Ripple News: MoneyTap Is Successful And XRP Gets Optimistic Predictions | Oracle Times

Ripple has been in the spotlight a lot this year, and this was mainly thanks to a lot of important partnerships that the company has managed to achieve.

More than that, the San Francisco-based firm also made sure to boost its products and enhance the XRP ecosystem as well.

Ripple and SBI

Ripple’s partnership with SBI is reportedly one of the many successful deals that the San Francisco-based company is enjoying.

Now, it’s been reported that The MoneyTap project has also seen success across regions with more banks and this way it also joined the list of successful deals.

Smaretreum notes that there are four new banks that have joined the crew, citing SBI Holdings. There are reportedly 29 banks hat are using MoneyTap.

MoneyTap is the xCurrent-powered system and when it was launched back in 2018 thanks to the deal between Ripple and SBI Holdings it managed to give Ripple more exposure and XRP a quick boost.

The MoneyTap app was expected to make domestic payments more efficient and enhance transaction limits.

, Ripple News: MoneyTap Is Successful And XRP Gets Optimistic Predictions | Oracle Times, Criptomonedas e ICOs

XRP price prediction

The online magazine mentioned above notes: “Ripple announced that even if MoneyTap doesn’t use XRP, SBI Holdings will be giving shareholders dividends in XRP tokens.”

They continue and note that “Around the same time, SBI’s venture capital arm announced that Ripple’s XRP will soon become one of the most important tokens in the space. This is despite XRP’s poor performance since January.”

Regarding the price of Ripple’s digital asset, at the moment of writing this article, XRP is trading in the green on CMC just like most other important coins.

XRP is now priced at $0.260361 and Ripple enthusiasts are waiting to see the coin’s price boosted.

Crypto analysts see a bright future for XRP.

An analyst called Pentoshi predicted “firework incoming” for the crypto and said that it touched a historic level of support on Poloniex that is dating back to 2014.

, Ripple News: MoneyTap Is Successful And XRP Gets Optimistic Predictions | Oracle Times, Criptomonedas e ICOs

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