The most promising NFT market of the moment: Nifty Planet

NiftyPlanet's plans extend far beyond just being another market

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NiftyPlanet is an NFT marketplace and minting platform, which uses the NFPL token to train users who actively interact with the platform.

Platform users can buy and sell NFTs (non-fungible tokens) created for rare and unique digital items such as music, artwork, trading cards, experience sharing, digital / physical hybrid, and in the near future even items physical.

NiftyPlanet’s plans extend far beyond just being another marketplace for digital collectibles and art, as they intend to bridge the digital and physical world through blockchain technology, to make it possible for collectibles and creations born from both worlds are shared with the world in the same exciting place.

The commitment to the platform is such that its founders began to work on the project with their own money , which allowed it to have already been launched and is doing business successfully, to become a project with great force, which is already on PancakeSwap and 1inch.

In fact, they already have contracts with many famous digital artists and real world artists, as well as movie makers, musicians and celebrities and the platform is already profitable etc.

They are also developing decentralized finance services (DeFi), which will allow NFPL holders to earn crypto from staking, and will soon also offer NFT DeFi loans and more.

Connecting people

NiftyPlanet aims to connect creative, modern and progressive people with those who recognize beauty and creativity and are ready to invest in them.

In addition to creating new financial opportunities in a world in which those who supposedly “lead” us, at the same time, try to take them away from us.

On the platform creators have access to an international crypto community and an equitable income distribution system.

As well as a no-middle-man platform and social elevator for young artists, content creators, and musicians.

NFT (Nifties in crypto jargon) is a next generation asset, allowing anyone to generate / create or buy / invest in unique tokens that are based on blockchain technology.

The Nifties also provide a new level of independence for humanity.

Who is behind the project?

NiftyPlanet is made up of a team of cryptocurrency pioneers with experience in many different areas.

It is a group made up of developers, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, marketers, and more.

Despite having different backgrounds and experiences, they have all become professionals in the cryptocurrency industry and strongly believe in a future where you are the owner of your own assets, money, life, and freedom.

“We believe that the future is already here and we have decided to create a place in it where anyone can become their own teacher,” they say on their website.

The NFPL token

The NFPL token is the platform’s native BEP-20 cryptocurrency, which is used to reward users who interact on NiftyPlanet, for example to buy and sell and recommend buyers.

With a supply of 300,000,000 units, the asset also allows users to participate in other services that will be announced when they are ready.

NFPL will later be integrated into the platform. Technical development has already begun and will add various NFPL related opportunities as they are completed.

For example, bonuses will be distributed each week to the most active investors and NFT creators.

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Moving forward, NFPL will be deployed in the DeFi segment of the platform.

A platform for artists

At the moment, the NiftyPlanet platform allows you to sell only NFTs linked to digital goods such as images, music and videos.

However, creators may offer NFTs tied to physical goods, such as autographed photos, event tickets, physical CDs and albums, T-shirts, etc.

NiftyPlanet is in talks with a number of renowned artists and auction houses. This type of custom add-on content from the creator can generate more excitement and interest from fans and collectors.

However, any mechanism necessary to deliver such physical objects is the responsibility of the Creator.

The Creator must understand that the shipment of such physical objects requires additional control and involvement by the Creator, such as managing the delivery of these objects through public or private delivery services.

Collection of royalties

Commissions for primary sales of the platform, in the initial public offering of an NFT auction is 20% of the NFT sale price, of which the Creator will receive a commission of 80%.

Similarly, royalty fees are possible. After the partnership is approved and due diligence is approved, the implementation of the Secondary Market Royalties will be discussed directly with the Creators.

Creators approved for secondary market Royalites will receive automatic royalty commissions for the resale of any NFT on the secondary market.

Royalties will automatically be sent to the wallet address indicated during Creator registration. These commissions are automatically charged through the blockchain and will be paid each time the same NFT is resold on the secondary market, even if the NFT is sold in markets other than NiftyPlanet.

The above conditions regarding fees apply specifically to the initial auction. The creator has the right to carry out subsequent auctions together with NiftyPlanet or separately from the platform.

The payment settlement between the platform and the creator is paid by cryptocurrency or by bank transfer, depending on certain factors.

The creator must have access to your wallet to receive payment to a crypto wallet address.

The use of any wallet that is not controlled by the creator is not allowed and may prevent you from being paid any commissions or royalties that you have earned.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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