Polygen is targeting a fundraising market for blockchain projects!

The important thing is to achieve success

Being or propping up a fundraising market for blockchain projects in traditional markets, is the vision, which in the long term is managed by Polygen.

Polygen spokesperson Mike Hepburn is passionate about working with disruptive technologies and building successful companies. Working in crypto in 2021 is very similar to working with internet startups in 1999. The pace of change is relentless and the sector is attracting some of the best talent who are focused on changing the status quo.

Polygen: No gatekeepers!

Hepburn, confessed at the AMA organized by CriptomonedaseICO, his passion for technology. Speaking of Polygen, she explains that it is a launch pad “with no permissions, contracts, or legal ties … so any project can be launched by anyone … without Gatekeepers!”

“We believe that it is important that projects have the ability to innovate and experiment and that the launch pad does not tell them what to do. We believe that we are ‘the project launch pad’!

-How will you generate profits or income to sustain your project and what is the model of that income?

-Good question! Many projects go to market without a revenue model. Polygen will have a “Featured Projects” section for plans or projects that we have identified through our ecosystem of investors, advisors and community members who we believe have great potential.

-For these projects, they will stand out, (a bit the example of when you visit the Apple App Store), and we will have a fee.

“But it is important to note that Polygen’s long-term vision is to be a fundraising market for blockchain projects in traditional markets. We envision a future where typical VC Series A investments can be achieved. Along with other financial fundraising activities such as SPACs, (Special Purpose Acquisition Company), that can take place at Polygen, the possibilities are endless.

-What are your most important achievements so far and what are your other plans for this year?

-Our development team has created great technology, which I rate as unsurpassed. Develops cutting-edge features for Polygen. For example, we are the only launch pad offering community-based liquidity seeding.

-Anyone can come to Polygen and provide cash seeding and earn rewards for the projects they love. They do it without any risk: the funds are held in trust and returned if the project does not successfully complete its collection.

Permissionless protocols

-We are also very proud of the fact that our development team has also created a permissionless protocol, which is unique.

“This allows projects to upload the data of those projects as if it were a self-service. Each step of the process is in a chain: our unique trust agreements allow the creation of projects, the planting of a raise and the community that participates in the collection of money.

-How did you bring together advisors, partners and investors to create the best launch pad ecosystem in its class?

-Thank you for asking, we believe that the quality of the ecosystem that we have created around Polygen is one of our most important achievements. Furthermore, the key reason we have been able to build such an impressive ecosystem is due to the success and track record of our leading investor and incubator capital SL2, who have a strong reputation in the crypto space for incubating large projects.

“As a result, we were able to get a lot of quality investors and advisers quickly.”

-What can we expect to see from this project in the short term (sometime in 2021), and 2022 and beyond, (long term goals)?

-We have closed our financing with some incredible investors. Wait for good news

“I can say that the first version of Polygen is built and has been successfully audited. We will conduct community-based beta testing and seek community members to get involved. The plan will be to launch Polygen by the end of November.”

“If any of you are interested in becoming a beta tester for us, please visit our TG channel for more details.”

Project features

-Can you list between 1 and 3 main characteristics of your project that put it ahead of its competitors? What are the competitive advantages your platform has that you feel most confident about?

-The first decisive characteristic is the fact that we do not have people or guardians who tell the projects what to do. Polygen is the only multi-chain launch pad without Gatekeepers. Anyone can conform, execute or make known the project that they have in mind.

-This means that projects will be attracted to fundraising at Polygen as they have complete freedom to innovate and experiment.

The second decisive feature is the flexibility of the Polygen platform. Projects have full flexibility to create their own custom IDO. For example, projects decide the size of the increase, the auction mechanism, the classification by levels and can operate any project round (seed, private, public) or connection rounds. This makes Polygen unique!

Finally, Polygen is not just an IDO launch pad, but a fundraising marketplace supported by a diverse ecosystem. We have created a rich and diverse ecosystem of projects, investors, planters, advisers; all focused on long-term success, we’re not going to experiment and scrap and move on to the next project.

Polygen will offer your community many quality projects to choose from

According to Hepburn, these days, most investors only care about earnings right now, but ignore long-term benefits.

-Can you give any advice on why they should buy and hold this token / coin for the long term?

-As I mentioned earlier, most launch pads select projects that they execute based solely on the project’s expected ROI. This attracts a community focused on short-term goals: pump and dump. Polygen, instead, is building a community focused on the long-term success of the Project.

“Our community will want to buy and lock our tokens to have access to great projects. Remember also that you can provide liquidity seeding, (risk fee), and get great rewards. Another great reason to own PGEN tokens. Hence, by having Polygen tokens, in short, you will be part of a unique community that has access to exciting projects and opportunities to earn great rewards.

-How can Polygen guarantee transparency?

“Transparency and fairness are a key part of Polygen’s philosophy. For example, when conducting fundraising, we are using a Dutch auction with automated market maker capability (provided by Balancer).”

“A time limit is set, say 48 hours, for the community to buy and sell surge tokens. Therefore, the price will naturally decrease over time, but with peaks in demand. At the end of the period, the tokens of increase are blocked and then exchanged for project tokens. The idea is that this process is completely open and transparent and we believe that this will be well received by our community. ”

-Under what conditions can the connection rounds be operated? I want to know what they mean …

-We are working on our next launch to give Projects the ability to do any round of fundraising. For example, today a project will typically receive initial and private rounds in a non-transparent manner, i.e. private discussions.

-Then, they will make a public raise on a launch pad (through a white list and a lottery). The idea is that Projectos makes any increase in Polygen. We will post more information as part of the product roadmap!


-I’m worried about the projects that they want to scam. How will Polygen detect them and protect community members?

-That’s a great question and we agree 100%. We must always be on the lookout for fraudulent projects. The challenge will be balancing the freedom of projects to raise without permits, versus protecting the community against scammers.

-So the first thing we do is request complete KYC projects to list the project. Then we will expose some of this information in the project metadata section.

“Second, we will publish a best practice guide for investors on how best to conduct your due diligence on a project – for example, visit the Polygen TG channel for that particular project to see what the community is saying.” .

-And thirdly, we will use oracles that encode the Twitter URL to the blockchain address which is then verified.

“In short, we are creating multiple ways to protect ourselves against scammers. But always remember, it will remain the duty of investors to always perform due diligence.”

What’s different about Polygen

-What makes Polygen stand out or stand out among the other related platforms. And why should a user choose Polygen?

-The biggest difference is our approach without access control. I know I’m repeating it, but it’s a key message and, to be honest, the reason people are so excited about Polygen!

-This means that for projects, they will come to raise funds on Polygen as they can do things that they simply cannot do on other launch pads: create custom augmentations freely for investors, what this means is that they will have a real market of projects: lots of variety to choose from and projects that push the limits of blockchain innovation.

“I hope everyone agrees and will come join us!

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