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Coinstelegram CMO Alex White: “Let’s meet at Cryptofin Conference!”

A new forecast, market assessment, as well as Coinstelegram Group team's achievements are in a new interview.

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In an interview published in December 2018 on Coinstelegram.com, CMO Alex White accurately predicted the market development. He noted: “Adaptation will grow throughout the year, more new projects will be launched in crypto, and this will push the market to rise.” And so it turned out.

A new forecast, market assessment, as well as Coinstelegram Group team’s achievements are in a new interview.

– The adaptation of cryptocurrencies is perhaps this year’s main trend. Could you give vivid examples?

– Adaptation has already moved to the level of everyday life. Here is a good example. This year, in May, Coinstelegram attended the Malta Blockchain Forum. This is an event of global importance; the total number of participants is over 5 thousand. Industry leaders were there and enriched each other with experience and competence. In the evening, after the business agenda was over, we went to the elite restaurant Caviar & Bull. We were together with co-founder and CEO of the famous company CoinPayments Alex Alexandrov. CoinPayments is an integrated payment gateway for cryptocurrencies, an analogue of PayPal for crypto – you can make payments and track them. It has been working since 2013.An option to pay with bitcoin was in the restaurant. Obviously, this is exactly how we tried to pay. But the payment acceptance was very archaic: we were asked to show the wallet, check if there are bitcoins, etc. The CoinPayments executive suggested: “Let us connect you to our service and make payments much easier, more reliable and more convenient, just by scanning the QR code!” This was done and caused a delight of the restaurant manager. Right in front of eyes, in life’s situation, there was an excellent adaptation of bitcoin. And there is every reason to believe that such processes are ongoing all over the world.

– It is traditionally believed that crypto industry is well-developing in Asia, Europe, and North America. What about crypto in South America?

– There, at the Malta Blockchain Forum, we were fortunate enough to meet with Jorge Aponte – he is a well-known youtuber in the Spanish-speaking space. According to him, in Venezuela, for example, the level of acceptance of cryptocurrencies is so high that you can pay with cryptocurrency Dash (DASH) every fifth seller on the market. Dash is also popular in other countries in South America – in Colombia, for example. In addition, mining is actively conducted in South America. In this regard, our BeeMiner project may soon be in demand there, since the climatic conditions of South America underscores the problem of cooling. BeeMiner products are just mining installations with immersion (liquid) cooling.

– What other achievements does Coinstelegram Fund has – a fund to support startups?

– We are pleased to announce that, for example, Perlin (PERL), one of those in which the Coinstelegram Fund invested, is developing and listed on such a prestigious platform as Binance . Coinstelegram Fund accurately determined the value of this startup, made a successful investment, giving our investors the opportunity to earn as well. After all, listing on Binance promises token quotes rise, probable Xs and profit for those investors who invested in it.

– How do you assess market sentiment on the eve of the new business season?

– Bullrun on the market is preparing, this is obvious. The main mood is positive. Many positive comments of opinion leaders, large figures of the financial industry. Experts note that Bitcoin has a growth prospect of up to $ 50 K and higher. These opinions affect the market. Starting in September, transaction volumes will grow due to the revival of business activity. Perhaps this year we will repeat the dynamics of 2017. Then, in September, growth also began, which led to absolute records by the end of the year.

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– This year, many people drew attention to Binance and its BNB token. The exchange has become one of the leading market makers. But voices are raised that CZ is providing a lot of marketing instead of development. What is your opinion?

– Binance is truly superior to many. But not just with marketing. They launched their DEX, their own blockchain. Previously, they also successfully launched BNB token, which shot well. But no one forbids other players to be more active and compete. And we see, at least on CoinMarketCap, that exchanges are competing, OKEx, CoinTiger – they successfully compete with Binance. It is competition that drives the industry. The one with the stronger product will win. That matters.

– This year, Bitcoin Dominance has already exceeded 70% several times. How does this affect the market, in your opinion?

– Bitcoin Dominance has unreasonably grown. We are for decentralization and against any dominant. The current growth in Bitcoin Dominance is explained by the rapid rise of BTC, new investors began to invest in it. FOMO effect worked. But sooner or later, altcoins will also grow, and Bitcoin Dominance will decline. Money will be returned from bitcoin to other cryptocurrencies. The meaning of the cryptocurrency market is decentralization, centralization is unacceptable.

– What altcoins would you note as leading in 2019? EOS?

– I do not see a more competent and technologically perfect product than Ethereum. There were high expectations about EOS, but highly likely they did not live up. Although some markets use EOS, such as gambling, for example, many casinos run on EOS. However, the EOS blockchain is imperfect. Of course, we welcome development of different cryptocurrencies, but so far I do not see another cryptocurrency other than ETH, which could compete with bitcoin.

– What events in the Coinstelegram calendar are coming this fall?

– On October 14-15, the Cryptofin Conference will be held in Tallinn. I will speak about the development of our foundation and our media platform. The Coinstelegram team will be glad to see everyone who trust in crypto to chat live, answer questions and exchange views.

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