Meet the ideal crypto exchange for leveraged operations: StormGain

Meet the ideal crypto exchange for leveraged operations: StormGain

StormGain is an exchange of cryptocurrency, where operators who want a serious leverage can trade the most popular digital currencies of the world.

The firm created a platform of operations with all the functions that goes far beyond simple operations, so it offers some of the best rates in leveraged cryptocurrency operations, as well as a complete set of trading tools. It also has some pretty attractive extras on offer, as well as an easy account opening.

stormgain, Meet the ideal crypto exchange for leveraged operations: StormGain, Cryptocurrencies and ICOs, Cryptocurrencies and ICOsAdvanced tools

StormGain is made for traders who want to use leverage and can take advantage of an established professional level.

The Exchange is based on the trading of crypto derivatives that are insured by the deposit in USDT in a customer’s account. Basically, all a merchant has to do is deposit 50 USDT into his account, and he can take advantage of that amount up to 100 times.

The use of leverage increases the risk of loss, but also increases the profits of an operation. StormGain has a minimum trade size of 10 USDT, which could be used in cryptocurrencies worth 1000 USDT.

It is only necessary to remember that high levels of leverage can be dangerous for inexperienced operators, and strong risk management strategies are needed to remain solvent.

StormGain Registration

In StormGain it is easy to open an account, and they only require that their clients have an email address and a minimum deposit of 50 USDT.

The registration process in extremely simple. Just visit the website, enter an email address and password  for the new account, and then make a first deposit in USDT.

From there, it can be operated with a leverage of up to 100x, in less than 24 hours.

stormgain, Meet the ideal crypto exchange for leveraged operations: StormGain, Cryptocurrencies and ICOs, Cryptocurrencies and ICOsStormGain deposits and withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals are easy  within Stormgain, simply choose your required asset and send the fund to the wallet address.

In addition to the easy opening of the account, the exchange has low rates for the encryption trade. Depending on the cryptocurrency you choose to trade, the platform charges between 0.15% and 0.5% for the position. Commissions are in line with other leading crypto exchanges, and leave a lot of room for profits  .

StormGain trading platform

Like most exchanges,  StormGain designed its own platform. It has limited orders, such as stop-loss and take-profit orders, as well as other useful tools.

The crypto exchange has one of the most attractive commercial screens on the market.

To perform an operation, simply click on the “Open a new operation” button and it can be placed in the modal window that opens  . That’s where you can use leverage and also set a stop loss, etc.

StormGain incorporated commercial signals in its unique platform. An advanced artificial intelligence that will help customers to be aware of any opportunity that arises with automatic trade alerts.

There is also a full-featured mobile application for exchange users that allows them to use the platform from any Android or iOS device. The app is completely free and also sends market alerts and interactive graphics.

stormgain, Meet the ideal crypto exchange for leveraged operations: StormGain, Cryptocurrencies and ICOs, Cryptocurrencies and ICOsStormGain wallet

StormGain offers a very capable crypto wallet for free. In addition to a direct connection to the exchange,  this wallet allows users to send and receive cryptocurrencies directly, with some of the best security features.

The cryptocurrency storage tool is compatible with all major digital currencies, and does not transfer ownership of private keys to the exchange. All you have to do is go to the wallet section of the StormGain website to download the free wallet and complete the registration process.

Take advantage of the cryptocurrency trade

StormGain gives operators a leverage of x100 in  BitcoinBitcoin  Cash, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin, also provides operators with industry-standard tools for large exchanges.

The exchange designed a platform that allows merchants to start quickly and without much money. While the company is new, the set of features they created is very capable.

Therefore, it  offers traders all the tools they need to stay safe and make great profits when the market moves in their favor.

stormgain, Meet the ideal crypto exchange for leveraged operations: StormGain, Cryptocurrencies and ICOs, Cryptocurrencies and ICOsLeverage and limit orders work together

Operating with leverage is riskier than using a 100% financed cash position. So StormGain added limited orders to its platform, and that makes high-leverage trading much safer. The two most common types of limit orders are stop-loss and take-profit, and StormGain incorporated them both into its platform.

When a leveraged operation goes the way a trader expects, profits accumulate quickly. The problem is that markets can be volatile. By the time a trader returns to the trading platform, the great profits of a leveraged  cryptocurrency trade may have come and gone.

Take-Profit orders, used in StormGain, are the opposite of a stop-loss order.

When opening a trade, it is a very good idea to have an idea of ​​what level will make sense for profit taking. If a trader used 100 USDT to open a 50x leveraged position in BTC to $ 6,000 (a total of 5,000 USDT in BTC, or 0.833 BTC), the BTC price would only have to increase to $ 6,145 for the trader to double his investment .

By placing a profit-taking order at $ 6,150 for BTC when the operation is opened, an operator would ensure that it would be making a stellar operation if the market goes in the direction they think.

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