Amazing! This token generates profits just by making HODL: Prizm (PZM)

Amazing! This token generates profits just by making HODL: Prizm (PZM)

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Prizm (PZM) is the cryptocurrency native to the PrizmBit exchange. It is an innovative token, which implements the technology of paramining or “paramining”, which allows all its holders to participate in the issuance of the currency.

On average, this token takes 59 seconds for the blockchain block to be generated and does not depend on the number of transactions.

prizm, amazing! This token generates profits just by making HODL: Prizm (PZM), Cryptocurrencies and ICOs, Cryptocurrencies and ICOs

This cryptocurrency complies with all the basic principles of blockchain systems: decentralization, honesty and publicity.

The software architecture of the PZM source code is completely open, developed by Prizm based on Java 1 NXT. The algorithm used does not depend on the concept of “currency age” characteristic of other cryptocurrencies.

The asset has strong protection against “nothing at stake” attacks . The protection method used is the adhesion test.

The prizm of Prizm

The paraminate is a source of three factors to increase the number of coins in your wallet. Because the extraction of new monetary units is based on the principle of “Paramining” (or paramedic), at least one PZM coin purchased in a holder’s wallet leads to the beginning of the generation of new currencies.

That is, just enough to do PZM HODL in the wallet to win more Prizm tokens. What causes that its holders obtain benefits, independently of the rise or fall of the price.

The three factors mentioned above are the number of coins in the personal Prizm wallet, the number of coins in the followers structure and the PARATAX mining difficulty.

The PARATAX is a linear increase in the difficulty of creating coins, expressed as a percentage of the number of coins already extracted by all users. The maximum limit of PARATAX is 99% at the time of extracting 3,000 million PZM. The higher the percentage of Paratax, the more difficult it is to obtain new currencies.

Also, the speed of extraction of new tokens depends on the amount of cryptocurrencies in the wallet: the more coins you have, the higher the paraffin rate, the higher the customer’s profitability.

prizm, amazing! This token generates profits just by making HODL: Prizm (PZM), Cryptocurrencies and ICOs, Cryptocurrencies and ICOsThe Prizm Exchange

Prizm is listed in several Exchange. CoinMarketCap data ensures that the cryptoactive is traded in about 16 exchanges, with more than $ 76,000 in daily volume.

However, the information provided by the tracking platform is not correct. In as much it does not provide real data on its volume and the listing in Exchange. In fact, a clear example of this is that the portal does not refer to the PZM trade in its parent exchange: PrizmBit.

PrizmBit is an Exchange that makes digital currency operations easy and affordable for all customers.

In this stock exchange is a stock exchange, all kinds of cryptocurrency operations can be performed in the most affordable way and with additional conditions to increase the interest rate with the Prizm paraffin, allowing customers to obtain up to 28% of profits monthly and 122% of benefits every 100 days passively, depending on the paraminate.

In addition, it also offers the possibility of earning income through daily reinvestment and the affiliate program that offers 0.1% of daily earnings.

To all this there is an accessible interface for beginner and advanced traders, with very flexible configurations , high security with two-factor identification and notifications.

In Prizmbit it is possible to organize the commercial space according to the needs of the client. Allowing to compose the design, choose between themes, configure notifications and data preferences.

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It also has a compatible API, with which you can connect operation robots and terminals created by others without problems.

Prizmbit has codes without commissions within the stock exchange, operational and qualified technical support from 9:00 to 22:00 (Moscow time); as well as deposits and withdrawals in bank accounts in Russia, as well as in foreign countries with minimum commissions.

The exchange has mobile applications for iOS and Android, where trading is even easier. In addition, it has a Spanish Telegram channel, where customers are served immediately and can share their experiences on the platform.

prizm, amazing! This token generates profits just by making HODL: Prizm (PZM), Cryptocurrencies and ICOs, Cryptocurrencies and ICOsHow to trade with Prizm?

The Prizm token can be easily traded on the PrizmBit platform. The asset has pairs with the US dollar, the euro, the ruble, Bitcoin and the stablecoin USDT.

To acquire the cryptocurrency on said platform, users must perform a registration process in which a username and email address is requested, which must be verified later.

Once this is done, you can start trading on the platform to buy the PZM tokens, which can be obtained through the Exchange option, the P2P trade or the swap.

To trade with the first option, you must deposit funds to the account, and go to the “Exchange” section within the platform.

prizm, amazing! This token generates profits just by making HODL: Prizm (PZM), Cryptocurrencies and ICOs, Cryptocurrencies and ICOsSubsequently, it is necessary to look for the commercial pair of PZM, corresponding to the asset deposited in the platform.

Now, it only remains to choose the price and the amount of tokens that you want to acquire.

The best thing is that, thanks to the paraminating process, just by acquiring a token and keeping in the wallet, the asset will multiply, generating more PZM in the wallet. The more cryptocurrency Prizm remain holdeadas, the higher the percentage of profits.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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