crypto Collaborators
  • 5% Airdrop
  • 5% Cryptor Team
  • 4% Administrative expenses
  • 4% Bounty / Sponsorship Program

The Criptoro Coin (CTRO) tokens that are not sold, of the 450,000,000 tokens in the previous list, will be burned immediately (burned).

In addition, the CTRO may be used, from its issuance, to acquire the wide range of products and services offered by Criptoro, as well as in its Marketplace, with discounts of up to 20% of their total value.

Likewise, it will be available in the most important international exchanges and in the own exchange that will be developed by Criptoro.

Tokenizing the sports industry

For the sake of its growth, Criptoro is currently in talks with several leading sports institutions at the European level, so that they take advantage of the potential that the new digital economy offers them both to consolidate their sports projects, and to further strengthen ties with its social mass.

Criptoro has already closed an agreement with the Movistar Inter Indoor Soccer Club, of which it is already an official technological partner.

The Torrejón de Ardoz club will offer CTRO as a form of payment for its products and services to its fans and Criptoro will finance the development, through its DAPP Sport platform , of an application tailored to the sports club, with which thousands fans worldwide will feel closer to their idols.

At a global level, companies of all kinds can benefit from this new conception of finance, finding in the decentralized digital economy alternative sources of financing to classic economic circles, by issuing their own Tokens, that is, their own money.

A Token is a form of private money, which provides commercial benefits to those who acquire it and who through its sale can finance the company itself.

Investors demand this form of private money, since in addition to said commercial advantages, they obtain the extra possibility that once the project is carried out, partly thanks to this financing, the Token can undergo a remarkable revaluation process, since not only because it is limited in its amount, but because it has the potential to be exchanged for any other decentralized currency or not, using the capital market.

New projects appear every day that are financed thanks to the sale of their Tokens, in a market that is currently almost 350 billion dollars.

Therefore, this process of tokenization of the sports industry will entail new forms of money, as well as an exchange market between the currencies of the sports institutions.

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Criptoro’s products and services

Criptoro offers a high range of high-quality products and services, which can be purchased with great discounts using the Criptoro Coin (CTRO) token, as the base currency.

These products and services include:

  • EFID School.
  • Cryptor career plan.
  • Tailor-made consulting.
  • Physical Gold and Silver.
  • MarketPlace Cryptor.
  • Robotization EAs.
  • CRIPTORO Editorial.
  • Crypto Coin.
  • Augmented reality.
  • Tax Advice.
  • Digital library.
  • MULTIEXCHANGE Arbitration.

Arbitrage, wallet and Exchange

Criptoro will continue to improve its own cryptocurrency arbitration system, both semi-automatic and automatic, always complying with the law to offer this service.

Through Criptoro Multiexchange, Criptoro will offer semi-automatic and automatic arbitrage between different third-party and liquid exchanges. And it will improve as a living platform, said user experience.

Likewise, it will develop, either directly through a subsidiary, and legally, its own cryptocurrency exchange. Being present in the most important exchanges globally once their Criptoro Coin (CTRO) tokens are available .

In fact, you have already had a first contact with some of the most important, to present your project, and they are really interested in your token.

Also, Criptoro is already negotiating with large companies that have quality products and services, so that after the issuance of CTRO, it is accepted as a direct payment method for products and services of third-party companies, in certain companies of their choice. As an example, Movistar Inter FS, the best futsal team in the world, is already a reality and at CTRO, you can purchase direct products from said sports company.

Criptoro will also offer a fully decentralized DEX wallet for its clients, within the policy of financial freedom, taking into account, first of all, the importance of complying with current laws.

Multiexchange crypto

Criptoro will have at the disposal of its clients, a HUB platform, where to centralize many of the current cryptocurrency exchanges.

Without custody by Criptoro. Clients from their own accounts will be able to do semi-automatic and / or automatic arbitrage and launch simple or advanced orders in any of the cryptocurrency exchanges, which will be connected via API to the central platform to have all of them linked.

The service will be available from day one, in Spanish and English, and other languages ​​will be incorporated in the future. In the same way, work is being done to incorporate more Exchanges. All profits will go to the customer.

The Exchanges with which you can interact through the Criptoro HUB Exchange are the following: Binance, Bittex, Biffinex, Poloniex, HITBTC at first. During phase 2.0 the following will be supported: Kraken, Huobi PRO, Okex, Bitmex, Kucoin. In the future many more.

This service may, like any Criptoro product or service, be paid with any fiat currency and also in the future, with dozens of crypto assets, including Bitcoin.

In the future, after the ICO of the native cryptocurrency CTRO, it will also be possible to pay through Criptoro Coin, as a base currency and with a discount, for the entire “Crypto Universe”.

Do you want more information? Visit to Criptoro

Website: criptorocoin.io

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/criptoro/?originalSubdomain=es

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CriptoroEs

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/criptoro_oficial/

Facebook: https://business.facebook.com/criptoroficial/

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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