Coinsbee: the platform that allows you to buy almost anything with your cryptocurrencies

Coinsbee is a platform that allows you to buy digital gift cards and make phone recharges, from anywhere in the world using cryptocurrencies such as BTC.

Using the technology of Bitcoin and Lightning Network, it provides a secure and private user experience with fast digital delivery of the products that are purchased, from anywhere on the planet.

Coinsbee is very easy to use, since you only have to enter an email address to obtain the discount card.

Thus, it allows you to buy products from more than 500 major brands and retailers, ranging from the largest and best to smaller platforms with specialized followers.

In fact, this is precisely the exciting part of Coinsbee. And it is that they serve clients from all over the world and offer many products from different areas of interest.

For music, the user can opt for Spotify or iTunes. Video game related gift cards can be purchased for popular platforms such as PlayStation. Digital services such as Netflix and Vodafone are supported . Vouchers for prepaid credit cards Mastercard, Visa and CashtoCode can also be purchased and used immediately.

To this is added, in addition, Amazon gift cards, with which you can buy endless products within the most popular electronic commerce platform in the world.

Some gift cards are valid worldwide, some are regional, some are country or currency specific.


So it is recommended to always check the website and the conditions of the issuing company before buying.

Drive adoption of cryptocurrencies

One of the key factors of Coinsbee is that it drives the use of cryptocurrencies . With just a few clicks, users can buy from any of the supported partners, using any of the allowed digital currencies.

Crypto assets covered by the platform include Bitcoin (with Lightning Network support), Ethereum, Litecoin, Tron, Bitcoin Cash, Nano, DAI, USDT, Travala, and a total of more than 50 different cryptocurrencies.

This is an important differentiator because, initially, purchasing a gift card would require a trip to a physical store where a card valued in specific denominations would be available. And buying them with cryptocurrencies was possible only in dreams.

Now, the explosion of e-commerce platforms has transformed gift cards into something that also offers additional value for customers.

Finance is increasingly moving into the digital age and Bitcoin and co are now almost as common as dollars and cents. But using them wasn’t always as easy, as it is now thanks to Coinsbee’s services.

This is because the platform allows users to buy gift cards from more than 500 major brands and retailers, ranging from the biggest and best to smaller platforms with specialized followers.

Rather than leaving BTC or altcoins in a wallet just to sell it one day, cryptocurrency holders can now use some of their digital currencies and contribute to the growing ecosystem, all while getting something in return.

Purchases without records

Another advantage of Coinsbee is that it allows you to make purchases anonymously, so it is not necessary to register to make a transaction on the platform.

However, from purchases of 1,000 euros, personal data is requested.

Payments of more than 10,000 euros per day require verification by means of an identity document and those of more than 15,000 euros require an address verification.

For identity card verification, as well as address verification, a Coinsbee account is required to upload the required documents.

After uploading the data, the platform team will review the documents within 24 hours and activate the limits after positive verification.

If a higher limit is desired and you are having trouble with verification, you can contact Coinsbee’s support team, via email.

In case of any problems, the fastest way to get a refund is to write a support ticket to the payment provider, who will arrange a refund.

How to buy on Coinsbee?

Buying on Coinsbee is as easy as explaining. Probably the most complex, or what takes the most time, is the first step, which is to choose the product you want to buy from the more than 500 brands and retailers available.

Once this is done, you must establish the value of the purchase, select the cryptocurrency with which the payment will be made and copy the address, to proceed to pay from your preferred wallet.

After following these steps, you will receive a confirmation email with your gift card code, within an estimated period of 1 to 15 minutes.

Now, it only remains to enjoy the purchase.

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