#JeSuisHodlonaut campaign picks up steam after Craig Wright threatens to sue Hodlonaut over tweets

Craig S. Wright, self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto, was in the news after threatening to sue the initiator of Lightning Torch Hodlonaut #LNTrustChain for libel, after Hodlonaut posted a series of tweets calling Craig Wright a fraud.

This accusation by Hodlonaut prompted Wright’s attorneys to slap Hodlonaut with legal papers for allegedly “harassing Wright with defamatory and abusive tweets.” According to Wright’s demands, the individual behind Hodlonaut’s Twitter account must issue an apology in open court, acknowledging the claims made by him to be false. The letter shared by the firm, SCA ONTIER LLP, stated that Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto, even going on to prescribe an apology,

“I was wrong to allege Craig Wright fraudulently claimed to be Satoshi. I accept he is Satoshi. I am sorry Dr. Wright. I will not repeat this libel.”

The letter also pointed out that if the demands are not met within 7 days of receiving the letter, “Wright will file for proceedings in the U.K. court and Hodlonaut will be served in his home country of Norway.”

The twitterverse however, is outraged. Many in the cryptospace are rallying behind Hodlonaut, sparking a support campaign for the anonymous individual. Many of his followers have in fact, changed their usernames and profile pictures to resemble that of the LN Torch creator.

There is a massive Twitter campaign going on, with the community unifying against the self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator, using hashtags such as #CraigWrightIsAFraud and #JeSuisHodlonaut.

Luminaries of the space like John Carvalho criticized Wright’s move and tweeted,

“I wouldn’t believe Craig Wright is Satoshi even if he moved the fu*n coins.”

Monero’s Riccardo Spagni aka Fluffypony joined in the act too and changed his username to “fluffynaut.” He tweeted,


The lawsuit might potentially dampen the prospect of wider cryptocurrency adoption as well. Binance’s CZ spoke out against Wright and tweeted,

“Craig Wright is not Satoshi. Anymore of this sh!t, we delist!”

Wright himself had aired some unsavory views about Hodlonaut, commenting,

“Hodlonaut seems to have hidden under his mother’s skirt and is nowhere to be found.”

Following the collective Twitter fury against Wright, one of his ardent supporters, Calvin Ayre tweeted,

“Craig and I have the legal right to defend ourselves against illegal Trolling. The only ones attacking are you guys Trolling and you should be ashamed of yourselves. This industry needs to grow up.”

He further called CZ’s decision to terminate Bitcoin SV’s trading as stupid, asserting that “censorship” does not alter, what according to him, are “facts”.

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