Sasha Ivanov: “Waves and its contribution to humanize Blockchain”

What Sasha Ivanov thinks about blockchain

What Sasha Ivanov thinks about blockchain

When a technology is born, very few visionaries have access to it and understand it, since the adoption process is always slow and progressive. I say this because, it’s hard to believe, but it was in 1969 when the Internet was born. Though it wasn’t until the late 90’s/early 2000’s that we started to have almost global access to a rudimentary and slow internet.

Establishing an analogy with the beginnings of the Internet, in 2008 the technology was born. blockchain from the hand of Bitcoin (the cryptocurrency everyone is talking about). Today, fourteen years later, there is no doubt that blockchain has come to stay. The sooner we internalize this reality, the better we adapt to the change that is coming in the not too distant future.

Yes Bitcoin was the pioneer of block networks 1.0, we are currently in the midst of a revolution blockchain 2.0, where it stands out waves making his appearance in 2016.

What is it waves?

waves it is a platform blockchain created with the aim of democratizing cryptocurrencies and bringing the technology that supports them and decentralized finance to all kinds of people with Internet access.

As such, waves it’s a blockchain decentralized, public and transparent, which was financed with the second largest ICO in history, where USD $16 million in BTC was raised through a crowdfunding campaign. The name of waves it is a clear reference from its founder, Sasha Ivanov, to the gravitational waves discovered by Einstein.

But who is Sasha Ivanov?

Sasha Ivanov is a theoretical physicist of Ukrainian nationality, who is also a visionary of web 3.0 and a pioneer in the area of ​​technology blockchain. Sasha has helped in the last decade to improve banking systems by decentralizing finances and evolving electronic payment mechanisms.

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And it is that this physicist intends to bring the population closer to a technology designed to facilitate people’s day-to-day life, since it is applicable to all areas of life.

waves 2.0

Sasha Ivanov’s platform continues to evolve and is on its way to becoming the ultimate platform for developers, creators, and of course all of its users. Thus, a structure of various nuclei that make up waves 2.0.

The developers are focused on releasing this improved version of waves, based on consensus model Practical Proof-of-Stake Shardingwith the integration of the Ethereum Virtual Machine, new connections with others blockchain, among many other new features, and all this while your community continues to enjoy the services of the platform. These protocol updates provide the network with greater speed, scalability, interoperability and security, maintaining the decentralization that characterizes it.

Additionally, compatibility with ethereum makes waves Be more accessible to external teams by offering a super infrastructure of development and analysis tools. the community of waves dispose of DAOs, protocols DeFi new generation, launch pads and markets NFT’s much in demand today.

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