ChainGuardians: the game to defend the “cryptoverse” and earn money in the process

ChainGuardians: the game to defend the "cryptoverse" and earn money in the process

ChainGuardians is a platform that combines traditional gaming concepts with blockchain technologies, to enable player-driven economies.

Within this ecosystem, players can participate in the NFT mining platform and role-playing game for free.

Both allow players to earn income, turning their time and energy into tangible rewards.

ChainGuardians are the superheroes of ‘The Cryptoverse’ and protectors of their respective worlds.

As true freedom fighters, they defend the vanguard of the battle against the tyrant ‘The Gatekeeper’. Without their acts of heroism and villainy, the Cryptoverse would undoubtedly have fallen under the oppressive rule of ‘The Gatekeepers’.

ChainGuardians Goals

The vision of the project is to enable mass adoption of blockchain games, by creating imaginative, innovative and immersive cross-chain gaming experiences.


Thus, it aims to achieve this by combining blockchain game concepts of play to win and free game dynamics that focus on a balanced ecosystem and centered on the game itself.

The ChainGuardians philosophy is based on forming alliances with other ambitious projects in order to work collaboratively, in order to break down technological and ideological barriers; at the same time that it places its players at the forefront of every systematic and economical decision that is implemented.

The project believes that the community is the heart of every game; Therefore, they strive to make the experiences of all their players inclusive and socially interactive, with a view to implementing governance-driven decision-making tools.


Crypto Art, or its sister movement, NFT Art, has conquered the Crypto space in recent years.

Non-Fungible Tokens offer artists a new platform to convey their imagination and illustrate their emotions in a completely unique way.

To quote Toonpunk: “NFT art is not a bubble, it is a movement. 20 years ago I was told that street art was a passing fad, not a real art, that it will never be taken seriously, etc. Art at best reflects the society we live in, what better reflects the short attention span of digital pop culture that we occupy today?

ChainGuardians artists work meticulously with their partners to design and create Guardians that fit their brand, culture and identity.

Thanks to the Decentraland project, there is a custom set of work from ChainGuardians in-house artists on display, as well as some of their personal pencil work.


ChainGuardians governance tokens (CGG) are ERC-20 tokens that underpin the ChainGuardians ecosystem.

CGG can be used to stake, obtaining rewards with the powerful NFTs; governance, with the submission of proposals and voting on changes in the design of the ecosystem; and payments, so that shared income can be obtained, through token rewards.

With this token, players are rewarded for actively participating in the ChainGuardians ecosystem; as well as empowering users to lead the balance of the ecosystem and encouraging users to interact with the € ™ token use case and redeem the rewards.

The total supply of the CGG token is set at 120,000,000 tokens with 45% of the CGG tokens reserved for community members.

How to earn CGG?

  1. NFT mining game:

You can win by wagering on any NFT that has been added to the partner ecosystem, through the NFT Mining game. Through the winning block rewards, users will receive ChainGuardians Credits (CGC) which they can then convert to ChainGuardians Tokens (CGG) on the platform.

  1. Playing the Chainguardians:

You can earn a steady stream of CGC by playing RPG. Fight through the Cryptoverse against the tyrant The Gatekeeper. Level up your guardians and get rewarded with CGC and exchange it for $ CGG or other services.

* CGG is obtained through a daily redemption process that considers the user’s rating activity (CGC profit, during each 24-hour period).

The CGG will enable a Play-to-Earn ecosystem. Stake NFT in the mining game for passive income. Fight through RPG and play to win.

  1. Win with CGG:

The CGG allows you to win in the following ways:

  • Get POWER (Liquidity Provider Token) rewards by providing CGG pairs.
  • Stake POWER tokens and earn CGG (APY).
  • Stake your CGG to earn exclusive NFTs and partner tokens.
  • Vote and propose on vital ecosystem decisions.
  1. Governance CGG:

As the holder of $ CGG, you will have the following governance and voting opportunities:

  • Future guardians and how powerful they are.
  • Economy and balance of the game.
  • Stakeout of APY and token options.
  • NFT Mining hash rates.

ChainGuardians IDO on Polkastarter

The ChainGuardians team announced their Initial Dex Offering (IDO) for the ChainGuardians governance token (CGG) on Polkastarter.

The public launch of the CGG token will be exclusively on Polkastarter. The official date of the public sale is March 10, 2021.

The price will be $0.12 per CGG Token and tokens worth $ 150,000 will be made available.

Polkastarter is being built as the next step to truly interoperable decentralized finance (DeFi).

Using a protocol built for cross-chain token pools and auctions, they allow projects to raise capital in a decentralized and interoperable environment based on Polkadot.

With Polkastarter, decentralized projects can raise and exchange capital cheaply and quickly. Users can participate in a safe and compliant environment and use assets that go far beyond the current ERC20 standard.

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