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Rising EU-compliant and fiat SEPA/IBAN crypto exchange Eterbase recently announced its partnership with Darkpool Liquidity — a prominent market liquidity provider based in Seychelles. 

The move comes on the heels of Eterbase’s rollout of its premium membership program, which offers 50 percent split, negative trading fees for market makers and premium members — conducive with Darkpool Liquidity as the platform’s exclusive liquidity provider. 

“At Eterbase we are planning to bridge the gap between fiat currency and cryptocurrency through negative trading fees, fiat gateways, regulatory compliance and the scheduled release of our crypto card in the first quarter of 2020,” details the Eterbase Medium announcement. “Taking all of this into consideration, Darkpool Liquidity is extremely confident that Eterbase exchange is a key player in the sector and will remain so in the coming years.” 

Eterbase Rising 

Eterbase is well-positioned to have a lasting impact on the crypto market for a multitude of reasons. The exchange is a fiat gateway replete with SEPA/IBAN transfers, is compliant with EU guidelines, and has a monetary license with the Majestic Omnibank Payment Platform. Combined with recent announcements of the Treasury Gateway for B2B clients and the EURBASE, anti-inflationary stablecoin, and it is evident that Eterbase is turning into a prominent exchange player in the European market. 

“The main purpose of the liquidity program is to tighten the spread, create order book depth, rebalance the corporate account, and utilize grid trading for maximum liquidity,” says Eterbase

Eterbase’s partnership will Darkpool Liquidity will feature corporate accounts that include grid trading, 50:1 volume to critical balance, and 10:1 volume to balance ratios. 

In particular, tightening spreads is a critical product of integrating with Darkpool Liquidity, which was formerly known as Shark CIA Liquidity. For example, during market stress, such as volatile moves in Bitcoin spot markets, which are accelerated by derivatives liquidations on platforms like BitMEX, CoinMetrics highlighted how crypto’s market microstructure could expose its weaknesses — with spreads on major spot exchanges differing drastically. 

Adding corporate accounts and a negative trading fee incentive for market makers in a primarily EUR-pegged exchange market should have a significant, long-term and beneficial impact on crypto market microstructure. XBASE is the primary token fueling the Eterbase ecosystem, which is the granular access token for Eterbase’s Premium Memberships that will be fully supported by Darkpool Liquidity. 

“All partners listed on the Eterbase exchange platform will benefit from the tight spreads and elevated liquidity,” says Eterbase. “The platform’s users will be paid to place orders, with the full support of Darkpool Liquidity, their exclusive liquidity provider.”

Liquidity begets liquidity, and Eterbase’s multi-pronged push into stablecoins, B2B, and order book depth/tighter spreads is attractive to financial institutions looking for more mature market structure. With only a few EU-compliant fiat gateways available in Europe, Eterbase is ideally suited to penetrate a market where infrastructure is at a premium. 

Pushing for Integrated Crypto Instruments 

Eterbase’s string of recent moves also illuminates another trend in the crypto sphere that is quickly taking center stage among many observers — the blending of crypto and conventional financial services. At the core of this development is a compromise on the friction between a cypherpunk mandate and the type of regulatory infrastructure and transparency that financial institutions seek. 

The initial launch of the physically-delivered Bitcoin futures trading platform Bakkt in the US failed to meet the expectations of its much-hyped origins, but it was, nonetheless, another meaningful step in the maturation of crypto-oriented financial instruments. 

For Eterbase, the convergence of finance and crypto encompasses a range of instruments and financial services, and they are eyeing the European market. Focusing on a debit card, partnership/premium program, the EURBASE stablecoin, an IEO launchpad, a B2B payments gateway, and even the future rollout of regulated perpetual contracts for BTC and ETH, Eterbase has demonstrated an ambitious vision. 

But such platforms are precisely what retail traders and financial institutions are seeking, 

Integrated gateways into broader financial and digital services were the darlings of the early stages of the Internet, and continue to grab the attention of investors in the crypto sphere today. 

Eterbase’s compliant position gives them an edge over its DeFi counterparts, especially with financial institutions. As more big money gears up for entrance into the crypto markets, they will be looking for platforms that have liquidity, advanced crypto instruments, and serve as fiat gateways with IBAN and SEPA accounts. 

Eterbase understands this vision and has revealed a penchant for actively making headway towards that goal in recent months. 

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