Envion creditors may continue to assert claims

In the Causa envion, one of the biggest scandals in the German-speaking Bitcoin area, the deadline for claiming creditor claims has been extended. On the basis of requests, the deadline of 28 November was postponed. So it says on the homepage:

On the basis of inquiries, the assistant notes that claims can also be filed after the statutory registration deadline of 28 November 2019 (see Art. 251 SchKG). The portal for the registration of claims from tokens or their acquisition is still available for this purpose. Access to the portal is still exclusively via the present website www.envion-konkurs.ch (Link to the portal). However, we would like to inform you that the portal will be closed from 12:00 pm on 24 December 2019 until 9:00 am on 6 January. After this interruption, the portal will be available again and the creditors will be able to register their claims further.

Thus, investors who had invested in envion in the hope of "mobile mining units" for Bitcoin and Ether have continued to be able to recover funds.

Liquidation Upgrade Program (LUP)

In parallel, former envion investors have the opportunity to assert their claims through the Liquidation Upgrade Program (LUP). As announced by Naima Strategic Legal Services Gmbh on September 30, the founders of the crypto start-up had donated "the proceeds from their involvement in envion AG to the Liquidation Upgrade Program (LUP)". Who logs in here, should then get a share of these proceeds.

The founders had decided on this step apparently after a judgment of the Berlin court. According to the same statement, the court confirmed an injunction against the former CEO of envion AG, Matthias Woestmann. Together with the Berlin lawyer Thomas van Aubel, he had quarreled the founders of envion AG for the majority of the company.

He wanted to sell the company in the end, but the founders were able to prevent this by a court order. Monies accruing from the liquidation to Trado GmbH (behind which the founders are located) should be donated together with any monies from damages claims. The press release also emphasizes the independence between envion AG and LUP.

Procedure for envion investors

Anyone wishing to participate in the Liquidation Upgrade Program should first register on the official competitor site and assert their claims. As soon as claims exist, you can also sign up for LUP. There, in addition to any bankruptcy money, investors get the chance to receive damages from ongoing lawsuits.

Envion AG: Founding in the Bitcoin hype phase

Envion AG started in the course of the ICO and Bitcoin hype phase in late 2017 / early 2018. In the ICO, investors were able to acquire the EVN tokens. The company promised "Mobile Mining Units", which should be able to use green electricity to "mine" the crypto currencies Ether and Bitcoin. Due to the dilution on the part of Woestmann, however, it had never happened that the project went beyond the initial phase.

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