Wunderbit Trading: The Automated Trading Platform You Didn’t Know You Needed

Wunderbit Trading enables trading in cryptocurrencies easily and quickly

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Wunderbit Trading is an automated trading platform, which allows its users to start trading and investing in cryptocurrencies quickly and smoothly.

Clients have the option to copy the trade of the best digital currency traders, with transparent track records; operate themselves using Wunderbit’s advanced trading terminal; or just create fully automated trading bots using TradingView.

The all-in-one platform helps its users to manage their portfolio on different exchanges with advanced trading functions.

In addition to the classic trading terminal, Wunderbit Trading provides another spread trading terminal, which allows users to select which assets they would like to use to create a spread and will execute the buy and sell orders for the chosen pairs simultaneously.

Cryptocurrency traders use this approach to reduce overall volatility while limiting a trader’s risk in the event of an unexpected market crash.

Another main feature of Wunderbit is its easy integration with TradingView, which allows users to automate any script from the analytics platform into a fully functioning cryptocurrency trading bot.

With easy-to-use automated trading software, clients can build and tweak any bot in seconds.

What does Wunderbit Trading offer?

In addition to having an intuitive interface, there are several reasons why Wunderbit Trading stands out from the rest, such as:

  • Trading Bots: Wunderbit gives its users the opportunity to automatically trade using bots that are fully customizable. The best part is that you don’t need to be a programmer to use these bots. The platform has a step-by-step guide that you can use.
  • Copy Trading: With Wunderbit, you can now follow other successful traders and copy their trades. You can automate your bot to copy the exact time you need to enter and close a trade.
  • Multiple Account Management: In Wunderbit, you can create a trade that could run on multiple platforms simultaneously. The site allows seamless integration of all your cryptocurrency trading accounts. You can also manage your accounts using an API.
  • Cryptocurrency Futures Spread Trading: Change your strategy type to Spread Trading on all supported futures exchanges.
  • Compatible with the largest exchanges: The bot works with the largest exchanges such as FTX, Deribit, Binance (Spot and Futures), Bybit, Bitmex, HitBTC, Bitpanda, Bittrex, Kucoin, OKEX, Kraken, FTX US.
  • Zero Fees: This feature is probably one of the most lucrative on Wunderbit. Various cryptocurrency trading bots charge for trading tools and the subscription could sometimes hit you, especially when you’ve been taking losses for the entire month. Fortunately, with Wunderbit you can start trading without fees or subscriptions.
  • DCA Bot: a tool that allows to buy a certain portion of assets after the deviation of the determined price.
  • Crypto Portfolio Tracker: An easy and accurate cryptocurrency portfolio tracking tool of all client’s cryptocurrency exchange accounts.

Wunderbit Trading’s smart trading

The Wunderbit trade is an innovative platform that several links of the best trade in cryptocurrencies of the world.

Users are equipped with advanced tools to seamlessly trade and invest in cryptocurrencies, from a single trading terminal.

The social trading platform Wunderbit provides information on the strategies of the best marketers cryptocurrencies, with full transparency and commercial history to copy itself, or create a trading robot fully automated using TradingView copy.

The creation of an automatic strategy allows you to set a take profit and stop loss order, on each exchange connected to the platform.

Copy trade

Wunderbit includes a leaderboard to view and compare your performance and trading strategies with other automated bots and merchants that can be accessed via the Wunderbit Marketplace.

You can filter the results to find the most profitable crypto traders on popular exchanges like Binance, FTX, and Bybit.

A summary of each trader’s stats is displayed, such as volume, average P&L%, active bots, and number of trades. Trading results can be further examined by clicking the “Show” button.

The copy-traders can select the best trading signals cryptocurrencies and automatically follow through Wunderbit Trading.

As soon as the signal provider generates a signal, either manually or via a trading bot, the copy-trader’s account will copy the trade with the same settings in real time.

Secure platform

Wunderbit Trading has a high level of security systems. The platform can only interact with your wallet through an API, which comes with withdrawal restrictions.

That means that the tool can only help you copy and execute trades and at the same time monitor any current open transactions, but you cannot withdraw the funds.

Therefore, your funds are not at risk when using Wunderbit Trading.

The firm has a license from the Estonian government to exchange fiat for crypto and vice versa. As a licensed financial institution, you know that you must obey the strict rules of the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit.

How to register in Wunderbit Trading?

To create an account at Wunderbit Trading, you must go through a simple registration process, which takes just a few minutes.

To get started, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the website https://trading.wunderbit.co
  2. Click on the ‘Register’ button in the upper right corner
  3. Enter your email and set a strong password
  4. Verify your email address with the verification code
  5. Login to Wunderbit Trading with your new credentials

Once you have created an account, it is recommended to enable two-factor authentication for additional account security.

This can be accessed by clicking the ‘Settings’ link at the top and then ‘Security’ to activate 2FA.

Wunderbit Trading has a free registration option, but now it also has several forms of subscription. You can choose between a subscription of 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.

Do you want more information? Visit their website.

Website: https://trading.wunderbit.co/en

Facebook: https://facebook.com/wunderbit.co/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Wunder_bit/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdl34X83KuirjTQXx0hVHSg

Telegram: https://t.me/wb_trading

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Русский (Russian)

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