Cannabis industry currency goes on public sale

Cannabis industry currency goes on public sale

“Blockcannan CBD” is the first coin backed in medical cannabis extract under blockchain technology, ensuring transparency and security in the industry. Furthermore, it can be audited by local and international governments.

The technology and agriculture company Blockcannan through the European Stock Exchange LATOKEN started selling the “CBD Blockcannan” coin from March 23 at 12:00 UTC-5, whose offer will be available for three months to the general public. To access this asset, investors must register on the LATOKEN platform.

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What problem does this cryptoactive seek to solve?

The legal cannabis industry, as it operates today, does not offer sufficient guarantees to function transparently and inclusive, due to the lack of a database.

encrypted, decentralized and audited by governments, allowing through the traceability of the product to verify the origin and production of the crop. In addition to linking the farmer in the commercial and technological chain of cannabis.

According to Sebastian Restrepo, CEO of the company:

“The use of blockchain and smart contracts allows the farmer to approach international markets by eliminating intermediaries that generally keep a large part of the profits in the marketing processes. Catapulting the regional agricultural sector to a model of sustainable and environmentally friendly production (Agriculture 2.0)”.

It should be remembered that since blockchain is a decentralized ledger, it allows to record all transactions made through the “Blockcannan CBD” token, guaranteeing transparency and security in the stored data. Currently, Blockcannan’s innovation area develops a commercial ecosystem governed by smart usufruct contracts, which directly link farmers in the production chain of the legal cannabis industry.

The growing global demand for medicinal cannabis and cryptoactive assets backed by a real asset like this, makes the initial sale of foreign exchange on the exchange (IEO) of the “Blockcannan CBD” token an investment opportunity, as the price is priced $ 12 / ml compared to the actual price of medical cannabis extract in international markets, which ranges from $ 18 to $ 30 / ml.

It is a very attractive proposal for investors, first because through the development of the commercial ecosystem, the “Blockcannan CBD” currency could strengthen the legal cannabis market with a social value, because the farmer enters the international market; and the second is due to a simple mathematical operation as explained by Andrés Vallejo, co-founder of Blockcannan: “If an investor buys 6 USD in token in the first stage (minimum purchase), he is buying a price of 0.30 in addition to receiving 5% more in chips, giving a final price of 0.29 USD, which makes the investment have a return of 202% at the end of the IEO”.

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