HeroCat GameFi: Play with cats in a metaverse Play to Earn

Obtain and trade NFT with other players in a world full of opportunities

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HeroCat is a mining game that unites NFT and DeFi, in which players can play while earning money. The title is a metaverse about feline heroes.

The game’s mission is to bring more users into the metaverse and crypto, while bringing new titles to gain players experience.

Earn crypto while playing

Players can use HeroCat cryptocurrency to fight, develop, upgrade and join battles.

Users will earn cryptocurrencies by playing or contributing to the community.

HeroCat is a decentralized financial payment network that rebuilds the traditional payment stack on the blockchain.


It uses a basket of stable currencies linked to fiat currency, algorithmically stabilized by its reserve currency HCT, to facilitate programmable payments and the development of open financial infrastructure.

Mining mascots

The HeroCat game is great with many features to explore and even more to come. The main part of the game is to get NFT in the game facing waves of enemies with boss levels.

There are many different NFTs in different rarities. The rarity scale is common, rare, legendary, epic.

These non-fungible tokens are obtained in the chest game which gives a random NFT.

As the hash rate of the mining pet increases, you can get more HCT.

NFTs can be upgraded in the game with food. These foods have levels.

There are even a few more features here that you can use to further upgrade your NFTs in-game, it’s not just food that upgrades these non-fungible tokens.

Food only levels NFT and the levels are between 1-1000, there NFT starts from level 1.

Each player can buy a mining pet (NFT) which will automatically mine and obtain Hero Cat Token (HCT).

By feeding a mining pet to or other cryptocurrencies, players can improve the hash rate of the mining pet.

The HCT powered Hero Cat will be destroyed and other cryptocurrencies will be distributed to the community.


NFT Rewards

  • Trade NFT Heros on an open market
  • NFT Heroes Free Trade
  • Players can trade heroes in an NFT marketplace and receive payments

Win for playing

  • Win to claim
  • Pass through rewards
  • By winning the fight or battle, the player gets rewards.

RPG System

  • Level system
  • Feed food to improve
  • Players can buy food to feed the hero and upgrade him.


  • Star system
  • Use spare heroes to upgrade
  • The player uses free heroes to reproduce.

Create your own story

  • Several stories
  • Start your adventure with the story you love
  • Player can play different stories for additional rewards

Fight against other players

  • One on one challenge
  • Win the fight, win the coin
  • Play against each other for rewards

 Mining system:

There is an AI algorithm system to calculate the mining production of each player in each small mining area of 20 minutes and each large mining area of 24 hours by the hashrate of the players, the level of the mining pet, the number of total players, the total hashrate and the number of HCT it ruined in the last block and the price of HCT, etc.

Game systems:

  • Combat: players can put up to 5 herocats on the battlefield to fight with different monsters and bosses. And players can get three types of tokens from the combat; HCG; HCT and HCU.
  • PVE Fragment Zone: to fight different bosses for fragments that could be used to fuse a hero.
  • PVP Arena: players could have the opportunity to face other players and the winner will be ranked. The top 1000 players in the PVP ranking will be able to receive different rewards.
  • World Boss: Players can challenge the World Boss, which is one of the most powerful bosses in the game. And the player who gives the final blow to the boss will also be able to get great rewards.
  • Super mine system: There is a super mine in the game system, players can buy the HCT and HCG mining cat in the super mine. Compared with the mining pet, the mining cat will be able to mine HCT and HCU for players.


Hero Cat Token (HCT) is a decentralized token for the launch of the game in BSC at the beginning. HCT will have a fair launch and all HCT will be distributed to players.

All players must mine HCT in the game or contribute to the community.

Hero Cat Token also has its certificate encrypted, transparency is vital in HCT, as it is the basis of community democracy.

Players are in control of the future of Hero Cat. People who have HCT have the right to vote for future developments.

Also, the amount of HCT you have will determine your privileges.

  • HCT (Hero Cat Token): players can obtain HCT by mining the pet; MuMu and ToTo; Miner Cat and Herocat fight rewards.
  • HCK (Hero Cat Key): The key token in Herocat Gamefi can open different types of treasure chests.
  • HCG (Hero Cat Gold): Can only be won with the herocat combat.
  • HCU: This can be obtained by fighting the hero cat and mining the mining cat. And able to convert to USDT with a ratio of 1:1 in the future official market.


HCT has a total supply of 100 billion reserved in the public wallet. Only HCT withdrawn or purchased will be destroyed and located.

Players can search the blockchain any time they want.

With this token you can buy services and goods on the Hero Cat gaming platform.

We are also like you to introduce the mining system and games in herocat. Players can experience the mining system by purchasing the mining pet; MuMu or ToTo.


Web: https://herocat.io/register/I294821

Telegram:  https://t.me/herocatgamefi

Discord: https://discord.gg/h4KeaGzB8q


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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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