Pinkslip Finance: a racing gamefi that gets big returns

Pinkslip is a project that aims to connect the aspects of a game with the DeFi components

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The era of video games or GameFi is evolving day by day, and now it is the turn of Pinkslip, a platform that unites NFTs and decentralized finance components (DeFi), to be able to reward its users by participating in a chariot race.

It is a fun and easy to play racing game, in which you can buy up to three NFTs representing cars and do competitions within the platform, with these non-fungible tokens.

, Pinkslip Finance: a racing gamefi that gets big returns, Criptomonedas e ICOs

The three types of NFT available in Pinkslip include Bronze NFT, Silver NFT, and Gold NFT. Among the three NFTS Gold has the highest probability of winning races, although this does not ensure a victory.

And it is that each type of car has a percentage of probabilities of winning the race: 70% for the Gold, 50% for the Silver and 30% for the Bronze.

Differences between each NFT

Pinkslip NFT cars are different from each other and not just because of their odds of winning a race.


For example, the Gold Car is a representation of a Lamboghini . One of the most popular cars in the world of cryptocurrencies.

The Lambo provides the greatest opportunity to win in a race. You have a 70% chance of winning , but you have to be careful if you face someone like you.

On the other hand, there is the Silver. It is the intermediate level and symbolizes the famous A5 , more popularly known for its elegant design made by German engineers.

He has a 50% chance of winning , but that doesn’t mean the Bronze can’t take the victory away from him.

And this last car is the ideal one to start in Pinkslip.

The design that the Bronze represents isn’t just about how stylish the things under the hood are.

You have a 30% chance of winning . As long as luck is with you, you can pass it through a Lambo and take it all home.

The public sale

, Pinkslip Finance: a racing gamefi that gets big returns, Criptomonedas e ICOs

Pinkslip Finance is preparing to carry out a public sale, which will take place on August 25 at 16:00 GMT on its website.

The team will take the opportunity to present two new components that will be available after the official launch of the project and that can be enjoyed on the Uniswap V2 platform. 

The launch of Pinkslip plays a crucial role in the future of GameFi. For this reason, the project is currently focusing heavily on marketing, in order to provide the best user experience at the launch of the platform. 

Now, among the two components that Pinkslip Finance will present, its deflationary mechanism stands out, with which 50% of the contribution is redirected to the Staking Pool and the other 50% will be for the support and long-term development of the project.

Thus, during the first month, $PSLIP tokens will be burned as a deflationary mechanism.

It is expected that, after that time, coupled with the burning of tokens manually, better results can be assessed.

After this process, seeing that the mechanism is successful and the interaction of the community is positive, the company could study the possibility of implementing a percentage in the fees collected so that they can be burned continuously.

Gold NFT in short supply

The second component the project plans to launch is a limited edition non-fungible token called “Gold NFT”, which will have a total supply of 1,000.

Thus, after 1000 units of this NFT are minted, it will be impossible to mint another like it.

In other words, the only way these Gold NFTs can be obtained, after they have been fully distributed, will be by earning it on Pinkslip through races or by buying it on a secondary market.

This will make owning a Lambo at Pinkslip Finance something special and memorable.

At present, the configuration of some NFTs is based on the elastic supply function, this means that most of the NFTs are minted as users play, but in turn are burned since they are exchanged by the same community for 20 NFT or 5 ETH.

This last action will automatically generate an access to the Staking Pass.

When those 20 NFTs are burned they will provide a deflationary aspect to the supply.

But this will change with the Gold NFT, because it will be a low-supply limited edition.

How to join Pinkslip Finance?

, Pinkslip Finance: a racing gamefi that gets big returns, Criptomonedas e ICOs

Starting at 4:00 pm UTC on August 25, Pinkslip Finance will be available for public sale, in an event that will establish a minimum purchase of 0.1 ETH, with a maximum of 3 ETH.

The exchange rate will start at 8,727 Pinkslip Finance (PSLIP) for 1 ETH, and the listing price of 1 ETH will be equivalent to 7272 PSLIP.

With the possibility of all the tokens being sold, 12 million tokens would be in circulation. Any unsold tokens will be automatically moved to the stake pool.

The total supply of PSLIP tokens is 30 million units, which means that around 40% of users will need to have a minimum of 0.1 ETH, or a maximum of 3 ETH.

It is expected that as the number of users playing in the Pinkslip ecosystem increases, so will the participants in the stakes pools, which will provide long-term returns and a greater generation of interest.

However, participation is only eligible for racing drivers.

The staking mechanism will not be active immediately, but after the initial launch, which means that everyone has a fair chance to gain access.

How to get a staking pass?

Pinkslip Finance connects Staking with your racing game. The structure of how to win a stakig pass is as follows:

A user must have 20 cars in his garage, which will be in NFT format. This can be obtained first by buying some NFTS to start with.

You can buy a maximum of three NFT’s to start with and then you will have to start racing, to earn the non-fungible tokens.

Once the races start, the objective will be to win to get the 20 NFT of cars in the garage (the wallet).

The best part is that the rarity of the NFT type does not matter, as long as your garage has 20 cars you can trade them all for a staking pass.

In this way, the 20 NFT cars will be burned and then the stake pass will be entitled.

The goal

The Pinkslip Finance platform aims to raise about 500 ETH in this week’s public sale, once the sale is concluded, they will proceed with the launch on the Uniswap V2 platform, providing an initial liquidity of 30% of the total raised.

The platform has already completed the sale of seeds through

The most attractive thing about this platform is that it does not use IDO platforms or third-party launches.

To learn more, you can enter:




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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

-- Publicidad --

-- Publicidad --

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