NFT Battle Miners (NBM): An addictive NFT video game with innovative mechanics


NFT Battle Miners (NBM), is a revolutionary game based on the WAX Blockchain, being one of the most complete and exciting NFT games where you can mine, fight, manage and optimize your own land.

By joining you will have the opportunity to get Lands, Construction cards (Constructions) and even win Stickers, Parts and Packs (NFTS).

Who is behind NBM?

NBM is in development thanks to United IT Development Corp, a company that brings together a wide range of international experts with the aim of developing high-quality products in various areas of the IT field.

Currently, many games on the market only focus on wagering NFT to receive mining rewards or tokens in the game.

From a gaming perspective, this totally passive approach, requiring no user input, is quite smooth and simple.

On the other hand, some card games are purely based on active play.

NFT Battle Miners combines both aspects, offering for the first time; multiple income options.


  • Intense PvP Battles: NBM is an active card game filled with PVP battles, competitions and prize tournaments.
  • Passive income through mining: Users will be able to stake their NFT cards to mine, thus earning passive income.
  • Trading: Users will be able to trade / exchange their assets. With strict control of this aspect through active monitoring along with the implementation of multiple innovative measures to constantly maintain a healthy ecosystem.

And best of all, you can earn most of all of the above mentioned NFTs by being active in their Discord community.

NFT Battle Miners (NBM): An addictive NFT video game with innovative mechanics 1

How to play NFT Battle Miners?

In NBM, you can mine and / or fight, if you follow the path of the miner: In each mining occasion, you can also extract resources and have a chance to extract (win) also a random NFT.

If you prefer combat and direct action, the path of the warrior will instead face various opponents. If the power of your NFTs is greater than that of your rival, you will win.

The mining / combat mechanics are primarily based on Active Cards. This type of card always has 6 main attributes. To read them more easily, we can separate these attributes into 3 categories. Red: Player vs. Player Battles (PvP / PvP). Blue: Mining. Green: Level and Rarity.

In order to play, you will need at least one Active Card. If you don’t own one, you can win one on their Discord server or find good deals on Atomic Hub’s NFT market (secondary market).

All the mini-games and mining features can be found on the NFT Battle Miners (NBM) website. At a glance at the games section you will notice that there are already several mini-games available.


In the NBM game there are different types of Assets (NTFs).

  • Active Card: This type of card allows you to play the main NBM game, as well as its mini-games.
  • Stickers: For each destroyed (burned) sticker you receive a Promo Pack.
  • Promo Pack: For each open Promo Pack, you receive a random Active Card / Active Card.
  • Card Piece: Combine 5 of these Pieces to form a Promo Pack.
  • Other cards: Mainly Lands / Lands and Construction Cards / Construction Cards, but we will talk about this later.

All the actions mentioned above (Open, Burn / Burn, Combine / Blend) must be performed on the official NBM website.

Stickers have different rarities. Technically, when burned, any Sticker is equivalent to a Promo Pack. The rarer Stickers can be used in unique combination recipes to create additional Promo Packs (5 Burned Stickers = 6 packs).

Mining land

Land cards represent sections of terrain that players have a chance to mine. Like Active Cards, each Land has various attributes, Level (LVL) and Rarity (GRD) in addition to Resource Mining Boost (RESM) and NFT Mining Boost (NFTM). However, each Earth has two new attributes: “SIZE”, which represents its capacity / size and another that represents the main resource that is extracted / mined from it using Active Cards.

Size, the size of the land: This parameter indicates the number of Active or Construction cards that can be attached to a given Land. The size works as virtual spaces in which the player can place their NBM NFTs. For instance. This “Floating Island” card has a Size 3, which means that up to 3 NFTs can be used on this land in order to extract the resources it contains. Stronger Active Cards draw more resources than weaker ones.

Additionally, the level (LVL) and rarity (GRD) of each Earth influence their RESM, NFTM, SIZE enhancement attributes and their resource diversity.

An example:

Ultimate Lands generally have a size of 4 and enhancement attribute values close to 10

Common Lands only reach a size of 3 and their upgrade bonuses are less than 3

Also, the higher rarity Lands contain more than one type of resource available for mining, while the more common only have 1.

Finally, due to the limited nature of the Land SIZE, a player can only mine their own lands. However, Public Lands will be developed soon to grant new players the ability to mine.

Construction Cards:

Construction Cards have the same attributes as Land cards (Level, Rarity, Size, etc.). But they are used directly on the Earth cards to increase their statistics and productivity.

In the following example, we can see that the “Ultimate Deep Mine” Earth has a size of 4 and offers the possibility of mining 3 different resources. By adding an Epic Mining Facility Construction card, the first space on Earth is occupied. The effect achieved is that the two mining bonuses of the Construction card (RESM 4 and NFTM 5) are added to the statistics of the Earth card, while the production of the resource “Fusium” receives an extra bonus of 13%. Additionally, since this Construction card has its own size value (SIZE 2), two extra spaces are added to the Earth.

So Construction cards are powerful tools that positively affect the stats and performance of the Lands.

Finally, remember that, to promote the strategic aspect of the game, there will only be 1 Construction card for every 4 Land cards (obtaining a starting balance of 4000/15000 Construction / Land). You will also discover that not all “Land-Active-Construction” cards are effectively compatible. It will be up to each player to determine and find unique combinations, manage them efficiently, and get the best possible performance.

NFT Battle Miners (NBM): An addictive NFT video game with innovative mechanics 2

Daily giveaways on Discord

The NBM team conducts daily giveaways on their Discord server, up to 15 a day to maximize your chances of winning on them.

The project on its Medium page has a detailed tutorial to participate in the giveaways, you can take a look here.

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