Mining from home without many requirements is already a fact with Minto

Mining is a big part of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but today's mining industry is closed to all but the most determined people

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Every day the difficulty of mining cryptocurrencies has increased, in many cases it used to be implemented alone at home as a hobby but it has already become a thing of the past.

It happens that there are few people who have the resources and even the will to become crypto miners, especially because of the cost that the equipment can have and the energy consumption that can be constantly generated.

To that we must add the increased cost and maintenance of mining equipment that is going uphill every day. 

That is why various mining and service groups have tried to solve these common problems.

One such group is Minto, the world’s first decentralized mining DeFi platform, combining the advantages of DeFi and cloud mining. 

This protocol provides confidence, taking the mining industry to a new level.


Among the advantages that Minto’s decentralized mining platform can offer can be found.

Low entry threshold for handling this, no expensive equipment or maintenance required, no additional electricity costs to be incurred.

High mining efficiency, provides transparency, has a Low DeFi mechanics.

Minto is ready to share with the responsibility for the development of the entire project and a part of the “big cake” that the future promises to the company .


It is a token issued in a new and prospective HECO chain that allows anyone to become a trading partner of the platform.

The use of smart contracts and DeFi mechanics makes the payment system transparent and secure.

This equipment in turn is tokenized by BTCMT, which is equivalent to a unit of Bitcoin mining power in active operation.

Owning this token is equivalent to owning the mining power of Bitcoin. Therefore, its fair market value can be determined using the DCF method. 

The Minto project belongs in part to the Huobi Chain ecosystem.

Decentralized mining

This platform has the ability to create a secure token that actively operates Bitcoin mining equipment.

In turn, the Minto token is backed by a state-of-the-art data center located in the Republic of Karelia, which houses the Project’s mining operation. 

The data center is only 2 years old and has been outfitted with the most powerful mining equipment available.

The energy for the mining equipment is supplied by a private hydroelectric plant with a current limit of 64.5 MW, guaranteeing available energy.

Minto has other partners to carry out the mining operation, in which F2pool, Binance and Slush stand out. These, in turn, corroborate the availability of the current mining power.

It is important to highlight that, the listing on the exchanges will provide substantial liquidity for the tokenized mining power. 


These tokens will create an efficient market for professional and novice miners alike.

By trading with BTCMT, market participants will be able to buy and sell mining capacity of any size, at any time, at low cost. 

For their part, miners who have not tokenized the mining capacity will be able to use this token to avoid the risks of fluctuations in the price of the equipment or to ensure profits.

The price of the token is expected to match the price of Bitcoin and it should be able to function as a leveraged Bitcoin token in the market. 

In addition, since the token does not depend on financial derivatives, it is not at risk of liquidation.

At the same time, the Project will act as the main market maker and unlike tokens whose value is difficult to determine. 

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BTCMT has an intuitive valuation model and an OTC market for the underlying assets.

Minto gets all mining rewards on hBTC, a Bitcoin-backed HECO chain token.

Consequently, the project has clear methodologies and incentives to balance the market price of the token. 

Connecting miners and traders

BTCMT will be able to meet the different needs of traders, including those that were previously unreachable.


One of the key features of Minto is that users can bet on it for mining profits, such as to trade with it as with any other cryptocurrency.

The user can create strategies using both options. 

The best option at the beginning will definitely be mining.

Around 15-25% of the global hash rate on other projects bet. While ordinary mining gives ~ $ 0.22 per day for 1 TH / s.

Minto’s estimate of 10% of the global hash rate will be bet at the beginning and will give you ~ $ 2.2 per day. 

When the amount of tokens bet reaches 25% the person will get ~ $ 0.88 per day.

Which means that Minto is 4 times more profitable than ordinary mining, not to mention spending time and finances to maintain the mining itself.

One of the most common questions that users can ask is if there are long-term strategies to win with Minto?, But this depends on the situation and the amount of tokens bet.

As is understood, Minto uses other similar protocols as an example, which took into account some other necessary factors. 

Minto wants both merchants and miners to be happy with their tokens.

It should be borne in mind that the profit does not depend on the number of tokens issued, but on the percentage of tokens wagered.

Based on current calculations, analysis and example from other projects, the percentage of tokens wagered will not exceed 25% between issues.

Furthermore, the emissions will temporarily increase your mining income because users will take time to stake the issued tokens.

To take into account

In Minto there are two types of operations available for this currency: staking (mining) and trading.

It gives many strategies to win with the token and the opportunity to mine in those places where it is impossible or prohibited.

The stacking mechanism, in which the mining of all active capacities is distributed only among those who are stuck and brings them a great benefit.

The Minto Green Data Center is powered by a private hydroelectric power station, meets a UNESCO CEO Water Mandate and is approved by WWF. 

Capabilities are verified on the Huobi side, and the coin itself works on HECO.

HECO is a successful blockchain, to work on it it is necessary to pass a large number of checks by Huobi.

Also in Minto they have been audited by, according to whose results no vulnerabilities were found that could affect security and operation.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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