The new NFT game inspired by crypto-influencers: LegendsOfCrypto (LOC)

LegendsOfCrypto (LOC) conducts an initial offering on DAO Maker

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LegendsOfCrypto (LOC) is a new trading card and non-fungible token (NFT) game that runs on a decentralized blockchain, supported by Ethereum and Matic Networks.

What is striking about these NFTs is that they feature prominent crypto influencers, such as collectible digital artwork.

The platform leverages the DeFi world and the DAO governance model to promise a fun NFT game that allows you to “collect, play, win and have fun at the same time.”

LOC seeks to celebrate the contributions and image of real-world characters who have moved markets, changed the course of history, and provided valuable solutions with their creativity, charisma, and leadership.

Blockchain technology helps to achieve the vision by introducing various gamified systems to collect, play, earn rewards and have fun at the same time; all with NFT cards.

How does LOC work?

LegendsOfCrypto is a Top Trumps card game, in which each NFT contains a list of numerical data and all of them are distributed equally among the players.

To win, players must have a card of greater or equal value than their opponent’s.

The initial edition of the game has a 100% crypto theme. Some of the characters in NFT are:

  • The Whale – The largest cryptocurrency trader and holder in the industry. “It’s time to buy it all.”
  • Lambo Owner – The die-hard decentralized cryptocurrency fanatic who seeks riches. “Crypto to the moon, we will all be rich!”
  • VC Lady – An institutional investor focused on early crypto projects. “Exploring those altcoin gems, one day at a time.”
  • Yield Farmer – A farmer who generates the highest yields through crop tokens. “Performance to the field”.
  • Crypto KOL – Key Thought Leader with tremendous influence and prominence in the industry. “Listen to my words… the future is here!”.
  • Crypto HODLER – A passionate cryptocurrency user who will HODL to infinity and beyond. “HODL until you die!”
  • Bitcoin Miner – Spend time programming computers and hard drives to mine Bitcoin. “Up the hashrate!”
  • NFT Artist – The innovative new artist on the block, digitizing artwork for sale. “Regular art was once a thing, but NFT art is forever.”

Users additionally have the ability to collect, bet and trade each NFT as they wish.

NFT characters are classified as major crypto tokens, largest blockchains, crypto influencers, or crypto cities. This allows for a wide range of possibilities, with so many variations and ideas to choose from, making the game more fun and enjoyable.

Additionally, there is a referral program that motivates players to interact more and helps them grow early when games are released, further incentivizing them to get as many people to join as possible.

The LOCG token

The platform has its own governance token, the LOCG. This cryptocurrency will allow you to vote and obtain additional rewards in the game.

The total supply of the token is limited to 150,000,000 and has several features and in-game use cases of LegendsOfCrypto, including:

  • Stake: $LOCG tokens can be staked in pools, so that users receive new NFT releases. Additional decentralized finance (DeFi) features are planned to be added as the game grows. 5% stake rewards will be given in prizes.
  • Rewards: The game encourages its users to participate as much as possible with a pay-per-game model: the more you play, the greater the amount of $LOCG you will receive in return.
  • Kickback: When you buy NFT cards and decks in the LOC market, you will receive a bonus in $LOCG.
  • Governance: $LOCG holders have the power to suggest gameplay changes, request new features, and request new card editions; Token holders can also be appointed to the DAO LOC Council, if they own enough $LOCG.
  • Modify functions in rare NFTs: The $LOCG token will only be able to add or change specific functions contained in the rarer NFT cards.
  • Payment: Paying in $LOCG allows you to obtain discounts on NFT cards, decks, boost factor, etc.

NFT use cases

Each NFT can be staked to earn cryptocurrencies, or you can use your $LOCG tokens to farm new and rare NFTs.

This not only guarantees their value and rarity as collectibles, but also the financial application and the benefit of receiving rewards simultaneously.

These features are critical to solidifying the actual use case of the project and attracting a broader user base.

Each NFT also comes with its own special design and rarity; they can be traded in the LOC market and in external markets such as OpenSea.

The artwork is beautifully designed and tailor-made for each card, so users can feel that they possess a truly valuable NFT, which will serve as a piece of crypto history.

Blockchain and NFT technology can provide each user with the assurance that they are the sole owner of their cards, giving them full control.

Additionally, each non-expendable token has its own special design and artwork by artists and influencers.

LOC currently has two different types of card games: free and pay-per-prize / tournaments.

LOCG in DAO Maker

Legends Of Crypto will have a Strong Holder Offering (SHO), or offer for strong holders, with a sale price of $0.036 per $ LOCG token.

DAO Maker’s SHO is unique to its platform, created as an alternative to ICO/IDO, to help drive early projects through your community with an investment process based on a vision for long-term success.

By leveraging the DAO Maker platform, LOC has a special opportunity to open even more doors to the crypto community.

The key details and steps to follow to register and earn your chance to participate in the initial sale are as follows:

  • Go to the live research page in DAO Maker, to see all the critical details about LOC; and log in to participate, at the top left of the page.
  • Registration opens on April 27 at 12:00 UTC.
  • The deadline to complete the registration process is April 28 at 12:00 UTC.
  • Winners will be announced on April 28 at 18:00 UTC (at the latest).
  • The total amount for the platform increase is $105,000.
  • Each eligible participant can contribute a maximum of 500 USDC.

The tiers / levels for DAO Maker are based on your “DAO Power”; You can increase your chances of acquiring winning tickets if you have more DAO tokens:

  • Stage 1: 500–999 DAO (10 winning tickets).
  • Stage 2: 1,000–1,999 DAO (15 winning tickets).
  • Stage 3: 2,000–3,999 DAO (30 winning tickets).
  • Tranche 4: 4,000–9,999 DAO (50 winning tickets).
  • Stage 5: 10,000+ DAO (70 winning tickets).

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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