This is how the app works (+$50 bonus) is a versatile platform where you can make payments with cryptocurrencies. The decision to collaborate with VISA was made deliberately so that its clients can pay anywhere and have the same rights and bonuses as a conventional cardholder.

The product is delivered in a similar way to modern Fintech solutions. With the help of an app, you can do more than invest in cryptocurrency, like earn up to 10% annual interest, earn CRO with the cash back program (get 100% cash back on your Netflix, Spotify or Prime subscription, a 5% refund on all purchases and a 10% refund with AirBNB and Expedia, make payments at merchants that accept VISA and cryptocurrency staking.

In addition, it is a modern way of managing money. makes it easy to work with existing cryptocurrencies, but the company also has its own digital currency .

In addition to said asset, it can also be to work with regular dollars or euros. The goal is to make paying as easy as possible and improve crypto adoption.

How to create a account? has an exchange based on its website and an application, these two platforms seem to be separated in terms of registration procedures. Once you have signed up for both platforms, they can be linked.

You can easily create an account, through the application, with this link and once the data is completed and a request to verify identity is filled out (a mandatory step), you will receive $ 50, in CRO.

The process includes giving full legal name, identification and to verify identification a selfie.

The process is so easy that it takes just five steps:

  1. Visit the website ( with this link you get $ 50 of free CRO tokens).
  2. Enter real data.
  3. Download and install the application, using the message that will be received by email.
  4. You start session.
  5. Verify the account, in an automated process. You cannot use the app without verification.

The verification process itself is very simple, but a clear image must be submitted with correct lighting.

After this, you must wait a few hours, up to a day, before the process is complete. When finished, you will receive a confirmation email that it is accepted. From that moment you have access to the application.

How to deposit?

At you can deposit cryptocurrencies, or fiat, by clicking “Transfer” on the application’s home page.

Cryptocurrency can be easily transferred and deposited in the application’s wallet, by copying the address and pasting it into the wallet from which the money will be sent.

However, if you still do not have cryptocurrencies or you prefer to pay with euros, dollars or pounds, it is also possible to use the platform, since the account can be recharged by bank transfer, which can take up to five working days.

How to trade on

Buying cryptocurrencies at is as easy as depositing money into your account. You must click the “Buy” button to start, you have three options to buy cryptocurrencies in the application.

You can use the amount that is available in the crypto wallet, you can complete the payment with a credit card or bank account, or use the amount that is available in your fiat wallet.

The use of your credit card has a management fee of 3.5% per purchase. These fees are for the card issuer and not for A traditional bank transfer is free, this is ideal if you want to buy cryptocurrencies in the heat of the moment.

Finally, it is important to choose the desired method and select the desired cryptocurrency. Press the button to buy and that’s it. Selling digital currencies can be done simply by clicking on the “Sell” button.

This is how you can earn money on the platform

In addition to being able to invest in cryptocurrencies, you can choose to let do the hard work by lending the user’s digital currencies.

Using the platform, dozens of digital currencies can be staked, but the platform’s native token, CRO, will give the highest returns.

Stake yield ranges from 2% to 10%, but to qualify for the highest yield, at least 10,000 CROs must be staked. Through the platform, a 10% annual return can be received with just 5,000 CROs.

In any case, the interest on the staked crypto will be credited every seven days to your online wallet. It will be paid in the same currency as the initial deposit.

So far it is quite traditional, since works with a peer-to-peer loan system.

In short, while cryptocurrency is being lent, someone else is borrowing it. So the user becomes a kind of mini bank. The Profit Program works like a kind of CFD, they make money on the difference between the platform spend and the profit from credit services.

You can choose your own risk profile, from Low to High. These are the options you can choose from:


This is the most flexible option, offering low risk, so you can test the service. You can compare it to a flexible deposit from your bank. You stake the coins and earn money, and withdraw at the time you want, flexible and without penalties. In exchange for the low risk, you will also get a low interest rate.

  • 1 MONTH

The power of compound interest is used for the benefit of the client. Annual interest can be increased by choosing the 1-month option. The 1-month plan includes the temporary blocking of the CRO coins, which means that the bank has less risk and this will generate more interest than the flexible option.

  • 3 MONTHS

With this option, you can earn the maximum interest you can earn from the app. Although your crypto is locked for a period of 3 months, you will get the maximum reward.

The exchange on also has an exchange environment. To use this, a separate account must be registered and several benefits can be taken advantage of.

If you already have a verified app account, you don’t have to double-check and you can easily link your details through the app.

The advantages of desktop sharing are:

  • 10% annual CRO interest instead of 6%.
  • Lower minimum CRO threshold to receive 10% interest (5,000 CRO).
  • The more CRO you bet, the more discount you get on trading fees.
  • $ 50 gamble bonus (minimum 5,000 CRO).

How to stake with CRO on

There are two ways to stake cryptocurrencies, through You can use the application or use the exchange platform for it.

Cryptocurrencies are wagered through the application (up to 6% interest):

  1. The application opens.
  2. Your pin code is entered.
  3. Make sure you have the minimum amount of cryptocurrency available in your wallet (this minimum is different per digital currency).
  4. Click in the application on the logo (at the bottom in the middle).
  5. Click on Win.
  6. Click on the plus sign.
  7. Click on the cryptocurrency you want to staking.
  8. Choose how long you want to stack (the longer, the higher your return, but also the higher your risk).
  9. Read the terms and conditions carefully and decide for yourself if you agree.
  10. Choose how much you want to bet and confirm.

Your interest will be paid every seven days. When you invest 10,000 CRO or more, you will qualify for higher interest. 10,000 CRO has a value of 1,650 USD / 1,400 euro.

The stake through the exchange (up to 10% interest). Through the new exchange, an additional 4% interest can be received and the minimum deposit is much lower (5,000 CRO):

  1. Register an account on the exchange.
  2. Link the exchange to the app (if you already have an app account) or take the KYC.
  3. Submit your CRO from the app to the exchange, or deposit fiat, or crypto to buy CRO.
  4. Vaya a Stake & Earn.
  5. Click on Stake CRO to receive all the benefits.
  6. Select desired level or enter custom amount.
  7. Click Review.
  8. Confirm your choice.

When you bet CRO through the exchange, you will not only receive 10% annual interest, but also a discount on your trading fees.

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