Landshare: Invest in real estate without complications thanks to this platform

Real estate tokenization is now possible

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, Landshare: Invest in real estate without complications thanks to this platform, Criptomonedas e ICOs

Landshare is a project that brings real estate to decentralized finance (DeFi), leveraging Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain technology.

It is an easy-to-use platform that allows investors to earn returns on rental earnings and property appreciation by staking stablecoins in a real estate-backed vault.

With Landshare, you can enter the real estate market for as little as $50.

The platform uses a token staking model, creating the simplest and most accessible way to earn returns based on the value of real estate assets.

The new generation of real state

Landshare’s specialty is the ability to invest directly in blockchain real estate assets.

The project has the honor of being the first to launch the first sale of tokenized assets on the BSC.

Hence, investors can now buy tokenized shares of real-world assets, without ever leaving the blockchain.

With Landshare, the process is simple: investors deposit stable coins in the property vault called Property Vault, fully guaranteed.

That investment represents a part of the real estate assets, which entitles the investor to a proportional amount of the rental income generated by the properties.

Consequently, if a property is reassessed at a higher value, Property Vault participants will see their principal investment increase.

Tokenization is one of the most exciting use cases for blockchain technology, turning real estate into a liquid asset and enabling seamless global investment without the hassles of traditional financial offerings.

As the cryptocurrency industry grows, more and more investors will be looking for long-term investment opportunities backed by real assets.

Tokenization fills this need by creating tokens fully collateralized by an underlying physical asset.

Crowdfunded house flipping

Crowdfunded home investing is a new feature of Landshare, which will debut after launch.

This will allow investors to pool money to buy, renovate and resell properties.

Land staking token holders will gain priority access to these high-yield pools, which pay out a global reward at the completion of the sale.


Property Vault features a double reward system, paying rental profits in stablecoins while offering Landshare Token rewards, to ensure highly competitive returns on stablecoin investments.

Rewards accumulate in real time and investors can claim their returns without eliminating the initial investment.

Why use Landshare?

Traditional REITs and fractional investment schemes suffer from high overhead costs, administrative burdens, and geographic restrictions.

With asset tokenization, ownership of real estate is represented by tokens on the blockchain.

The distribution of rental yields is also done on a chain, which means that yield distributions are more frequent and incur fewer fees.

The biggest advantage of tokenized real estate is the liquid nature of the investments; the tokens represent ownership, and those tokens can be bought and sold on the secondary market to other whitelisted investors or on approved exchanges.

, Landshare: Invest in real estate without complications thanks to this platform, Criptomonedas e ICOs
The ability to convert real estate into a tradable asset on a fractional basis is something that is not possible in the traditional setting.


Security above all

Investments in tokenized assets offer additional protections compared to traditional cryptocurrencies, enjoying additional rights such as the ability to reissue tokens.

For example, if an investor’s wallet is compromised, Landshare freezes the stolen wallet’s assets and reissues them to a new, secure wallet belonging to the investor.

How are Tokenized Assets purchased?

To purchase through Landshare, investors must complete a KYC verification process, and be eligible to purchase tokens.

By purchasing the tokenized assets, investors obtain the individual portion of the property and make them eligible for monthly payments.

These payments, rental yields, are distributed to token holders on a monthly basis.

Token $LAND

The Landshare token, $LAND, sits at the heart of the Landshare platform, being the utility cryptocurrency that allows users to access all features within Landshare.

The asset is distinguished from traditional tokens in that it does not derive its value from real estate assets, nor is it backed by real estate, its function is to be of use to the platform.

$LAND has a total supply cap of 10,000,000 and is gradually released to the market.

, Landshare: Invest in real estate without complications thanks to this platform, Criptomonedas e ICOs
The main utility of the Landshare Token is its use as a payment method for investments in Tokenized Assets.


The main utility of the Landshare Token is its use as a payment method for investments in Tokenized Assets.


Investors can use the DApp offered by Landshare to stake BUSD in the Property Vault.

There are no fees and your investment can be withdrawn at any time. Participants must have tokens to use the vault.

Property Vault returns the rental value and estimated appreciation of real estate assets to stakeholders, ​in the form of a harvestable yield of BUSD.

BUSD contributes to LP LAND-BNB in PancakeSwap over time with LP rewards returned to the vault. In order to deposit, withdraw, or collect from the BUSD Vault, users must have 1 LAND for every 8 BUSD deposited.

Additional Property Vault rewards are paid in tokens, which can be staked for compound returns from the LAND Token Staking feature.








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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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