Verasity came to change the way you watch videos online

Verasity came to change the way you watch videos online

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Verasity is a company that developed the next application that will revolutionize the online video industry, since it will improve and solve the important problems that are currently present in the industry.

It is a video player, which provides innovative technology awarded by leading video publishers around the world. The application is based on the idea of ​​rewarding viewers for watching ads, so that the three participants can benefit.

verasity, Verasity came to change the way you watch videos online, Criptomonedas e ICOsBut Verasity is not just another decentralized platform for sharing P2P videos. While other platforms strive to break the habits of publishers and viewers, by hunting them from giant platforms like YouTube, to which they are already accustomed. Verasity is using the same previous infrastructure, but interrupting it from the inside.

The firm wrote a code that is integrated into all major online video platforms, such as YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, JWPlayer, Brightcove, Kaltura, VideoJS, Flowplayer and Ooyala, which represent more than 95% of all video players used .

This helps facilitate the task of attracting millions of content creators, because they do not need to change their usual workflow to increase participation and monetization.

In general, Verasity allows content creators and advertisers to create and manage their own rewards programs, unlike third-party video sharing sites or browser applications.

Using those from Verasity’s software development kits (SDK), publishers are free to choose what content they want to monetize and then reward their viewers with VRA / VRAB tokens; every time they choose to watch a video or an ad. These adoption numbers show that our choice of platform is the right way to increase adoption without changing the habits of viewers (switching to another platform or downloading a browser) or the workflow of publishers.

VRA token

VRA is a token used as a medium of exchange exclusively for the economy of online video. VRA transactions occur through the blockchain from VeraWallet, available from the video player on any participating website.

The wallet and token are designed taking into account the convenience of the user, which facilitates its use in mass markets.

There is nothing to download, all transactions are stored in the blockchain.

The process of using the Verasity application is closed cycle. Publishers buy VRA from exchanges to finance their campaigns; viewers enjoy more content and get VRA.

Then, viewers see the ads to get more VRA, which allows publishers to get VRA and spend it on creating more content. Viewers can donate VRA to their favorite content creators, spend them on goods and services, as well as sell them for BTC or ETH.

It is a real win-win-win solution, where all participants enjoy income. This application is now available for more than 2.0 million video editors with their own sites with 550 million users and more than 110,000 million monthly visits.

The token is currently listed on the Bittrex crypto exchange platform. VRA was also selected by KuCoin for its exclusive KuCoin Selection program.

Promising statistics

Verasity has already demonstrated the value it has for content creators, by dramatically increasing viewer participation and video views in the domains of their sites.

Between April and December 2019, the publishers saw a strategic growth of 1.3 million viewers. Which represents a general average of five times more audience participation, since adopting the Verasity-based platform through SDK and breaking all expectations to date.

Since its launch in April 2019, the beta version of the initial editor of that year reached 1.3 million viewers per month. That is, it reached in eight months what the Brave browser took more than 2 years to achieve.

verasity, Verasity came to change the way you watch videos online, Criptomonedas e ICOsVerasity associations

Recently, Verasity announced the partnership with iVideosmart (IVS), a leading B2B online video platform in Southeast Asia, serving more than 120 million users on more than 1.1 billion pages each month.

IVS offers publishers a complete online video player and a monetization platform and serves the main publishers throughout Southeast Asia, including Kompas, Brillio and GMA.

Soon after, the firm joined 4DSight, a company that uses machine learning and computer vision to natively insert brand advertisers into live streaming games on leading platforms such as Twitch and YouTube.

Through the partnership, Verasity will increase its brand awareness by being visible in live broadcasts of streamers subscribed to the service.

The association is working on deeper integration opportunities to provide VRA rewards to viewers from the game on numerous live streaming platforms worldwide.

Verasity Game Store

Verasity will launch the Verasity Game Store with more than 550 game publishers , during the first quarter of the year, including games from some of the best global gaming studios and social casino publishers.

To this end, the company signed an agreement with the GameZBoost platform and game publishers to integrate the publishers of global game studios that include BigPoint, European Games Group, Bytro Labs, Gamigo, Whow Games, InLogic, Imperia Online, Troll Games , and includes the Tinbo titles created by GameZBoost and the infamous Tinbo Dash game that was rated with Tinbo Mac Dash for McDonald’s. MMORPG and MMOG game editors are included.

More than 550 game publishers with hundreds of millions of monthly visits will be integrated with Verasity rewarded technology and its advertising stack to provide VRA / VRAB players as rewards to increase their commitment and improve the monetization of their games.

verasity, Verasity came to change the way you watch videos online, Criptomonedas e ICOsVRA will also be convertible into Amazon and McDonald’s coupons, as well as other coupons from well-known brand stores.

The games will include free gameplay to play with advertising with VRA rewards to view ads and play, subscription-based access / membership with VRA rewards to view ads, cost to play with VRA credits, bets that include a shared group of VRA players and coupons from a brand store bought with VRA.

With games ranging from arcade, retro, sports, action and much more.

This strategy will greatly increase the adoption of Verasity technology and its token, VRA, throughout 2020.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)


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