Hoodler: a powerful platform for interaction between crypto enthusiasts

Its goal is to provide the tools necessary for people to make connections

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Hoodler is a powerful platform, in which users can have interactions with other crypto enthusiasts and content creators, as well as have access to the flood of blockchain news, data analysis, project details and other useful metrics and information. in the space.

It is a project that has accepted the challenge of creating an all-encompassing platform, especially for those who participate in the cryptoverse, which is difficult today.

And it is that where can people find a single path for all the knowledge, news, projects, people, content and opportunities of the blockchain industry?

Social networks are defined as the creation of personal and organizational relationships in an interactive environment, with the aim of building a network.

But while cryptocurrency enthusiasts can often be found on Telegram, Discord, Reddit, Twitter, etc., none of these social media were built specifically with the focus of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in mind.

Each of them has its own use case and they have proven to be very successful platforms. However, most of those who use them are required to participate in several of them in order to access all the capabilities they seek to network, research, market, and express themselves to others.

That is why Hoodle was born, a network that also has the focus of promoting the growth and adoption of NFTs as a community and platform is an additional focus, as well as the creation of smart contracts and blockchain-based Dapps on a governance structured in DAO.

Its goal is to provide the tools necessary for people to make connections, create content, research and express their voice through voting, it is a great goal with phenomenal potential.

One important aspect that Hoodler has not overlooked while striving for its expansive crypto ecosystem platform, is the desire for a user-friendly experience.

The easy-to-use and familiar interfaces and features make the transition from other popular social sites effortless and frictionless, while still being elegantly designed to be aesthetically appealing.

Features include things like avatars, badges, searches, credits, ranks, reactions, actions, and member verification.

Users will be able to create groups and forums to share news and build connections, monetize their content through their membership, integrate their BSC and ETC projects and project boards, even advertise coins within the space.

Blockchain within everyone’s reach

The blockchain realm is a very fast moving place where technology is growing exponentially.

News and information circulate and spread rapidly, greatly influencing the ability of investors to obtain information that propels them towards profitable results.

Hoodler provides a set of real-time news so that knowledge of the blockchain and finance space is available and accessible to everyone on its platform, as a well-informed community is a strong and thriving community.

Most importantly, both on-chain and off-chain data will be accessible, which will solve the problem of small, low-cap projects with little or no visibility.

With the launch of the voting application system, projects that seek to attract fans or investors will be able to demonstrate their value, and the community will be able to express themselves by voting for the projects that they consider most valuable and that they would like to see succeed.

Ultimately, Hoodler seems to want to bring the crypto community under one roof.

A place where they can communicate and share with each other, have access to knowledge and information that prevent loss and promote growth, and express themselves to the fullest.

The HOOD token

HOOD is the first token based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that reinvents the concept of frictionless yield generation and the protocol of deflationary mechanisms, to invest in fractional and frictionless.

The revolutionary Reflect service within the BSC is designed to earn additional tokens simply by maintaining, without token inflation, secure digital assets and access to funds around the world.

That way, you just have to keep the tokens in your wallet and watch the balance grow.

In essence, HOOD is a useful deflationary cryptocurrency, with a fee system that is applied to every buy or sell transaction, the fees of which are instantly divided among all holders of the token.

And it is that the community is the backbone of the Hoodler platform, being very diverse, being made up of owners, developers, people passionate about technology and more.

Hoodler brings transparency, tools, utility and visibility to headlines.

The solution allows access to returns and rewards. Through the community it will be possible to continue investing together.

That is why the project wants to democratize access to investment in cryptocurrencies.

First, it was decided to create a crypto currency that rewards investors and is deflationary over time.

In a second step, a voting application system is set up for investors to vote and choose their favorite projects to be included in our application.

In the third part, they will focus on blockhain transparency with the support of their Oracle partners, with whom they will integrate analytical data inside and outside the chain of all the projects that will be chosen for the application.

Hood has a total supply of 60,000,000 units, of which 5.6M have already been burned.

How does the deflationary mechanism work?

HOOD has an 8% redistribution tax for all purchases and sales. The redistribution tax is split evenly between the marketing portfolio and HOOD holders: 4% goes to the marketing wallet and 4% goes to the holders.

The redistribution tax provides HOOD with a marketing portfolio to fund HOOD’s marketing campaigns.

The marketing wallet is a multi-signature wallet that means maximum security for the project, and the HOOD community can follow it transparently.

The redistribution tax means that HOOD holders are rewarded for owning HOOD.

The longer HOOD users hold, the more their HOOD holding size will increase.

Headline redistributions also go to HOOD’s burn wallet, causing deflation.

HOOD holders can use their tokens in third-party loans, yield farming, or any other smart contracts in addition to earning performance from transaction fees.

To facilitate this, the HOOD smart contract exposes some new methods that allow participation contracts to easily determine the fees earned by each holder over any period of time, even when funds are pooled.

The asset can be obtained from PancakeSwap.

Do you want to know more about Hoodler? Visit their website

Telegram: https://t.me/hoodler_io

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/Hoodler

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hoodlerapp

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9s3nu-XwiOur1mPQ_a4q1Q

App: http://hoodler.io/timeline

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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