Funganomics: the NFT and P2E revolution is here

Funganomics is made up of a group of blockchain, gaming and software enthusiasts

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Funganomics is a blockchain-based technology company, featuring a revolutionary and highly scalable non-fungible (NFT) and Play-To-Earn (P2E) ecosystem by actively creating fresh, innovative, fun and engaging products within the NFT / Universe. P2Es that fully integrate with the next-generation Fungatopia platform, inherently ready for the FGS gaming division.

, Funganomics: the NFT and P2E revolution is here, Criptomonedas e ICOs

The firm is also creating a versatile game engine that will house third-party game and application companies that want to enter the P2E space.

All this as part of its commitment to help develop the future of NFTs, P2E games and cryptocurrencies as a whole.

And it is that Funganomics is formed by a group of enthusiasts in the blockchain, games and software.

Each of its members is incredibly passionate about the future of the company, the possibilities it offers to consumers, businesses and society on a global scale. As such, they are dedicated 24×7 to pioneering the industry.

What does Funganomics offer?

Funganomics has developed an NFT platform known as Fungatopia that includes a Marketplace, which integrates both present and future technologies.

The platform is an integral component of the overall ecosystem, designed to reward its investors, community members, contributors and partners, while helping artists and brands to quickly and easily scale within the NFT space using Blockchain technology.

The firm has a strong project portfolio and an extensive roadmap that will ensure the regular publication of new projects and the development of associated utilities to collect, purchase and exchange NFTs.

There are currently numerous projects in the Funganomics development queue that will utilize this ecosystem, through the integration of Fungatopia.

The company focuses on maximizing community and customer satisfaction as primary goals, while producing high-quality and highly desirable NFT collections that are synonymous with a wide range of categories to maximize appeal.

, Funganomics: the NFT and P2E revolution is here, Criptomonedas e ICOs

The Funganomics NFT platform has inherent back-end versatility that “future proofs” the business, considering and addressing features and functions that fully support the future of NFTS and P2E games.

Completely exclusive to Funganomics, the patented back-end game engine provides game developers with the tools and functions to develop their own projects without incurring the substantial investment for the development of the technological infrastructure itself.

This allows your fundraising activities to focus on other aspects of game development, getting your projects to market sooner and reducing start-up costs and risks.

Fundraising will be substantially easier and faster for third parties by using an existing, highly scalable, flexible game engine provided by Funganomics.

Funganomics Ultimate Showdown

Funganomies Ultimate Showdown (FUS) is a collection of NFT characters designed specifically for in-game players.

The platform has fused NFT’s compliance with the brand, commitment and imagination without losing the strategic imperatives of Funganomics, as this has a more intrinsic value for the future visions and development of the company.

All P2E games will be designed to integrate with the NFT Fungatopia marketplace platform.

, Funganomics: the NFT and P2E revolution is here, Criptomonedas e ICOs

This is also the perfect place to market your non-fungible token purchases, in case you want to present them to the community for pre-sale at a later date.

FUS is an ERC721 NFT collection consisting of 10,000 unique characters. Combining unique traits for each character.

Some of the traits are for cosmetic purposes, while others will be used in-game, such as weapons and clothing, as abilities.

FUS is a web-based title that uses the basics of the old arcade-style game, with modern advancements within the blockchain sector.

The combination of these two key components makes it possible to create a reward-based game.

FUS will bring new levels of excitement, fun and excitement to the world of P2E gaming with daily rewards for winning fights.

Team commitment to big prizes through monthly Clan Leagues and exciting timed-interval royal battles to really heat things up.

50% of the value of transactional sales will go towards player awards in daily rewards, player leagues, and clan leagues.

This could lead to extremely exciting prizes for players, clans, and team owners.


One of the main reasons that Funganomics has been so successful has to do with its ability to offer an Ethereum-based solution, which will be a first-rate and personalized online community that will be able to bring together many different people and entities, such as that of NFT investors, P2E players and also developers.

Funganomics wants to provide a strong and inclusive community that its members and key stakeholders can intuitively enjoy and benefit from.

In this way, the company claims that it will be able to fill in the gaps related to issues related to user experience, as well as general functionality, that continue to negatively affect numerous platforms and digital communities today.

, Funganomics: the NFT and P2E revolution is here, Criptomonedas e ICOs

To that end, the new ecosystem provided by Funganomics consists of different key areas that will work together independently to help achieve the aforementioned goals.

So Fungatopia, FGS Games, and Fungality will be a part of this, and trademark applications are being completed right now.

In the words of Funganomics founder and CEO Jeremy Roberts, the company is working to introduce new technology that can be used to help improve the already thriving blockchain industry, and that strong token utility will also be continually worked on.

Therefore, your company is perfectly positioned to help the booming blockchain sector and that Funganomics will be able to provide a wide range of different useful solutions.

Finally, the company will further work to build partnerships with venture capitalists in an effort to enhance and reinforce the growth and scalability of Funganomics for the future.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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