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Megatech: The answer to Africa’s energy problems

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Megatech (MGT) is an alternative energy supply company , which is implementing the latest in sustainable green energy technology to overcome viability challenges and ensure maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Due to the high demand for electricity supply in Africa especially, and the major obstacles to creating viable and sustainable green energy solutions , it was necessary to combine cutting-edge solar energy technology, revolutionary storage technology and a dynamic financing model to ensure a minimum response time and exponential profitability.

This is why the company has established several strategic partnerships with key people in the renewable energy industry and we have engaged one of the leading EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) teams in Africa, to ensure its 8x10mwa plants that they will be built in the south of the continent.

Within the next 60 months they will change the landscape and set the standard for all future African energy projects.

The MGT token

The Megatech Token (MGT) runs on the Apollo Currency Blockchain , a fully sustainable blockchain with transaction speeds of less than one second and many advanced features such as aliases, voting system, public and private transactions, a decentralized marketplace, and many more.

Probably the most valuable feature of the MGT is that, unlike any other token, Megatech is already guaranteed an exchange price for a major exchange with 200 pairings and millions of dollars per day volume.

This will give the cryptocurrency immediate value after the ICO is complete.

The problem that Megatech wants to face

Until now, energy storage was not really profitable due to the high cost of storage cells and their relatively short lifespan.

An additional hurdle so far was the time-consuming process to finalize, register, fulfill and finance potential energy projects.

Using its strategic partnerships and an ICO / STO funding model, Megatech will shorten this period from 60 months to 18 months until its first solar plants come online.

This will greatly save on project cost and completely ease the financial cost burden, while ensuring maximum returns to your investors in a short investment horizon.

The Eskom (Electricity Supply Commission) crisis is both financial and technical, characterized by capacity deficits, power shortages, inadequate maintenance, price increases, increased debt and governance problems, thus RCA increases are allowed (Clearing Account) and Eskom prices will move to what their true cost is.

Nominal increases of 500% from 2007 to 2019 will be much higher in the next three MYPD (Multi-Year Pricing) periods.

The energy crisis in Africa

Africa’s energy crisis is characterized by a reduction in the electricity reserve, the amount of reserve energy in an electrical power system that remains after the consumer supply has been satisfied.

Electricity reserve is necessary to maintain supply in the event of unplanned and planned generation failure and unplanned maintenance sequences.

Monopolistic Utility Eskom’s electricity supply dealt a blow to South Africa’s already slowing economy exacerbated by the COVID 19 pandemic.

The mining and industrial sector, a key part of the South African economy, has been severely compromised and some operations have been forced to close.

The affordability of energy and security of supply are the cornerstone of progressive development in Africa. The Southern Africa Region has one of the fastest development rates in the world for investment in renewable energy.

South Africa’s energy crisis has an undeniably negative impact on emissions. Emissions from large power plants increased due to lower maintenance and deterioration of the plants.

The removal efficiencies of emission reduction technologies decreased due to increased pressure on these systems and the missed maintenance opportunity.

South Africa’s electricity tariff is rising in combination with weak economic growth (largely due to power shortages) and unreliable electricity supply , poor households are expected to increasingly use solid fuel burning to meet your energy and heating demands.

Higher-income households and businesses, on the other hand, use diesel-powered backup generators during times of power outage.

The price elasticity of electricity demand and the strongly related energy intensity of economic growth, together with the current shortage of electricity, artificially constrain the market, masking the effects of price elasticity.

The skyrocketing price increases, which largely coincided with the post-COVID-19 recovery and resulting economic recession and the need to meet climate change targets, has caused South Africa to plunge into an energy crisis that requires a energy transition as seen globally.

The development of energy projects is immensely essential to meet the needs of the growing population, as well as to catalyze economic growth in South Africa and the global mandatory requirements for decarbonization.

The solution to the problem

Megatech Token (MGT) was developed in 2020 and will certifiably use the best and most advanced Blockchain on the planet as (APL –Token).

The MGT is registered as a security token and will revolutionize investments in ICO / STO and crypto.

The firm will offer shares and annual dividends to Token Holders. These shares and dividends will be audited by external auditors and administered by an external custodial services law firm.

By unleashing the synergies between our extremely skilled, experienced and competent team members in the crypto industry and power supply, we believe that we can create the most valuable ICO / STO project of all time .

The MGT will be backed by the actual company that owns the solar farms and the token holders will own part of the equity and decisions made during the normal course of business.

Megatech will use the best social and crypto platforms integrated with a strong business model and backed by collateral and physical value.

The prices of the renewable energy PPA (Power Purchase Agreement), in the most recent round of acquisitions, are lower than the cost of electricity obtained from the new coal generators, with solar energy at $ 0.07 and wind at $ 0.06 per kWh, in the latest PPA round, compared to a unit cost of $ 0.08 per kWh from South Africa’s New Medupi coal project.

With reference to the distributed generation context, Megatech projects emulate distributed generation with a hybrid of PV and Energy Storage, which ensures flexibility in variable PV generation to allow the dispatchability of the energy evacuated to the grid providing auxiliary services from “Filling valleys and hills.”

The purpose of arbitrage on 10 MW hybrid projects is to shift electricity use from morning and afternoon peaks to other times of the day.

This has the effect of flattening the daily demand curve and preserving a greater reserve margin in the supply network, thus attracting better price benefits to the customer, which makes our project stand out from the rest. The overall benefit would be the potential for decarbonization.

The distribution of the MGT

The MGT token will be distributed as follows: 3.5 billion tokens worth $ 0.01 will be available as an offer.

Surplus unsold tokens on the STO platform will be reserved for future projects and developments.

Management portfolios will be locked under smart contract for 12 months (management will not be able to liquidate their tokens).

Annual dividends will be paid to MGT Token holders who own 60% ownership and profit share of MGT Solar (pty) Ltd. This will be validated with third party custodial services.

MicroEdge and Amber Trading will be the strategic development and development partner of MGT Solar (pty) Ltd.

The fiduciary distribution chart is based on revenue from STOselling growth.

80% of the income and funds will be allocated to solar power plants (this means that 80% of the income will be used for development and infrastructure purposes).

20% of the proceeds and funds will be used for token development, marketing purposes, and to stay ahead of the overall blockchain technology curve.

The pre-sale of the token is active on the Megatech website from December 17, until March 17.

The MGT airdrop

Megatech has an active MGT airdrop, up to $ 80. To participate you just have to have an Apollo wallet and follow the instructions of your Telegram bot.

In addition, they have an active recommendation contest where the first place can receive $ 1,500 in MGT Tokens.

Do you want more information? Visit to Megatech MGT

Website: https://megatechmgt.com/#/

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