Nord Finance: a DeFi that helps simplify financial products

The platform is based on the foundations of Ethereum

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Nord Finance is an advanced independent DeFi ecosystem on the blockchain, which aims to simplify finance by combining some of its key features with dApps.

, Nord Finance: a DeFi that helps simplify financial products, Criptomonedas e ICOs

The platform is built on the foundations of Ethereum, and has cross-chain interoperability, so it can be used in conjunction with many different blockchains.

His latest activity has been to finalize an integration with Binance Smart Chain.

The products it offers include oversecured loans, savings, advisory services, token exchanges, and asset management services.

The best of Nord Finance

Nord Finance offers smart fund management, in which the user receives the highest returns for their money thanks to our smart protocol.

Added to this is the exchange and interoperability of the blockchain, thanks to the automated change of the multiple chain protocol, which ensures that the client receives the best APYs.

It also offers zero-cost transactions, because it has no upfront network fee for deposits. And it is that the smart contract absorbs the gas rate that is adjusted in the final APY.

Star products

Nord Finance presents a wide network of products for its clientele, which include:

1-Nord.Savings: It allows to optimize the yields through a multi-chain yield cultivation mechanism for the cultivation of stable coins, with the highest possible risk-adjusted yields, with this maximizing yields, since the protocol uses the highest risk adjusted APYs.

2-Nord.Advisory : It is an integrated automatic advisory service designed to design profitable and personalized strategies so that users occupy better positions based on their financial objectives.

3-Nord.Loans: DeFi users can leverage their crypto assets to their full potential by committing them to smart contracts to take advantage of loans for unforeseen circumstances. The process for availing an oversecured instant loan is pretty neat and hassle-free.

4-Nord.Swap: Built on top of the Ethereum network, Nord.Swap is a blockchain permission-agnostic instant exchange protocol that powers cross communication and interaction of virtual digital assets effortlessly.

5-NORD Token: Users can mine the $ NORD token through our liquidity mining program, or buy it in later stages through centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Its main utilities include voting, betting, and employing yield farming strategies on different DeFi platforms.

How to use Nord Saving V1?

The Nord.Savings function is compatible only with the Chrome & Brave browser and works only on computers that have the Metamask extension, or another wallet that supports the WalletConnect function.

To use it, it is necessary to configure the wallet.

Then you should go to Nord Finance and follow the steps below to employ deposits, withdrawals and claim rewards in the Nord.Savings V1 UI structure.

Connection with the control panel Nord.Savings V1:

  • Click the “Connect” button to seamlessly access the Nord.Savings V1 panel with the Metamask wallet.
  • Select the Metamask option to connect with the wallet.
  • Select the WalletConnect option to connect to the wallet if you are using any other wallet that supports WalletConnect.
  • Scan the QR code from the Wallet app and connect to a particular account.
  • You will now be able to see the wallet balances for different tokens. All balances, including Pool and NORD APY, will be filled automatically and updated every 2 minutes.

You can manually update all balances using the ‘Update’ button located at the top right.

How to “deposit” in the panel of Nord.Savings V1?

Select the cryptocurrency you want to deposit and enter the amount to deposit.

After clicking “DEPOSIT”, a pop-up will appear where you can use the toggle button to select infinite approval or normal approval.

Continue by clicking “Yes and continue.”

You should now receive the Metamask popup that will allow you to “Confirm” or “Reject” the transaction for allocation approval.

Once you have selected the “Confirm” option, the transaction will be carried out effectively. In a matter of seconds, the assignment approval process will begin.

When the transaction is complete, you should receive a pop-up message from Metamask so that you can “Confirm” or “Decline” the transaction for the deposit.

Once you have selected “Confirm”, the transaction will take place. Give it time to complete it, you have already started the deposit process.

When the transaction completes, you should receive nToken, which will be reflected in the Dashboard.

Remember not to move any of your nToken (nUSDT / nUSDc / nDAI) tokens from wallets, otherwise users may not get $ NORD rewards.

How to “Claim Reward” in the Nord.Savings V1 dashboard?

Click on the Claim Nord option to receive the Nord token awarded for the deposited amount.

After clicking on “Claim Nord”, your Metamask will display a pop-up message allowing you to “Confirm” or “Decline” the transaction to claim the reward.

Once you select “Confirm” the transaction will go smoothly. While you spend some time, you have started the Claiming Rewards process.

When the transaction is complete, you should receive the Nord tokens in your Metamask wallet and the same will be reflected on the Dashboard.

You need to add the NORD token contract address (0x6e9730ecffbed43fd876a264c982e254ef05a0de) to Metamask, as a custom token to view the NORD balances in the wallet.

How to “Withdraw” in Nord.Savings V1 Dashboard?

Click the Withdraw button to withdraw the deposited amount.

After clicking “WITHDRAWAL”, a pop-up message will appear where you can confirm the withdrawal order. Continue by clicking “Yes and continue”

You should now receive the Metamask popup that will allow you to “Confirm” or “Reject” the transaction to withdraw it.

Once you select “Confirm”, the transaction will take place. In a matter of seconds, you have started the withdrawal process.

When the transaction is complete, you should receive the withdrawn tokens in Metamask Wallet. The same will be reflected on the Dashboard.

How to add NORD liquidity in Pancakeswap?

Before you start, you must configure the mainnet BSC as your network in Metamask, or whatever other wallet you are using.

You can continue to configure the network in your preferred wallet. Switch to the main BSC network once this is done.

Nord token contract address: 0x6e9730EcFfBed43fD876A264C982e254ef05a0DE BUSD token contract address: 0xe9e7cea3dedca5984780bafc599bd69add087d56

Some users may not see the correct BUSD balance in the metamask, even after adding a BUSD token provided by the metamask search.

You may need to add the address from the above contract manually as a custom token.

Add liquidity to the NORD-BUSD Pool

NORD-BUSD add liquidity URL.

Once you connect your wallet, you will see a similar screen with balances for NORD and BUSD in your wallet.

* If you can’t see the NORD token in the list, please use the contract address of the NORD token in the search dialog and then add it manually.

Enter the amount of the NORD token that you want to provide as liquidity. It will automatically show the amount of BUSD required. You will need to approve NORD and BUSD in order to provide the liquidity.

Once you click on each button, it will ask for confirmation in your metamask wallet. Once both approvals have been made, the ‘Provision’ button will be enabled.

Click on ‘Supply’ which will open the confirmation dialog.

Click on ‘Confirm Supply’ which opens a metamask wallet popup for final confirmation of the transaction.

Once the transaction is successful, it will reflect the number of Cake-LP tokens (Pool tokens) that you have received.

You can add more liquidity using the ‘Add’ button and remove it using the ‘Remove’ button.

Security audits

Nord Finance takes security measures related to their smart contracts seriously, so they try to follow best security practices while building their products.

In addition to that, it has had the help of renowned external auditors such as Zokyo , Quillhash to reinforce security around its products.

Luxury association

Nord Finance announced its partnership with TeraSurge at NORD Advisory.

Both companies teamed up to launch a new  Decentralized Cryptocurrency Index Fund (CMI) on Ethereum on November 5, 2021.

It is a trend-based HTF index, which tracks the price movements of BTC and weighs the price movements of other crypto assets linked to the movements of BTC.

The product features a large cap Focused fund with zero fund management fees.

CMI is a passively managed index that will rebalance each quarter based on crypto market trends and offers investors the opportunity to invest in a crypto index for the best risk-adjusted result.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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