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Gloabl ITrader: A safe and excellent performance broker

Global ITrader: A safe and excellent performance broker

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Global ITrader is an online broker, in which they are traded with underlying assets, such as CFDs and currencies, and which is operated by Bayline Trading Limited, a company regulated by the Belize International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) under License No. IFSC / 60/322 / TS16.

Therefore, the platform offers the security of being 100% legal, in addition to having a reputation for success, which has led a stable base of users worldwide to perform thousands of monthly transactions, under the support of a professional team of experts in web and financial commerce.

Global ITrader gives its users comfort when operating large, thanks to full support 24 hours a day, during business days (Monday through Friday), and a variety of financial services, including Forex, stocks, commodities and indexes.

The firm provides the flexibility that merchants need to operate from anywhere in the world. While optimizing their services to be used by beginners and experts, making it possible for everyone to find their right set of tools.

To this is added a small, but very complete educational section, a few simple calculators to calculate pips, pivots, Fibonacci limits and investment size depending on the desired risk and the characteristics of the asset; as well as the possibility of investing automatically with an algorithmic fund.

Trade in Global ITrader

In Global ITrader you can operate different assets. They have more than 48 currency pairs on Contracts for Differences (CFDs), in which the most popular pairs, both the euro and the dollar, stand out, pairs are also available for the Swiss franc, the Japanese yen or the pound sterling, among others. All with a leverage of up to x500.

This is joined by more than 17 stock indices, from the five continents, such as the Nikkei, Euro Stox, Ibex 35, Dow Jones and many more, with a leverage that can reach up to x125.

Likewise, Global ITrader offers up to 18 raw materials, leaving other brokers far behind, offering up to seven or eight . In this case, the leverage is up to x125.

Regarding the actions of companies, the platform stands out over the other companies with a total of 80, in which the European ones Telefónica, Santander, Iberdrola and BBVA stand out; the American Amazon, Apple and Disney; and other well known names. The leverage allowed for shares is up to 50.

What Global ITrader offers

In Global ITrader you can open up to different types of accounts: silver, gold and platinum. All have customer service, although they differ in terms of margins and leverage levels. While granting the possibility of opening an Islamic account that follows the specific rules of this religion.

The latter work according to Islamic Sharia law and have no interests or commissions overnight, under Sharia law. They include free exchanges, even if the client decides to leave his position open, zero hidden commissions / fees and a dedicated account manager.

In addition to this, in Global ITrader it is possible to open a demo account, which only needs a registration on the platform to start testing all services for free. As it has no risk, it is something 100% advisable to do, because it helps to know if it is worth depositing or not on the platform, according to the user’s tastes and their own experience.

Safety first

All that has been said above is backed by a fairly full security system, which allows deposits and withdrawal of funds to be made under the guarantee of the highest security measures.

Global ITrader combines advanced security assurance methods, such as secure connection through sophisticated firewalls and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), that encrypt and protect data transmitted to and from your servers.

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In addition, transactions are moderated through level 1 PCI compliance services. Its operating servers operate from SAS 70 certified server centers. While the data flow to and from Global ITrader is always encrypted.

They also have segregated accounts, because the financial regulations of the European Union (EU) establish that the client’s funds must be separated from the company’s funds and must be monitored every day.

All this is encompassed in innovative security infrastructures, in which the Global ITrader R&D team maintains the strictest security protocols to guarantee the integrity of the page and the platform.

Attention defined by its effectiveness and promptness

To all this, there is a very efficient customer service, which responds promptly. Available 24 hours during business days (Monday to Friday), able to attend in both English and Spanish.

Users can contact Global ITrader, by phone, email, live chat , contact form and WhatsApp.

In addition, they have TeamViewer software that allows you to establish a videoconference with the operator or even share the screen, so that the operator can guide the client step by step, in whatever it is that he needs help with. This is especially useful if the Global ITrader user does not know how to perform any action on the web, because they can directly show you how to do it in a practical way.

Global ITrader functional design

Everything mentioned is included in a good design website, which allows you to find all sections easily. You can invest from the same platform thanks to the WebTrader, or do it with the MetaTrader 4 platform , one of the most used, which offers all security guarantees.

The website is available in several languages, including Spanish, and has a navigation index at the top and a more complete one at the bottom of the page, where you can easily access the terms and conditions and all the specific pages related to Security and legal aspects.

For its part, the Global ITrader application (app) is of very good quality and is available both in the Play Store and in the Apple Store. It is free and quick to install. Once installed, it allows to operate perfectly.

Do you want more information? Visit to Global ITrader.


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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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