Fidelis Crypto: the solution to gather rewards programs under the same protocol

The FDLS token will be equivalent to points or cashback from the rewards programs

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The FIDELIS platform and its FDLS token are a solution to bring together the most diverse rewards programs (Loyalty Programs) under the same protocol, with the security of the blockchain and with the support for smart contracts in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

, Fidelis Crypto: the solution to gather rewards programs under the same protocol, Criptomonedas e ICOs

Through this project, companies will be able to develop their Loyalty Programs in a safe environment, with lower operating costs and with the benefit of being able to advertise their products to clients of various other reward programs.

The FDLS token will be equivalent to the points or cashback of the traditional rewards programs, with the advantage of never expiring and having the possibility of valuation, which benefits both the client and the company that participates in the platform.

How does Fidelis work?

The ecosystem of the FIDELIS platform is divided into two habitats of low communicability , the habitat of the Loyalty and Reward Program (PFR), reserved to house companies and loyal customers; and the Free Market (LM) habitat , where operations are carried out.

In the first, the affiliated company offers rewards in the platform market in the form of goods, services, discounts or cashbacks and the client virtually accumulates tokens that can be exchanged, upon reaching a certain amount, for the rewards offered.

In this action, the cryptocurrency circulates from the PFR account to the client, who redeems a prize in the marketplace and returns to the PFR account.

In fact, the fiat value of the FDLS is irrelevant, as the circulation is closed within the company’s loyalty program, and the cryptocurrency is returned to the PFR account, once the reward has been redeemed.

The company will not pay for the token assigned by the platform because at the end of the redemption process, the PFR account is reset.

The fact of being on a platform with several loyalty programs allows the company to choose to offer its “gondola” in the Marketplace for other loyalty programs of companies in different segments.

, Fidelis Crypto: the solution to gather rewards programs under the same protocol, Criptomonedas e ICOs

For example, a company can offer a promotional reward subject to the purchase of a certain good or service to an external customer of another loyalty program and thus gain a new customer for its business, at practically zero cost.

Still, the same reward can have a different token value than that set for an internal customer, how much is offered to an external customer.

This will depend on the interest of the company in attracting new customers for your business.

In this mode of communication between different Loyalty Programs, the FDLS returns to the PFR account and the circuit is closed, regardless of the price of the currency in the Free Market (LM).

An LM customer who has tokens in their wallet can also enjoy rewards from affiliated companies that open their Marketplace for customers outside of their program.

This action allows the company to gain a new client and at the same time, it destroys the LM habitat, which translates into the appreciation of the currency, by increasing its scarcity in LM.

If, eventually, the client of a loyalty program wishes to exchange their accumulated tokens for fiat in the LM, they will be able to do so, but there will be a 25% penalty and they must perform the operation in peer-to-peer mode, exclusively for holders of LM.

The disincentive to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat is necessary, since this exchange would contradict the principles of loyalty programs that essentially have customer loyalty and that use their FDLS in the market to exchange them for rewards.

Another advantage of the FIDELIS Platform is the low operating cost that companies will have, since they are not obliged to invest money in creating their own platform.

Many small and medium-sized businesses, which today are marginalized from loyalty and rewards programs, will finally be able to develop their programs at low cost.

In short, tokenizing loyalty programs and creating a platform that supports various reward programs is a totally possible idea that brings great benefits to participating companies, their customers, and cryptocurrency investors.

, Fidelis Crypto: the solution to gather rewards programs under the same protocol, Criptomonedas e ICOs

The FIDELIS token

FIDELIS uses a homonymous cryptocurrency, also known as FDLS, (which will be listed on the Probit Exchange on July 23) as a form of accumulation and has devised a smart solution to avoid the negative influence of normal fluctuations of digital currencies in the market free.

It is a BEP-20 token, with a total supply of 990,000,000.

Of the 15% of this amount, 5% will be released in the pre-sale or at the launch of the cryptocurrency. Another 5% will be released six months after launch.

Then 5% will be released 12 months after launch.

Another 15% will be for Marketing and Programming campaigns

The rewards program will feature 40% of the supply; These tokens cannot be sold directly in the FREE MARKET by force of contract.

, Fidelis Crypto: the solution to gather rewards programs under the same protocol, Criptomonedas e ICOs

They can only be used to create new rewards programs for partner companies.

30% is destined for the free market.

The rewards programs on the FIDELIS Platform can advance in such a way that the number of tokens in the Loyalty Program account becomes scarce to host new rewards programs.

When the number of tokens in the LOYALTY PROGRAM portfolio falls below 49,500,000 FDLS (5% of the total initial supply), new tokens can be produced to replenish the Loyalty Program portfolio and with prior notice to holders.

As indicated above, these tokens cannot be traded on the Free Market and, in the event of any leakage, they must be replaced by the responsible partner company.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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-- Publicidad --

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