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What Brokers Get with the New B2Trader and B2Core Update

B2Broker is delighted to announce the release of our latest B2Trader and B2Core update, which includes a number of newly implemented features.

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B2Broker is delighted to announce the release of our latest B2Trader and B2Core update, which includes a number of newly implemented features. Our mission has always been to create the world’s most affordable, safest, and most effective software for the fintech industry, and these updates demonstrate our commitment. This release offers several renovations, including:

  • Changes in commission structure
  • A new set of useful tips for users
  • Client ID reports and PnL filters
  • Stability and performance improvements
  • Improved user experience through a redesigned interface

New Commissions Structure

We totally revamped our commission structure. Now, there is no need for a role for each individual user as we have developed a flexible group system in which admins can set the conditions for any group of users. Furthermore, the commission for each selected instrument can also be specified for each group. Having access to this outstanding feature offers our clients greater control than ever before. See the B2Trader documentation for more information about the new commission structure. 

Improved User Interface

Our development team has added tips, which improve the user experience significantly. As a result, the user interface of the trading platform is much easier to understand, as all of the components of the platform have been given detailed descriptions. The tips will be updated on a regular basis to reflect the latest developments on the platform.  

The onboarding stage now gives users the option of choosing their qualification level: Newcomer, Experienced, or Professional. In accordance with the user’s experience, different scenarios are presented to help explain the specifics of the trading platform. By choosing the Newcomer option, users will receive a step-by-step guide on using the platform, including placing trades and account management instructions. Users with greater experience, on the other hand, will be presented with more complicated scenarios, such as market analysis and risk management. 

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Client ID Reports

The product team has been working hard to reduce manual tasks for our clients, and this latest update demonstrates the results. A unique client identifier – client_ID – simplifies the process of registering activities for local financial regulators. Streamlining the process and making compliance with regulations easier for our clients became possible with this. It is our pleasure to provide such a high level of service and efficiency to our valued customers.

New Pair Field Upgrade

The hint fields have been improved in Settings → Markets → Add Market + Edit Market when adding a new pair. The fields have been updated with error messages as well. Now, a user has the ability to see what information they should enter in the fields. An invalid market will no longer be saved. 

New PnL Filter 

An option to filter the PnL data by year has been added to the admin panel. Customers’ data can now be analyzed more effectively. With this option, the data will be sorted by year, making it much easier to keep track of updates. 


With B2Trader and B2Core, traders have access to two of the most advanced trading solutions currently available on the market, which provide a range of features to make their trading experience as seamless and efficient as possible. A series of new updates that will be released soon will only enhance these features, so be on the lookout for them. The time is right for you to test our solutions if you haven’t already done so! Also, make sure to check out the newly released packages.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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