The future of hybrid blockchains

ENQ presents itself to be the future as it uses a hybrid blockchain

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The blockchain came into existence over two decades ago and ever since then it has been pivotal to the way of life and has had an impactful legacy in transforming the world.

It is a distributed database of records of all transactions or digital events that have been executed and shared among participating parties.

Every institution and sector across the globe continues to benefit from the exceptional transition and transformation blockchain has brought in from helping to reduce workloads to simplifying workflows and assisting in providing valid solutions to the challenges faced in various niches.

There are four different ways in which blockchain can be used namely:

  • Private blockchain
  • Public blockchain
  • Consortium blockchain
  • Hybrid blockchain

Hybrid blockchain

ENQ presents itself to be the future as it uses a hybrid blockchain that offers more in blockchain technology and allows it to have more control and dominance in its activities. It is one of a kind.

By combining both private and public blockchain features ENQ brings people all around the world together and also ensures that a closed ecosystem can also thrive with blockchain capabilities.

Hybrid Consensus Networks

A blockchain’s consensus mechanism ensures that there is agreement among various parties on the current state of the blockchain and determines who can add new blocks of transactions and it prevents a chain from being re-written.

The consensus mechanism serves as a validation process for transactions made on the blockchain. There are various consensus mechanisms used by different blockchain protocols.

The three major network types based on consensus algorithm used to validate transactions on the blockchain network are:

  • Proof of work
  • Proof of Stake
  • Proof of Activity

The main problems solved by the hybrid blockchains(ENQ)

As ENQ continues to flourish as one of the uprising hybrid blockchain projects it has become one to look out for. The ENQ hybrid platform has taken its time to see through the flaws of so many platforms that are majorly private and publicly built and combines both features to overcome such hurdles in blockchain technology.

Here are solutions offered by ENQ as a hybrid blockchain platform:

Protecting From 51% Attack:

Several open blockchain systems have been a victim of attacks and hacks which have been a pain in the ass over the years. ENQ is a hybrid blockchain that is immune to a 51% attack as hackers cannot have access to the network to carry out the attack nor mess with the platform’s system.


Scalability has always been an issue to reckon with in a decentralized blockchain system as most blockchain systems have limited bandwidth and find it extremely difficult to keep the system stable and reliable as the blockchain grows due to high-speed transactions, stronger Internet connection, higher computational power, etc.

ENQ on the other hand aims to solve the scalability problem by proposing to make use of HyperDAG and sharding technology to record and store transactions, divide the blockchain into several smaller parts presented by separate branches or parts of those branches, and processed in parallel.

Low Transaction Cost:

Unlike so many private blockchain companies that have lost plenty of users and investors due to their unreal transactional fees which can be very discouraging.

ENQ on the other hand offers few low transaction fees to its users simply because for every transaction made it requires only a few nodes to verify and process these transactions.

Trinity consensus (PoA/PoW/PoS)

Enecuum is a very rare hybrid blockchain project that seeks to accomplish much more than its predecessors. Its sole mission is to bring blockchain and cryptocurrencies to the hearts of people and bring about mass adoption.

The Enecuum project was developed by a team of passionate cryptocurrency enthusiasts and avant-garde financiers who could predict the foreseeable future and knew that their aim can only be accomplished by diversifying and doing things uniquely.

Therefore, by utilizing three different mining algorithms (Proof of Work, Proof of Activity, and Proof of Stake) via the Trinity Protocol. The merging together of these trio makes it possible to achieve a high degree of network decentralization and also increase both the network security level and its speed as each has a specific role to play.

Enecuum assures sufficient decentralization and security while simplifying the onboarding process for everyday users, who can start “mining” ENQ tokens via the Enecuum mobile app, unlike other projects that require a steep learning curve and costly mining rigs.

Enecuum Network

Enecuum is a blockchain mobile network that seeks to bring crypto activities to its users’ doorstep and provide everything needed in the crypto ecosystem on a silver platter. It is a mobile blockchain protocol that allows everyone to participate in decentralized finance.

Enecuum is designed as a decentralized blockchain platform of the next generation with unique features that have the potential to help implement a large number of secure and well-scalable blockchain services and decentralized applications.

From 2017 to date, Enecuum users continue to grow daily with so many active wallets constantly being created and used. Enecuum wallets stand out by using HyperDAG to its advantage by storing all ordinary transactions between the users of ENQ. It also uses HyperDAG to accumulate and analyze statistics on the operations in the system and enable branch creation consisting of homogeneous transactions.

HyperDAG is a data model for storing and writing transactions, with flexible settings that offer new opportunities for the practical application of blockchain technology.

Services Offered By ENQ

IoT applications

So many mobile networks charge excessive fees for transactions completed and this can be frustrating to users. If you’ve ever looked at how much you’ve paid over the years in transaction fees, you’ll know what a difference reduced or low trading fees can make to your bottom line.

ENQ offers flexible fee mechanics where users only require a flat fee of 0.1 ENQ per transaction or smart contract call. Transactions involving the transfer of custom tokens in ENQ are pretty easy as users only need TOKENS to pay fees in TOKEN while transacting.

Mining APK

The mobile mining app by Enecuum appears to be a great deal as Enecuum has made mining less complex and has changed the ideology behind the mining concept and process by making it an effortless and worthwhile process through the mining app developed.

All that is required is a mobile device to download the app, get your initial investment ready and start making income at your convenience as there is little computational power required.

DeFi Platform

Being a decentralized exchange (DEX) Enecuum offers a peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace that connects cryptocurrency buyers and sellers. Thus allowing users to have dominance over their account and be the sole custodian of it.

There is no central authority standing between a user and his freedom as a user remains in control of their private keys when transacting on the Enecuum platform.


Conclusively, ENQ still has much more up its sleeves to offer its users. As a hybrid blockchain that uses a hybrid consensus algorithm with scalable architecture and expanding partnership networks in various niches, the best is yet to come.

Enecuum is anything but a run-of-the-mill blockchain project – and for that reason, it’s one worth watching.

The Enecuum team is convinced that its mobile-mining concept is the simplest and surest gateway to crypto for everyday users.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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