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ConsensSys, the blockchain company of Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin, continues its course for space. Only at the end of 2018 did ConsenSys take over the company "Planetary Ressources", which would like to extract raw materials from asteroids. On the occasion of the 70th International Space Congress (IAC) Lubin has now announced the founding of ConsenSys Space. This is stated in a press release available to CriptomonedaseICO. ConsenSys Space wants to build cooperation platforms to connect space science and Citizen Science.

Citizen science describes an open form of science based on the support of lay people. It is often a question of citizen researchers helping to collect data. An example from the field of biology are bird mapping projects that use the birdwatching of amateur researchers.

TruSat: Proof of Concept for blockchainbased citizen research

The first project of ConsenSys Space, "TruSat", however, is located slightly above the birds. Nevertheless, it is also about the observation – of satellites. The background is the unabated increase in the number of satellites and space debris spilling Earth's orbit.

TruSat is an experimental open-source and open-sensor system for creating a globally accessible, reliable record of satellite orbital positions. TruSat was primarily designed to enable the evaluation of satellite operations in the context of space standards of sustainability.

Consensys Space describes the project in the press release.

It is also about creating a public monitoring authority for orbit:

Consider how compliance with road rules varies when no one watches in the middle of the night on a deserted highway, unlike a flashy radar camera or police car. The deterrent effect of space laws and norms is greatly enhanced by global public eye-witnessing. Our goal? Nihil arcanum est (nothing hides),

says contributing astronomer Moriba Jah from the University of Texas at Austin.

Ethereum should ensure data security

It is in the nature of things that data collection is decentralized in citizen research. So that no one can drive Schindluder with the collected data in the globally created TruSat project, the project – like all products from ConsenSys – relies on the Ethereum Blockchain:

Developing a system that is open, autonomous, and resistant to malicious and erroneous input brings significant technical challenges

comments ConsenSys Space co-founder Chris Lewicki, an aerospace systems engineer.

Much of what this makes possible – giving users the assurance that neither the algorithms nor the output has been manipulated – is Ethereum Blockchain technology integrated into our roadmap.

Above all, for Joseph Lubin, the endeavor offers the opportunity to explore the potential of Ethereum:

ConsenSys believes that enabling large-scale, global collective action is one of the most transformative uses of Ethereum Blockchain technology.

That's why ConsenSys Space is dedicated to research and development in this area, explains the Lubin – and adds a pinch of pathos at the end:

What could we achieve if we could use the ideas and talents of every person who wants to contribute to space activities? We want to find out. That's why ConsenSys Space exists.

Only in September had ConsenSys launched "Impactio" together with the environmental organization WWF, another sustainability project; unlike TruSat, however, the platform is dedicated to littering the earth itself.

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