Marshal Lion Group: The Blockchain As A Solution To The Problems Related To Bank Loans

Marshal Lion Group: the blockchain as a solution to the problems related to bank loans

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Marshal Lion Group is a non-bank lending company, based on blockchain technology.

The firm opens its clients to a greater number of potential investors, because all transactions occur globally, linked by the Internet and allowing companies instant access to liquidity.

Marshal Lion has previous experience in financial advisory and loan granting services

This is possible thanks to a team of carefully assembled experts, willing to help their users (and potential contractors) in areas of finance and law and, therefore, help them navigate comfortably through the world of blockchain.

The Marshal Lion group has previous experience in financial advisory and loan granting services . Finalizing thousands of agreements in a safe and profitable way thanks to their experience, safe position in the market and vast experience, as confirmed by CryptoMonedaseiICO .

Therefore, the company is shown as a reliable trading partner for investors, offering the security and innovation possible thanks to blockchain technology.

How does blockchain work on loans?

Blockchain technology can help solve many of the problems that arise when requesting a loan . That, not counting its significantly lower costs, greater efficiency and greater security.

And it is that constantly, the loans are not remembered simply by an error when evaluating the credit of a client. While the information acquired during the process remains in a centralized database subject to attacks and theft of personal information.

This makes receiving a loan from a bank almost impossible for a new company that has not acquired credit on its behalf. And, without credit, the only way to secure a loan is through a written guarantee or offering guarantees.

Investors can use blockchain to apply for loans based on their international credit score and third parties do not participate

The process of reviewing the application and even submitting it requires time and effort with all the guarantees, formalities and lots of documentation. Demand is always greater than the ability of banks to process applications, while installment payments and interest must be paid on time. There is also the possibility that the terms of the contract change, due to the bank incurring unforeseen expenses (for example, contractor fees).

However, thanks to the blockchain all this can be eliminated. Due to advanced cryptography, the decentralized ledger that is blockchain is protected against the types of attacks and malfunction that traditional institutions have to face on a daily basis.

Investors can use this technology to apply for loans based on their international credit score and third parties do not participate , which reduces the procedural burden, while smart contracts automate actions that typically comprise multiple stages of bank processing.

Through the elimination of third parties, which are normally necessary for a loan to be granted, the blockchain can make loans made instantly and reduce costs thanks to what the company calls “decentralized accounting.”

Even with blockchain you don’t have to know anyone, there is no need for negotiations and anyone can, at any time, access the type of capital you need to get your projects going .

The products of Marshal Lion Group

Marshal Lion Group has three loan systems: private sector, public sector and hybrid.

The first offers loans for individuals, which are characterized by better fluidity and higher performance . They are granted for periods from two weeks to six months, according to the B2B model (Business-to-Business, which is when a company is focused on selling products or services to other companies).

The company’s Compliance department verifies warranty proposals and the analysis department makes decisions about granting or not granting a specific credit. The final decision is always taken by the Board of Directors of the Company.

Meanwhile, credits for the public sector are characterized by different returns and credit repayment is guaranteed .

Institutions and government bodies are considered the best borrowers and, in addition, the risk of bankruptcy is almost nonexistent. Its greatest advantage is the continuity of collaboration with a specific subject. These credits are granted for periods of three to six months, according to the B2B model.

All loans offered by the company serve to help its customers meet their business objectives

Finally, mixed loans are characterized by higher performance than credits for the public sector, but retain the fluidity of the private sector . It is a perfect solution that guarantees high profit with a very low risk.

The advantage of combining the two sectors is that this model is applied together with a short expiration period. Marshal Lion Group specialists are responsible for selecting appropriate customer groups for this model.

These credits are granted for periods ranging from one to six months, the credits are granted according to the B2B model.

All loans offered by the company serve to help its clients meet their business objectives.

The IEO of Marshal Lion Group

The Initial Exchange Offer (IEO) allows blockchain companies direct access to financial liquidity, creating a new financing model based on crypto economics and diverging from traditional systems.

In the case of Marshal Lion, this system, together with an established customer database and brand recognition are elements that serve not only to increase trust with new customers, but also to increase the price of Marshal’s patented token Lion (ML), which will be a great means of wallet diversification for any expert business investor .

, Marshal Lion Group: The Blockchain As A Solution To The Problems Related To Bank Loans, Criptomonedas e ICOsAs part of its IEO, the company will issue a predefined number of tokens. Each one will be sold at a previously stipulated price and the whole process will depend on smart contracts. All this automates the process and eliminates intermediaries.

Marshal Lion’s dedicated online platform will host the token as a way to invest in the products offered .

Rate of return for investors

On the due date of the individual loan, the earnings will be settled in the following proportion: 50% for Marshal Lion and 50% for tokenholders who invested in the particular product , on the platform.

Prioritizing investors and long-term relationships is vital for the company. Therefore, the development of the cryptocurrency buying platform is of key importance.

Winnings will be settled in the following proportion: 50% for Marshal Lion and 50% for tokenholders who invested in the product

Even so, it is impossible to accurately determine the rate of return. This is due to the fact that each loan granted by Marshal Lion corresponds individually to the client’s financial capacity and skills. That is why the products offered on the platform are very diverse (with several maturities, from one month to six months) .

Therefore, an accurate statement about the rate of return cannot be made. Although, in previous years, with the rate of return of the company, the loans amounted to approximately 10%. On the other hand, the cryptoactive buyer does not have to use the firm’s platform; You can also achieve potential gains by exchanging the currency in cryptocurrency exchange.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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