Hotpot Finance: Maximize Your DeFi Profits with the Touch of a Master Chef

Hotpot brings a new vision to yield farming

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Hotpot Finance is an intuitive tool that provides liquidity to exponentially increase your DeFi earnings based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Users who bet on Hotpot Finance will earn constant returns and BCNT tokens as liquidity rewards, which in turn can be traded on exchanges or used.

In addition to getting regular liquidity rewards, Hotpot Finance boasts of making the best use of the rewards generated from LP by reinvesting them in different strategy groups or “POTs” to maximize profits.

Growing delicious yields

Hotpot’s mission is simple, to have the largest treasury-backed token on the Binance Smart Chain network, which then gives them the opportunity to provide a more secure and sustainable yield cultivation protocol, which sadly hasn’t been seen much. not at all on the Binance Smart Chain.

To ensure that Hotpot Finance remains sustainable, the linking mechanism (popularized by OHM, with a personal touch of its own) was implemented underpinned by a unique concept pioneered by Swift Finance, known as the APR Reset & Burn Pools (Extinction pools) concept, beautifully executed by DinoSwap.

One thing that is being done differently in Hotpot Finance compared to OHM is that they are not primarily targeting their native LP token pairs (e.g. MEAT-WBNB) as a way of generating fees to avoid further reliance on they.

Instead, WBNB-BUSD will also be supported, where the user receives BNB at a discount.

This allows them to continue generating fees in the event of a reduction in demand for the $ MEAT token, allowing us to continue increasing treasury and ensuring long-term stability.

A sustainable economy

Swift Finance pioneered this concept; the source of income for all yield farms comes from deposit fees. However, once a farmer has deposited on the farm, the project will no longer charge new deposit fees, so most projects, no matter how large or small, will have the problem of a pump and dump.

Swift FInance solved this by having an “APR reset”, which allows the project to charge new deposit fees each week, by forcing farmers to deposit once more.

This also benefits farmers because even if you are late for the project, you will still be able to wait until the weekly APR is restored before joining to get new APRs in around millions of percentages.

, Hotpot Finance: Maximize Your DeFi Profits with the Touch of a Master Chef, Criptomonedas e ICOs

Because the project may charge deposit fees every week, these fees can be shared with $ MEAT holders, where farmers can burn $ MEAT and earn BUSD.

This will create deflationary pressure while retaining demand for $ MEAT, creating a rock solid tokenomics.

A portion of the fees will also be used to support their linking mechanism, initiated by Ohm.

However, Hotpot goes one step further, instead of exchanging native $ MEAT LP tokens for $ MEAT, exchanging non-native $ WBNB LP tokens for more discounted $ WBNB will also be supported.

This will continue to be done every week with new deposits to build their own treasury and support the token price of $ MEAT.

Basically, an attack is underway against $ WBNB LP holders to give us their LP tokens, allowing us to charge a higher% of LP trading fees.

Harvest fee mechanism

Hotpot Finance includes a 48 hour harvest fee mechanism where farmers will incur a 50% harvest fee on the funds they are collecting within 48 hours.

If farmers decide to harvest only once within that 48 hour period, they will receive 100% of their funds.

This is to prevent continued dumping from farmers, which could cause the price of the e $ MEAT token to drop sharply.

, Hotpot Finance: Maximize Your DeFi Profits with the Touch of a Master Chef, Criptomonedas e ICOs

Deposit fees

A 4% deposit fee will be charged at native farms during the beginning of each round of APR reset.

This enables Hotpot Finance to further fund its Burn Pots, which will grow the treasury or introduce initiatives (related to marketing or protocol) to further drive Hotpot Finance’s growth.

Referee program

You are entitled to a 2% referral incentive when you refer a friend to Hotpot Finance. You will only receive that incentive when your friend you referred has harvested.

Agricultural yield multipliers

The multipliers will be distributed as such:

BNB-MEAT (20x multiplier)
BUSD-MEAT (20x multiplier)
MEAT (5x multiplier)
BUSD (1x multiplier)
USDT (1x multiplier)
USDC (1x multiplier)
CAKE (1x multiplier)
ETH (1x multiplier)
BTC (1x multiplier)
MOBOX (1x multiplier)
BUSD-WBNB (1x multiplier)
USDT-WBNB (1x multiplier)
USDT-BUSD (1x multiplier)
ETH-WBNB (1x multiplier)
20x multipliers for LP pairs (MEAT-BNB and MEAT-BUSD)
5x multiplier for single MEAT staking
1x multiplier for the 12 non-native farms

ILO for December 20 

The Initial Liquidity Offer (ILO) will be held on December 20 at 2:00 UTC time. 75% of BNB to be used for liquidity and 25% of BNB to be used for Burn Pots rewards. The maximum target to raise is 250 BNB.

The IDO will have an anti-whale mechanism, so it will only be allowed to buy up to 5% of the MEAT allocation. The ILO will only be active for 12 hours, after which any BNB raised will be allocated as above.







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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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