Shirtum: the NFT marketplace that connects professional footballers with their fans

The platform has multiple benefits for gamers and fans alike

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Shirtum is a global marketplace for digital assets, where players share their stories with fans and invite them to join in collecting digital sports memorabilia, directly from their idols.


Players display special t-shirts, trophies and memorabilia in their digital museums that have shaped their careers and successes, recounting the story behind each unique moment on video.

Those NFTs with which athletes will share their most iconic and exclusive memories with their fans will not be in other markets or social networks, thanks to the fact that those stories will be shared solely and exclusively on Shirtum.

Fans collect and trade limited edition tokens linked to each memorabilia in personalized fan and user galleries.

How is Shirtum different?

Shirtum technology enhances the collecting experience. The dynamic user interface; Versatile API designed to facilitate transactions and integrate across all platforms; anchored in Blockchain technology that guarantees the authenticity, traceability and immutability of the collections, makes the platform stand out.

Shirtum creates a direct connection between Players and billions of Fans, while taking the collecting experience to a new dimension.

In fact, it has already signed top-level players such as footballers Rodri de Paul, founding player; and Papu Gómez, as partner and founding player , both Champions of the Copa América with the Argentine team.

In addition, other top-level players such as Ivan Rakitic, Lucas Ocampos and Marcelo Guedes were signed.

And it is that Shirtum deals directly with the players, not with the clubs that are in the middle taking advantage of the images of their athletes.

Hence, for the platform the most important thing is the athletes, dedicating themselves to tell their stories that will be used as an asset, not as a passive element like a card or something like that.

In addition to this, Shirtum has already reached an integration agreement just five days after launch with Chainlink, one of the 15 most important companies in the world by market capitalization, and will continue to bring us closer to athletes and clubs.

As if this were not enough, the firm has a team that is committed and is fully visible on the business social network LinkedIn.

Its CEO, David Rozencwaig, has been working in the world of football for more than 15 years, dealing with clubs, agents and all kinds of people around the beautiful game.

What does the platform offer?

Shirtum, through the NFTs and always with the footballer as the protagonist and creator of content, creates the bridge between fans and players, allowing fans to collect memorabilia tokens of their favorite players and enjoy the stories, told in first person, behind its most iconic objects.

Currently, there are many platforms for digital collecting and selling NFT, but there is no exclusive in the world of football in which the players tell the story of each object they expose and sell on the platform in the first person.

In addition, Shirtum is the first platform to simplify the token purchase process by allowing token purchases directly with fiat money, which expands the market for NFTs by also adding users who are not familiar with cryptocurrencies.

The platform’s value proposition for gamers goes far beyond monetization.

First, it will allow soccer professionals to create an asset (NFTs), from a passive element (such as shirts in the closet) ; design your own digital museum, tell your story and your legacy directly to fans.

Likewise, it will enable and enhance a market for your digital memories; create income streams from collecting and trading your treasured digital items; generate income that will outlive the player’s relatively short active career; and increase the definition and value of your own brand.

From all this, players get the majority of the revenue generated by the presale (around 70%); calls to action to fans: the more the footballer participates, the more he earns; and exclusivity, they will target a few world-class footballers.

The Shirtum business model does not need hundreds of players to function.

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Its business model is very sustainable over time, players will earn 70% of total primary sales and the platform 30% and also in a secondary market, for a transaction fee, players will continue to earn 30% for life (only for your commitment as royalty).

In this way, the interests of the firm and those of the players will be aligned, relying on athletes as a source of organic traffic to the platform.

Exclusive player moments will be shared only on Shirtum.

By doing so, they will help them create content they can be proud of and, at the same time, a potentially long-lasting source of income, thus encouraging them to share their NFTs with all their fans and followers on social media.

For their part, fans will receive non-fungible tokens directly from their idols; powered by “calls to action” and the commitment of the players.

Similarly, they will be able to experience each player’s story and the story behind each item at the Digital Museum; collect in digital form a piece of history of your favorite players; participate in a market by collecting, selling and exchanging NFTs with other fans; and exhibit their collections in their own user galleries.

100% functional Shirtum platform

Shirtum NFTs are as professional as a documentary, while being easy to view comparable to a TikTok video.

Those non-fungible tokens can be traded only on the platform, so people can buy, sell or exchange them for a cryptocurrency.

The Shirtum application is fully developed and functional, which is why it was approved on Google Play and the App Store.

The webapp is multilanguage, so that any user can own an NFT without any kind of inconvenience.

In fact, the app will be ready to be launched in one or two months and for this the first series of three NFT’s is already being created, with the most iconic and exclusive moments in the history of Papu Gómez.

These non-fungible tokens will be absolutely surprising and an NFT airdrop will be carried out for its early backers, totally free, in which the player Papu Gómez has told his three most iconic moments in his history.

The SHI token

Shirtum’s native token is the SHI. A BEP20 cryptocurrency, based on the Binance Smart Chain network, with a limited supply and a technology ready to create tokens following the Ethereum ERC-20 standard in the future.

For users to perform certain actions on the platform, such as buying digital assets directly from the platform or any of the advantages listed in the previous point, they will need to have SHI.

The platform will have a BuyBack program to burn tokens. As well as a staking plan with incredible benefits for SHI holders; point accelerator in a gamification system (more details soon); early access to exclusive NFTs; discount on them too and much more.

25% of the total supply of this cryptocurrency will be burned. The token is currently available on PancakeSwap.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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