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Oasis City: the platform that brings daily life to virtual reality

Oasis City: the platform that brings daily life to virtual reality

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Oasis City is a virtual reality platform that can extend the life of its users to another stage.

The project allows not only your team but also individual developers, start-ups and large corporations to freely create content and share profits transparently, combining VR technology with the blockchain. Being an innovative type of platform, where users can enjoy the contents and be compensated at the same time.

And it is that its objective is to facilitate an advance of the existing virtual reality contents , which are generally produced by a single designer for a single platform, in a world in which all virtual reality content is available in a single multiplatform. This will allow a richer user experience and greater interaction between the various constituent developers, who work together to build shared virtual worlds.

Inspired by Ernest Cline’s science fiction novel, “Ready Player One,” the world of virtual reality made through Oasis City, also seeks that physical space is no longer a limitation through the balanced development of hardware and software. The platform has unlimited potential and innovation identical to that of Cline’s work, and will become a part of daily life.

The best thing is that the hardware of this project was already developed with a university in South Korea, together with the Moiin Group team.

What the virtual reality of Oasis City offers

The content of Oasis City will help create realistic virtual reality experiences, in which users walk, run and freely touch various elements within the platform, instead of tanning in a particular place.

Users can experience tangible content that can satisfy the user’s five senses by exploring a specific space, just like FPS or arcade games.

Through the use of artificial intelligence and preprogrammed behavior algorithms, much of the content within Oasis City will respond directly to the presence of users . For example, when an animal (virtual reality content) makes eye contact with the user, the animal can look at the user or approach the user.

This is because, by combining artificial intelligence technology with virtual reality content, virtual reality content elements respond as real creatures and change their actions according to each situation and variable.

Space for entertainment and video games

Recently, there has been a change from a simple producer-consumer business model to one in which the majority of the public becomes both, creating and consuming content.

However, it is still difficult for the public to enter the entertainment market due to limitations that include, among others, social status, age and appearance, regardless of their talent.

The Oasis City entertainment center, which uses virtual reality technology, is the solution that can help the public enter the entertainment market and generate various creative content.

In this space, anyone can show their talent regardless of their social status, age and appearance, according to anonymity in the world of virtual reality. This will allow people to become what they really want to be in the virtual world, regardless of who they are in the real world.

For its part, video games, which have become an increasingly important part of everyday life for a growing segment of the world’s population, are one of the key components of the Oasis City ecosystem. With the creation sponsored by the virtual reality content community.

Currently, the absence of content limits the growth of virtual reality games . The Oasis City ecosystem will change this by bringing more games and a wider selection of developers to the Oasis City Gaming Hub .

This will generate a convergence of highly immersive content and motion tracking hardware, allowing users to live their gaming experiences to the fullest. In addition, through the recording of assets in the game in the blockchain, users can ensure that the items they own are unique and limited and, therefore, can be collected and marketed as never before.

And to these spaces, they will also be joined by an educational and a shopping one, which will allow virtual reality to be exploited further, within Oasis City.

The economy of Oasis City

To support the creation of this platform, the Oasis City team created the OSC token, which will serve as a blockchain- based payment asset in the Oasis City ecosystem.

The unique nature of Oasis City is that all assets within this virtual space will be directly linked to the blockchain, which makes it possible for developers to introduce the concept of scarcity in their articles, designs or experiences produced.

Unlike other games, where developers have had problems with galloping inflation, excess supply of specific falls or people looking for gold, the platform will solve these problems by introducing blockchain-based asset management .

Thus, Oasis City has a transparent reward system and income distribution developed with the purpose of establishing a complementary economy interface between virtual reality and the real world.

The blockchain- driven billing economy system can be used by virtual reality users, real-world virtual reality businesses, content developers and even commercial entities in general.

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osc the oasis city tokenThis system is something innovative, because it demonstrates the ability of companies that participate in the ecosystem of the platform on the value of the currency , rather than the influence of the current cryptocurrency ecosystem.

In this way, the confidence of the Oasis City project team in commercial operations, technological development and expansion is also reflected. The system suggests an innovative vision for the establishment of a healthy and transparent cryptocurrency ecosystem.

To use it, participants in the Oasis City ecosystem can register and generate content and establish the taxpayer revenue share rate of the content in question.

With blockchain- based accounting technology, content ownership can be guaranteed to individual participants. While, later, transparency in operations can be guaranteed because the payment of operating income cannot be falsified.

This same billing system can also be applied in the real world to improve cash flow problems, for complete supply chains, thanks to Lock-Key. A special feature of the billing system, which controls it and can prevent the illegal use of content or physical objects when the payment is overdue.

In addition, end users are automatically charged for payment, according to the duration of the period of use of the service and the count of use of the service through smart ontracts. Meanwhile, revenue can be shared fairly and transparently with relevant partners.

Decentralized exchange

The Oasis City has its own decentralized exchange, where users can freely deal with exchanges and auctions of assets, including, among others, characters and items, using the non-fungible token (NFT) within the Oasis City platform. This market will soon support PCs and mobile platforms, so that it is widely accessible to end users.

Also, an Oasis City design store will open with the purpose of delivering various design elements that are necessary for the city , including, but not limited to, building design, interior design, avatar character, clothing, electronics, furniture , ornaments, buildings, cars, pets, weapons and items.

Oasis City Design Store will be a platform where end users and virtual reality designers can interact and exchange. Anyone can develop and market, according to their unique taste.

OSC token

OSC is the key fundamental currency in the Oasis City platform . Users can buy it through an initial cryptocurrency offer (ICO), or earn it through various activities in the Oasis City ecosystem.

The token will initially be issued as ERC20, but would be exchanged in a more suitable custom blockchain, developed for the Oasis City platform in the future.

A total of 12,000 million CSOs will be issued, with the first 35% available for purchase during sales periods. The rest will be distributed as follows: core and software development 40%, marketing 20%, Oasis City operation 25%, security and audit 4%, third-party development support 10%, security and audit 1%.

Oasis City has its own homonymous crypto wallet, which can manage your OSC safely . With the application you can transfer the token to anyone who uses it and also check the history of your transactions.

The grand opening of Oasis City is scheduled for this year.

Do you want more information? Visit to Oasis City.


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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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