Qúúbe Exchange: The complex and unique crowdfunding engine in a resilient quantum ecosystem

Qúúbe Exchange: The complex and unique crowdfunding engine in a resilient quantum ecosystem

Qúúbe Exchange is a complex and unique fundraising engine, which facilitates the tokenization of assets, within a quantum ecosystem resistant to attacks with its focus on the market for security tokens, high speed and an enormously encrypted trading space protected and communication channels.

It is a reliable shield for the blockchain crowdfunding market. By providing a dedicated platform for organizing secure crowdfunding (STO) projects, all operations related to the security token offering will be based on an STO blockchain, designed specifically for investment and custody institutions.

The blockchain will function as a safeguard for any other crypto market ecosystem against quantum terminal attacks , and all exchange operations and user balances will be recorded in the chain.

Thanks to a team that worked hard to achieve the implementation of many functions at the same time, ahead of the market for digital asset exchanges and blockchain technology, Qúúbe customers will gain access to the multitasking solution, which has many advantages over others. exchanges for the encryption trade, which now operates in the digital asset market.

Totally resistant

Because security is everything in conditions of increasing the hyperpower of quantum computers, the implementation of eight layers of cyber security provides adequate protection for the most advanced threats of today and the future .

The Quantum blockchain uses methods that are stable for quantum computing and even post-quantum encryption methods. In addition, the chain has its QRP token, which serves as fuel to maintain the exchange ecosystem and a blockchain dedicated to STOs.

And, unlike many other exchanges, many different features are implemented at the same time to provide a unique experience.

The Qúúbe ecosystem is mainly composed of three vital components: the RRP blockchain, resistant to quantum attacks and dedicated to the STO market; Qúúbe cryptocurrency exchange protected by quantum and a highly secure STO / IEO launchpad .

The high frequency trading system developed using a built-in software language, a super protected trading space and communication channels are the main distinguishing features of this ecosystem.

In fact, Qúúbe Exchange is now ready to accelerate asset negotiation processes by creating Security Token Market and Launchpad dedicated to different types of securities . This technology can be applied instantly for the creation and tokenization of global notes, preferably for the REG S type of corporate stocks and bonds.

The project team managed to implement the first security token launchpad and secure quantum ecosystem, with the exchange platform that allows STO / ICO projects to raise funds quickly, between accredited and non-accredited investors.

Qúúbe Launchpad aims to create and distribute security tokens based on its corporate actions and bonds, so it is strongly prepared to combat the threats that quantum computers pose for blockchain technology.

Value regulation

The Qúúbe Launchpad service has a distinctive feature, which is that to make a token sale through the platform, a project must comply with the regulation of values.

It means that any initial Exchange offer (IEO) made through the platform will, in turn, be an STO . This will provide an even higher level of trust to the fundraising market. Each IEO can expect a fair institutional commitment of 2000 investment funds, linked within the IEO Qúúbe alliance.

Accepting only regulated tokens provides an opportunity for accredited and institutional investors to participate in an initial exchange offer. In addition, the platform is working with the largest banks to set up a fiduciary / crypto gateway and a fiduciary payment compensation option.

However, all participants must share the principle of quantum resistance cryptography and commit to switching to the Qúúbe network after its launch in case its basic protocol is not resistant to quantity.

Why do we need quantum protection?

The possible advent of the quantum computer can wreak havoc and imbalances in the realm of Bitcoin and Etherium, similar to what the first atomic bomb, Little Boy, made to the world of conventional weapons from the middle of the last century.

Someone will achieve quantum supremacy, also known as “quantum advantage.” A term used to describe the potential capacity of quantum computing devices to solve problems that classical computers practically cannot, because they are much faster.

This, because while in classical computing the data is encoded in binary digits (bits), which are always in one of the two defined states (0 or 1), quantum computers, due to their special nature of quantum states , they can use bits (called qubits), which can act as 0 and 1 at any given time.

Token Sale

Qúúbe Exchange has started a long-awaited token sale, also giving the perfect opportunity to obtain free QRP tokens by participating in Airdrop campaigns and rewards program.

The air launch will distribute 20 QRP tokens to each participant and give 4 extra QRPs for each reference. With this system 600,000 tokens will be distributed, in a six-month distribution, after the end of the sale phase. The tokens will be automatically distributed to an ETH wallet provided by the user.

While the bounty program, which is already in its second week (of four), will give away QRP tokens worth US $ 400,000.

In addition, Qúúbe is launching an initial cryptocurrency offer (ICO) of the QRP, in which 175,000,000 units of this currency will be sold , at a value of $ 0.30. Participants will have a 5% discount, if they acquire more than 10,000 tokens.

The minimum investment will be US $ 30, in the collection where 70% of the existing QRPs will be distributed. The company expects to obtain a minimum of 5,000,000 dollars and a maximum of US $ 87,500,000.

Do you want more information? Visit to Qúúbe Exchange

Website: https://quube.exchange/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/QuubeQuantum

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/quube_exchange

Telegram:  https://t.me/QuantumWarriors

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2594008

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