Get closer to the best form of investment with the Values ​​DAO project

Values ​​DAO was published on January 26 this year, it is owned by Ekeanyanwu

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Cada día somos más las personas en busca de información confiable, y mercados digitales para tener una inversión productiva,

Every day we are more people in search of reliable information, and digital markets to have a productive investment, in recent years the most profitable investments despite their volatility are cryptocurrencies. Values ​​DAO was published on January 26 this year, it is owned by Ekeanyanwu. We are going to give the clearest and simplest explanation of the Values ​​DAO project, so that you can learn about the pros and cons of investing in this currency. If you are already one of the investors, it will serve as a tool to learn more about how to make good use of the tokens. What must you do to earn bonuses and what are their greatest benefits?

To be part of ValuesDAO and start betting you must:

Have an invitation link from another member with which you become their referral and you make them creditor of some benefits just for that.

If they haven’t done it yet, install and download the Metamask wallet , you can do it on your personal computer or also on a smartphone.

Values ​​DAO runs on Polygon, Ethereum’s decentralized platform, which allows you to create secure, easy-to-use applications with low transaction fees.

Add the Values, sValues ​​and MiMATIC tokens to the wallet.

Copy the link with which they invited you and when you click, the Values ​​DAO application starts. When you agree to connect the Metamask wallet opens automatically. To confirm that the process was successful, at the top right of the device you will see the Metamask address in the Values ​​DAO app.

Buy MATIC which is the token used to pay transaction fees on the polygon network. They can be purchased on a decentralized exchange or directly within the Values ​​app and then transferred to the wallet and purchased MAI or MiMATIC which is the algorithmic currency pegged 1:1 to the US dollar. Or you can also change MATIC to MAI in the Values ​​app.

If you have come this far and have completed all the steps, you are already able to bet. And you have two options to do it:

1.- Direct stakeout : using the MATIC or MAI tokens.

2.- Benefits : The funds have a 100% liquidity percentage, and are available at any time.

With your contribution you support the Values ​​DAO group by increasing the value of the Values ​​token in the market.

After entering the Values ​​application and having the tokens available in the wallet, enter the amount and select review exchange and confirm it, when the exchange is completed a green verification will appear indicating that the process was completed successfully and only you should close the button.

In the menu, select the bet option, then confirm and the message that your participation has been successful should appear, indicating that the process has been completed correctly. Congratulations.

Bonds and their Values ​​rules

, Get closer to the best form of investment with the Values ​​DAO project, Criptomonedas e ICOs

The bonuses have benefits that vary according to the blocking period, which can be: 30, 60, 90, 180 and 360 days. and the discounts are 5, 15, 30 and 60% respectively for each period.

The bonus rules are:

1.- During the time that the blocking of the tokens is decided, the staking and reinvestment of the rewards is automatic.

2.- Neither the rewards nor the capital can be withdrawn until the chosen blocking period is completed.

3.- Each and every member of the project receives the same Annual Percentage Yield (APY). That represents the real rate of return that is obtained by an investment during a year.

4.- If you want to increase the blocking period to have a higher % discount, you can do it, and the date starts from the new deposit.

5.- You can also collect bonuses for different periods individually or at the same time.

Benefits of the Values ​​DAO system

It offers better liquidity, a larger treasury and a stable ecosystem that encourages the increase of investors.

Values ​​DAO is a transparent project, which reduces the risk of losing your funds to zero. Because it is managed and operated by smart contracts to which all members have access.

In the Values ​​DAO system, profits are distributed fairly and equitably according to the participation of each of the members.

Values ​​DAO announced a high annual interest rate that is in the order of 240 to 300% approximately in the first year.

The payment per affiliate is made immediately in your wallet through the block chain, that is, there is no delay in the bonuses.

Cryptocurrency and digital payments are integrating many worlds into previously inaccessible markets, purchases and sales are constantly developing, and Values ​​DAO is a good tool to support the growth that the cryptocurrency market has experienced in recent years.

Explanation of the methodology of operation of Values ​​DAO

4.4 and 3.3 are some of the labels given to certain actions with respect to Game Theory.

In the case of Securities, we use it to describe the benefits and drawbacks of the various ways users can interact with the Protocol.

The value game theory matrix is ​​shown below. It is a grid that you can use to determine the benefit of users performing actions within the Protocol.

The columns indicate your actions while the rows indicate the actions of others. Each action is assigned a value that is translated into result values ​​in the table.

For example:

If both parties bet, the value of the result is 3 + 3 = 6. This is considered a highly positive result for the user and the Protocol.

If one user bets while another buys a bonus of 4.4, the value of the result is 7 (3 + 4). This is also considered a very positive result.

But if one user sells while the other bets, this is an unfavorable result (-1 + 1 = 0). If both users sell, the combined downward price movement negatively affects both of them.

Therefore, an ideal scenario would be for all users to stake and buy 4,4 Bonds. This allows the Protocol to accumulate reserves and offer more attractive APYs, while also allowing users to increase their participation and reduce their cost base.

, Get closer to the best form of investment with the Values ​​DAO project, Criptomonedas e ICOs

Why is Values ​​DAO a worthwhile project?

In the Values ​​project they reward your loyalty to the project, the longer they remain in staking you will have a better return when you leave it. Another important factor is that one of the networks with the highest growth at the moment works in Polygon, so you will have a lot of stability since the token of this network is one of those that you can use in Values ​​DAO.

In the Values ​​project, the community decides how well the project goes, everything will depend on us and the decisions we make would be like a government in which we are all at the decision table, if we all do it wrong the result will be bad, but If we all do it right, the result will be extraordinary.

As in all cases, it is advisable to do your own research and draw your conclusions to make the best decisions according to your interests. Next, we will leave you with the Values ​​networks so that you can find out first-hand.






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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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