The Future of the Crypto Market: How Retail Investors and Traders May Utilize Advanced Crypto Trading Tools

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Early in 2020, Bitcoin, the world’s first and oldest cryptocurrency, turned eleven years old. Since its launch, a whole industry has emerged and thousands of cryptocurrencies have been formulated.

Businesses across multiple sectors, from finance to shipping, are finding innovative uses for the technology Bitcoin is built upon: blockchain. Accordingly, investors including many of the world’s largest hedge funds to individuals speculating with their savings have taken interest in this asset class.

Despite the doubts and skepticism surrounding cryptocurrency, it has proven to be a resilient asset class. This resilience has taken the form of survival despite the many ups and downs for prices, while exemplifying durability by encouraging regulators to take a more active interest in crypto as a currently viable and potentially robust asset class.

Throughout 2018 and 2019, the financial sector and government regulators in China, India, Japan, and South Korea among others clamped down on what was commonly referred to as the Wild West of global financial markets. That isn’t to say some necessary regulation wasn’t given.

Self-Regulation and Increased Security

In tandem with increasing regulatory oversight, numerous cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms have been actively hardening their security. In a way, extra layers of security are a form of self-regulation and one path towards reducing the impact of irresponsible market players.

As part of this effort, exchanges which enable trading between cryptocurrencies and fiat money, alongside certificates of deposits, derivatives, and more, have increased the layers of security. When combined with an enhanced range of offerings, these measures are encouraging retail investors to take a closer look at cryptocurrencies.

With more mainstream investors willing to invest in a wider range of cryptocurrency options, exchanges are adapting to user needs and growing. Some of mainstream investors want it to be simple.

For mainstream investors, cryptocurrencies and the exchanges where they can be bought and sold should promote be a profitable, secure and de-risked liquid asset class. This implies an asset class that individuals can invest in and withdraw capital from, akin to depositing capital in a hedge fund or other investment vehicle.

What is Torex.One Cryptocurrency Trading Platform?

Torex.One is a multifunctional blockchain platform that has developed tools for crypto traders, including Torex Trade (with possibility of API-trading, and Stop Loss, Take Profit and Trailing Stop techniques implemented), crypto arbitrage tool, price checker, price notification and HODL tool.

One of the advantages of Torex is the consolidation of exchanges, coins, and analytical tools within a single platform. Torex supports cryptocurrency trading across Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Coinsbit, Huobi, KuCoin, and Poloniex crypto exchanges via API – more exchanges are considered to be added.

With the help of price checker and price notification tools traders can track cryptocurrency prices and price fluctuations in real-time across the supported range of exchanges directly from the Torex platform.

The .apk file of Torex cryptocurrency trading app is already available for download on the main page of Torex website. You are welcome to download it and test all the developed crypto trading tools. The crypto trading app is planned to be submitted to App Store and Google Play digital distribution networks.

Advanced Cryptocurrency Arbitrage

One of the challenges cryptocurrency traders may encounter is the choice of a cryptocurrency trading platform to quickly and easily benefit from price fluctuations and disparities between crypto exchanges. Additionally, existing options for crypto arbitrage may require improvement.

To satisfy this demand, Torex has developed the Arbitrage Tool to give traders potential possibility to benefit from arbitraging cryptocurrency prices. Arbitrage is a normal trading activity for fiat currencies and other asset classes, but can be more difficult to implement in the nascent cryptocurrency ecosystem. With Torex’s Arbitrage Tool, the liquidity and depth of order books across multiple crypto exchanges can be analyzed, providing crypto traders with access to liquidity-driven price arbitrage.

Cryptocurrencies are considered to be among the most volatile assets, with values regularly rising or falling by a few percentage points in a matter of minutes. Sometimes this volatility can be also a source of opportunity to make profit due to inter-exchange arbitrage.

Torex can provide traders with the platform to take advantage of crypto arbitrage windows. A cryptocurrency arbitrage window develops when the price of a cryptocurrency at one exchange is higher or lower than another.

Using the Torex crypto arbitrage tool, traders can also adjust the parameters and their accompanying criteria. Traders can select the exchanges, filter minimum trading volumes, and the minimum percentage of profit expected.

The Future of Crypto Trading?

In addition to already developed tools, Torex crypto trading platform considers implementing more crypto trading tools such as copy trading, traders’ ideas, crypto betting, and a crypto trading bot.

In crypto, every percentage point matters, and because prices change rapidly, there are vast returns achievable if traders have enough experience and the necessary tools at their disposal. Another way traders benefit on traditional exchanges is the ability to share trading ideas and collaborate using a range of built-in services and third-party apps.

Torex considers ensuring this collaboration and idea-sharing feature to be built directly into the platform. In this manner, traders can connect with other users to share new ideas, and learn from one another, that can be potentially beneficial for the Torex ecosystem participants.

If you wish to use the functionality already developed by Torex, you can register an account on Torex cryptocurrency trading platform website right now.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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