BambooDeFi: the DeFi platform with the best incentive program

BambooDeFi is a global benchmark DeFi platform, used to exchange, save and “grow” cryptocurrencies with the best possible Ratio, without jeopardizing the stability of the project and taking advantage of well-tested and audited protocols.

The project offers all its users an excellent incentive program based on multipliers on YieldFarming + Yieldfarming with temporary blocking and Staking (Staking + Staking with temporary blocking), as well as a voting system so that users can influence, for example , both in the improvements that are implemented in the platform and in the liquidity pools that are added after the launch.

At BambooDeFi, all liquidity providers (LPs) receive generous incentives for contributing to liquidity pools.

These incentives are based on a quadruple performance system:

  • SWAPS commission sharing for liquidity providers.
  • Saving BAMBOO generates more BAMBOO for those who use it in the STAKE system and will grant multipliers in the YieldFarming.
  • Dynamic yield multiplier bonuses between the different liquidity pools.
  • Distribution of 50% of the profit generated with the Raindrop system for users with active liquidity pools and BAMBOO Blocked in the Staking portfolio.

bamboodefiBenefits for liquidity providers

With BambooDeFi, liquidity providers receive a proportional share of the trading fees generated by each pool to which they provide liquidity.

However, unlike other DeFi protocols, liquidity providers will continue to receive a portion of the trading fees even after they have withdrawn their liquidity from the pool, as long as this liquidity contributed to the pool exceeds the 60-day maturity period.

Each trading pair will have a commission of 0.3%, this commission will be converted to BAMBOO and then distributed to the past and present liquidity providers of each pool.

Of this 0.3%, 0.06% is sent to the BAMBOOVAULT; 0.20% will be distributed to active liquidity providers; while the remaining 0.04% will be converted into BAMBOO (through BAMBOODEFI) and will be distributed to the corresponding BAMBOO holders.

This system ensures that early LPs continue to see a long-term profit even after they retire their core assets, as long as they keep BAMBOO in the staking portfolio and their pool exceeds the estimated maturity period.

BAMBOO holders will have to save it in the staking system blocking a minimum of 10,000 BAMBOOs to benefit from the 0.04% distribution plan.

The rewards will be proportional to the amount of BAMBOO kept in the portfolio against the total of the global BAMBOO fund in the staking system.

How does BambooDeFi work?

BAMBOO follows a constant product formula, in which the product of the amounts of two tokens remains the same before and after the exchange is made. The price differential depends on the proportion and number of tokens in the pool.

There are several main functions in the protocol, such as:

  1. Exchange: Less deviation from the second price when there are more tokens in the pool. Users can trade between two supported tokens by paying a 0.3% exchange fee.
  2. Direct conversion if there is a liquidity fund for the same pair and offers the best price.
  3. Routes are traded through various liquidity pools if not (e.g. BNB to ETH and ETH to USDT for BNB to USDT conversion, if there is no liquidity pool for BNB to USDT, or if a conversion direct from BNB to USDT incurs a higher price).
  4. Pool: Each liquidity pool consists of reserves of two ERC-20 tokens, and issues one ERC-20 pool token as proof of proportional ownership of the underlying pools.
  5. Boost: LPs can increase, claim and also see their YieldFarming result, Bonus LP Yield, STAKE and Raindrop status.
    • Stake: will allow users to deposit BAMBOO to increase their BAMBOO yield obtained through STAKE. There is a minimum amount to receive rewards, which is set at 500 BAMBOO, with two options: not to block it, being able to have it at any time without obtaining a reward in BAMBOO, or to block it. If users choose to block it, they can choose between a participation period of 1 day to 5 years.
  6. Bamboo issuance : BAMBOO issuance is scheduled to decrease over time, thus allowing gradual growth in search of sustainability. During the first year, 100 BAMBOO per block will be mined, this amount will decrease during the following 5 years until it is set at 1 BAMBOO per block.

Incentive program

BAMBOODEFI users have access to four types of incentives in Yield Farming and two types of incentives in STAKING.

Under the current configuration, users can get up to 40 times the multiplier, if they block no less than 100,000,000 BAMBOO for 5 years. The minimum block is 500 BAMBOO.

How does Staking work?

The Locking amounts are: 500, 5,000, 10,000, 50,000, 100,000, 500,000, 5,000,000, 25,000,000, 50,000,000, 100,000,000 (Bamboo units).

The staking system will generate more BAMBOO based on the amount blocked and the timing of the block.

The BAMBOO obtained by staking will be delivered to the general bamboo wallet once every 24 hours and can be used at any time.

In addition, there is a multiplier that is applied according to the bamboo that you have blocked in the staking portfolio when you have an active Liquided Pool, called Bonus YieldFarming + Staking, which is calculated as follows:

  • 500 x1,001
  • 000 x1,009
  • 000 x1,02
  • 000 x1,1
  • 000 x1,2
  • 000 x2
  • 000.000 x3
  • 000.000 x4
  • 2,000,000 x5
  • 000.000 x6

Governance at BambooDeFi

BambooDeFi is designed to leave governance to its users. The community decides everything from developer fees, adding new pools, rebalancing, and even deactivating pools.

For example, if users decide that BAMBOODEFI should launch a WBTC pool, we can set the proportion of fees that it will be able to distribute, as well as when people will be able to withdraw them.

This creates an incentive for holders of different tokens to try to have more BAMBOO tokens in order to improve their ratio and participate in voting.

Currently votes are based on the BAMBOO GROW RATIO. This is a voting system, where you get 1 vote per wallet, as long as you have BAMBOO blocked in the Staking system.

Proposals have a “grace” time during which they can be read, but not voted on. Once this time has elapsed, the voting period opens for 10 days. After making and verifying the count, if the proposal is approved by the community and whenever it is monetary or technically possible, Nexxyo Labs will implement it within a reasonable period of no more than 30 days.

To avoid the collapse of the proposal and voting system, being able to launch a proposal has a cost of 10 BAMBOO, which will be burned.

Bamboo Card

Thanks to its technology partner Kindynos we can announce that in the future BAMBOO will have its own credit card and mobile application. In this way, they offer a system where you can easily change from Bamboo currency to Fiat currency.

BambooDeFi Contributors

BambooDeFi works every day to obtain more alliances for continuous improvement and optimization of all aspects involved in the development of the platform.

Because of this, they work with various partners, including technology, legal, marketing, and exchange partners.

Among these, Kindynos, Xenon Factory, Red4Sec (current auditors of the KuCoin exchange) are mentioned as technological partners. They are joined by Ferrer-Bonsoms & Sanjurjo Abogados, as legal partner; ICOPantera and CryptoPie, as marketing partners; ChainX, as an exchange; and AuroraCryptoMachines, as ATMs.

The BambooDeFi IEO

BambooDeFi is launching an IEO (Initial Exchange Offering). The IEO will launch on ChainX from December 25 to January 30.

Before the launch of the IEO, a pre-sale will be held, the exact tokens will be announced during the coming week.

Minted at the creation of the token: 8,666,666 BAMBOO (Minting will be controlled by SC before the end of the IEO).

The pre-sale will have a value of 0.20 euros per BAMBOO, with a maximum of 25,000 euros per investor. And a total of 2,500,000 tokens will be distributed in this phase.

The IEO sales periods will be divided into three phases with different prices.

  • 1 ROUND: from December 25, 2020 to January 5, 2021. The token will be valued at 0.0009 ETH, with a hardcap of 1,666,666 from BAMBOO.
  • 2 ROUND: between January 06-16 , 2021. A BAMBOO will be worth 0.0012 ETH, with a hardcap of 2,000,000 BAMBOO.
  • 3 ROUND: from January 17 to 30, 2021. The token will cost 0.0015 ETH, with a hardcap of 2,500,000 from BAMBOO.

It is proposed that the hard cover of each phase reaches the largest possible number of users, without affecting the proper functioning of the token. The BAMBOO not sold during the IEO and the presale, will be burned.

In the quest to maintain and improve the performance of the token, it will be listed on Uniswap the same day the IEO on ChainX ends.

Do you want more information? Visit to BambooDeFi




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