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HTC announced a Binance Edition of Exodus 1 and it’s all you could want from a smartphone

HTC announced a Binance Edition of Exodus 1 and it's all you could want from a smartphone

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The leading consumer electronics company, HTC, and global cryptocurrency exchange and blockchain ecosystem, Binance, today announce a limited edition smartphone, EXODUS 1 – Binance Edition.

EXODUS 1 – Binance Edition is the world’s first blockchain phone to integrate the Binance Chain blockchain and offers native support for Binance DEX, allowing users to trade on the decentralized exchange on the go. 

The original EXODUS 1 device is the first smartphone built for the blockchain–a new internet generation–and allows users to own their private keys, CriptomonedaseICO said.

Now, users will have access to its digital assets in their pocket and the next generation of investing and banking with the world’s largest crypto exchange available in their pocket. Additionally, the Binance and Trust Wallet apps will be preloaded on the EXODUS 1 – Binance Edition smartphones

 “Binance is one of those fearless companies that challenge traditional financial systems and how things are done,” said Phil Chen, Decentralized Chief Officer of HTC.

“Their vision of borderless finance is a cause that EXODUS also aspires to. We are excited to be supporting the Binance Chain and its DEX, which provides our community with the biggest spread and most liquid crypto exchange along with the trust minimization principle of empowering users to own their private keys and manage their personal bitcoin node comprehensively. We believe this combination and our partnership will usher in a completely new paradigm of digital asset exchanges and corresponding interactions”.

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The cryptophone will soon be available for purchase through the official HTC EXODUS website at the price of $599 or SGD $889, and equivalent price in cryptocurrencies accepted. The first 500 purchasers of the special edition device will each receive an Early Adopter bonus of USD$100 in BNB. Further details will be announced in due course. 

Smartphones will play a key role in the mass adoption of crypto and smartphones are the most natural devices for a hardware wallet that is simple to use and always with you,” said CZ (Changpeng Zhao), CEO of Binance.

“Crypto, on the other hand, will make every smartphone both a POS terminal and payment device, cutting out most other middlemen. The implications are profound and far-reaching, and the most innovative smartphone makers are racing to integrate crypto use for mass adoption and seamless usability. We are delighted to support and work with HTC EXODUS to help people access crypto anywhere and anytime. We are excited to collaborate with a manufacturer that is taking the innovative steps forward to empower users and further adoption”.

The EXODUS 1 – Binance Edition smartphone will feature an intricately designed wallpaper and back phone cover, designed by Binance.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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