International sale of the “CBD” Token for the medical cannabis industry

International sale of the "CBD" Token for the medical cannabis industry

The funds will be used to develop the “Blockcannan Ecosystem”, a blockchain based on Ethereum technology, where small producers, researchers, farmers and buyers can participate jointly and decentralized throughout the marketing chain, providing transparency and security that the cannabis industry needs.

The strong tendency to legalize cannabis in the world, both for medicinal and recreational use, has generated a high demand in the medical sector and other industries.

On October 17, 2018 Canada became the first G7 country to allow the sale and consumption of cannabis for recreational purposes at the federal level.

However, the high costs of banking transaction, the lack of trust among peers, the lack of an audited and regulated database, the monitoring of the origin of the seeds, the security of production and transport, the number of requirements to access a credit for farmers in banking, and the non-linking of the small producer in the commercial chain, make the cannabis industry not work and does not operate transparently in Colombia and other countries where it is regulated.

According to Jorge Grisales Co-founder and chief operating officer of Blockcannan; “If we take into account the international scene we can consider that it is a good time to expand the cannabis industry through Ethereum cryptography”.

Let’s look at the panorama in North America. It is expected that by 2024 this area represents a market potential of $ 47.3 million. We must also take into account Europe and Latin America. Europe has more than 740 million inhabitants, which will undoubtedly become the largest market in the next five years. The Prohibition Partners firm in its latest report reveals that the European market will have a value of up to 123 billion euros by 2028.

As for South America, Brightfield Group estimates that Latin American sales for 2023 will be US $ 563 millions. Today Colombia has one of the most complete regulations in the continent and with ideal climatic conditions for the production of medical cannabis, since it has 12 hours of sunlight throughout the year, in addition, agricultural and labor costs are cheaper than in States United, e even in Europe.

This is what makes the Blockcannan ecosystem attractive to investors, since the “Blockcannan CBD” Token is essential for the operation and financing of the cannabis blockchain.”

About the sale

The sale will be made from Friday, December 13, 2019 through “LATOKEN”. LATOKEN is one of the most important IEO markets today, with more than 350 digital assets according to the research firm InWara. Here companies such as the recognized investment fund “Unicorn Tokenization Corp” that buys economic rights for the shares of SpaceX (US aerospace transport company); and the renowned Filipino company “C Estates” of real estate are in its IEO community.

Now Blockcannan is part of the select group of visionary projects. It should be noted that one of the main characteristics of the “Blockcannan CBD” token is that it is backed by medicinal cannabis extract.

Finally, investors who subscribe to LATOKEN for sale, can buy “Blockcannan CBD” with US dollars, euros or cryptocurrencies such as Ether and Bitcoin.

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Blockcannan is a Colombian company of the agricultural and technological sector, legally constituted, with NIT: 901346913-3, is based in Sabaneta and has 100 hectares for the cultivation of medical cannabis in the municipality of Támesis.

Currently, the Blockcannan innovation area is developing a commercial and productive ecosystem for the medical and agricultural cannabis industry based on Ethereum‘s blockchain technology, with the aim of linking the small peasant producer in the production and marketing chain through a smart usufruct contract.

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