Lukki Exchange has one of the best forms of investment: Here we present it

Lukki Exchange has one of the best forms of investment: Here we present it

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Lukki is a transparent, high quality, easy to use and best developed crypto exchange for the great commercial experience.

The platform is considered the most transparent of the entire crypto market, according to the latest Exchange Classification Report of this 2019. In addition to being listed as the most stable.

Lukki Exchange offers the lowest rates on the market criptomonedas and in all market areas criptobolsas. In addition to providing an intelligent set of tools that help operators monitor, analyze and balance their cryptocurrency deposit . Allowing them to obtain additional income from a special reference program, with the highest bonuses of the encrypted trade.

In fact, the exchange is designed in such a way that traders can start their commercial journey with maximum comfort and all the necessary tools. Enjoying an easy-to-use interface and gaining a deep experience in the trading of crypto assets, in one of the most popular platforms in the world.

, Lukki Exchange has one of the best forms of investment: Here we present it, Criptomonedas e ICOs, Criptomonedas e ICOs

Lukki transforms the process of monotonous trade and combines the best features of an exchange of criptomonedas with an innovative process of gamification, which has no analogues.

Thus, it presents a very convenient course program in the equivalent of candles, where you can study the exchange rates in the last minutes, hours and days.

The program is totally focused on the current market. And it is that trading in the exchange of encryption is quite stressful (we look at the graphics, we care, we jump and we care). Lukki exchange combines a normal trading process with an exciting gamification (pass the levels, earn scores, get rewards and monetize your achievements).

As for the commission, the following gradation is presented in this exchange: 0% per deposit, 0.1% for the manufacturer, 0.2% for the policyholder .

LOT token

The Lukki exchange token provides the opportunity to earn money and obtain extremely high investment returns.

Lukki Operating Token (LOT) is specially designed for the ecosystem of the platform and its related products, which allow the use of an expanded set of platform and application services.

This utility token is used to reduce transaction fees and obtain special bonuses. LOT also allows you to participate in loyalty programs .

The best thing about this cryptocurrency is its class. Exchange tokens have great potential for ROI, as they were incorporated into the exchange in order to reach a high market demand. Therefore, if handled correctly, these currencies will always have a strong use case, which translates into the needs of traders.

The real value of exchange currencies mainly follows market trends. LOT Token grows in value at a rate proportional to the growth of the exchange, which supports the asset, making it a long-term investment with huge potential income.

Currently, LOT is available in pairs with BitcoinEthereum and USDT.

, Lukki Exchange has one of the best forms of investment: Here we present it, Criptomonedas e ICOs, Criptomonedas e ICOs

The investment in LOT

To invest in the Lukki Exchange native token you buy the currency, freeze it for 11 months and, depending on the amount of tokens, your interest is received. The platform offers a variety of packages, starting at US $ 25. The maximum amount is not limited .

The best thing about this is that the benefits are not limited. The interest depends not only on the amount of LOT acquired, but also on the amount of referrals, which are obtained by inviting friends to invest.

This program has five levels, so the client will receive earnings from their referral referrals, etc. First-line referrals contribute 12% of their investments and the last 5%. In addition, the recommendation bonus can be withdrawn at BTC instantly .

After 11 months, the tokens will also be defrosted and interest will be received, which is 9% for the first three months and 5% for the rest of the months.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)


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