PACT Token: This is the way you can participate in the most complete ecosystem in the crypto world

NFT, DeFi, CEX and much more, within a single ecosystem governed by this token

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There are currently three main types of different projects: Centalized Exchanges (CEX); decentralized finance (DeFi), which helps to achieve high returns for users with a considerable amount of funds; and other DeFi aimed at users with small budgets.

Each of these projects grant different “equality” mechanics and the profits are not in proportion to the amount of funds, but to the activities of the users.

But, there is a problem with all this. And it is that the three have their own life.

This often becomes a dilemma for those users who already feel comfortable and have received something in one type of project, making it very difficult for them to start using another.

For example, people used to DeFi may find it difficult to start buying new tokens on a centralized exchange; while frequent CEX users can find it difficult to use a DeFi.

This is why many people feel like small fish and decide not to participate in projects in which crypto whales receive the bulk of the rewards.

So offering a comprehensive system that combines the three platforms to facilitate the flow of the three options is necessary in today’s market. And all this is possible thanks to the PACT ecosystem.

, PACT Token: This is the way you can participate in the most complete ecosystem in the crypto world, Criptomonedas e ICOsAn all-in-one ecosystem

PACT is an ecosystem in which three platforms come to life and in which users can compete in teams of like-minded people (attached to certain blockchain projects), or only on different platforms.

The project has been developed on two blockchains: Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

This is because Ethereum is one of the most used networks for DeFi projects. Binance Smart Chain has become popular due to its rapidly developing ecosystem. Hence, PACT is part of both.

Taking control of this entire environment is possible thanks to its homonymous native token .

PACT is a community token that reflects the value of the PACT ecosystem, but it is more than just a cryptocurrency.

This currency empowers its holders to execute various management functions and have privileged access to the products and services of the ecosystem, actively participating in the development of the platform and receiving rewards in return.

In addition, products with higher APY (Annual Percentage Yield) or exclusive profit opportunities will be available only to those users who have this asset.

What’s even better is that these products are not necessarily within the PACT ecosystem, but can also be products of ecosystem partners.

, PACT Token: This is the way you can participate in the most complete ecosystem in the crypto world, Criptomonedas e ICOsAll this is possible because a part of the benefits of the PACT ecosystem are distributed among the token holders; another part generated by its products is sent to a special incentive pool.

The pool funds are distributed proportionally among the PACT community token holders and the cryptocurrencies are credited to users as a reward for their activity within the ecosystem.

PACT hodlers can initiate votes within the ecosystem , as well as participate in these votes.

The token is currently listed on the exchanges P2PB2B , Pancakeswap, and Uniswap. Soon it will be in many more exchanges

NFTs will give you identity

To participate in this ecosystem governed by the PACT token, the user can create an NFT by connecting their wallet to the sharing module.

This created “PACT Hero” can be assigned to one of the squads, according to the blockchain (Ethereum, or BSC).

Each of the NFTs that are created has abilities that can be improved by the user himself and these include various directions, such as Warrior, Farmer, Trader, Predictor. All correspond to the actions that users can perform in the ecosystem.

Skill upgrades can be based on stocks on the exchange, such as trading, staking, participating in the lottery, adding liquidity to the pool.

The user also has the opportunity to add their updated NFT token to the mining pool and mine PACT tokens.

Similarly, it is possible to upgrade your “Hero” using a skill launch system – Multicast.

The NFT PACT Hero can also be placed in the mining pool of the selected SQUAD (PACT, Uni, Cake), in addition to the locked tokens within the NFT Hero to receive rewards.

The amount of bonus rewards in mining is directly dependent on the overall level of the character’s NFT and the number of tokens locked within the NFT.

In all this, the PACT token plays an important role, since the user must pay the fee in this cryptocurrency to update a character to a certain level and must also make the payment with this currency to create the NFT.

The updated NFT token can be sold on open resources or used for other actions on the exchange.

, PACT Token: This is the way you can participate in the most complete ecosystem in the crypto world, Criptomonedas e ICOsCompetitions within the ecosystem

PACT offers an in-game achievement system on the three platforms that make up the ecosystem.

In this way, users can compete in teams of like-minded people (attached to certain blockchain projects), or only on different platforms.

These competitions are held openly on the blockchain.

Any user can achieve goals in various aspects of the DeFi and CEX platforms and receive rewards in tokens from the PACT ecosystem; develop skills in the fields that most interest the user and in which they have the most experience; and compete with other users with completely different skills and abilities.

Overall, the PACT ecosystem has many beneficial cross-use combinations of platform products.

With the correct balance of mining, farming, commission discounts, pool liquidity, and arbitrage, the user can obtain a multiplicative model of profits.

This ecosystem includes the PACT Token, a community cryptocurrency that reflects the value of the ecosystem; governance, PACT token holders can participate in the development of the platform, make decisions about changes in the ecosystem, as well as the distribution of ecosystem income through voting.

PACT incentives are also counted, so that a part of the income generated by the ecosystem is accumulated in a specific fund to which the holders of the cryptocurrency have access based on the number of tokens they own.

And finally to the Base Pool, which acts as the balancing system of supply and demand for PACT; NFT, with which users’ accounts and their specific achievements are reflected; and the CEX P2PB2B, a centralized P2PB2B exchange and the entire set of products based on it.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

-- Publicidad --

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