Tron Hits A New Milestone: TRX Transactions Surpass $1 Billion On May 14 | Oracle Times

Tron (TRX) had a great year so far, enjoying a lot of achievements and bagging new partnerships, regardless of all the haters and naysayers.

Justin Sun always made sure to list these achievements online for the community to see.

Now, Sun is celebrating the latest success of Tron.

Tron platform records a volume of $1 billion

Ethereumworldnews notes that Tron recorded a 24-hour transaction volume that has been seen the last time back in mid-2018.

On May 14, two days ago, the TRX platform recorded a volume worth of one billion US dollars.

Misha Lederman, the co-founder of IAMDecentralized and an advisor at dApp evolution, tweeted:

“Tron just passed 1 billion USD in 24-hour trading volume. Last time TRX had a 24-hour trading volume surpassing 1 billion USD was on May 1, 2018 – one month before Tron Mainnet launch over a year ago! Good times ahead for all TRX hodlers & users.”

Back in March, Tron recorded a capacity larger than ETH and EOS together

You may recall that back in March, Tron surpassed another milestone by recording a capacity that was higher than the one of ETH and EOS.

The volume was then larger compared to the one of ETH and EOS combined.

Tron’s CEO and most enthusiast promoter revealed on Twitter that the daily blockchain operations that are conducted by Tron (TRX) surpassed EOS and ETH put together.

Tron successfully managed to outperform both rival blockchains, and this triggered tons of excitement in the Tron community.

Someone said “Bottom line is that $TRX has more DApp volume. That’s what the original post was about. Hey, I like EOS as well, but $TRX is killing it in DApps….whether you like $TRX or not.”

Here’s Misha’s recent tweet:

Someone mentioned the dApps as well and tweeted:

People are still waiting for TRX’s price to mirror the project’s achievements.

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