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Thore Network raised 600 ETH in its seed round and here are the reasons why it accomplished that feat

Thore Network raised 600 ETH in its seed round and here are the reasons why it accomplished that feat

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Thore Network has raised an equivalent of 600 ETH (1st tranche 200 ETH) in the seed round for the growth of its THXCHAIN ​​platform, led by Credo Finance and two private investors.

The platform is currently preparing to mark its entry into the burgeoning world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Transaction Finance and the costs of executing transactions on ETH blockchain are almost 2500% + in one year, to date.

With THXCHAIN ​​Thore Protocol you can save 99% of transaction fees.

What is Thore Network?

Thore Network is an investment project that specifically focuses on cryptocurrency digital asset security tokens and blockchain technology.

The platform manages more than $ 15 billion in funds from six companies and two cryptocurrency funds.

Its funds are open to retail / accredited investors or Thore network companies who wish to invest more than $ 5,000 or more in digital assets.

The network is committed to improving the quality of investors, so choose carefully.

Thore Network is made up of various components, including Thorecoin, Thorecash, Thorenext, and Thore exchange.

Thus, in a single protocol, five DeFi projects will be integrated: loans, stakes, transaction mining and even fund exchanges.


The THXChain payment network is backed by a number of assets in the Thore network.

THXChain allows to transfer any type of data or assets through chains, not just tokens.

Connecting to the network allows you to interoperate with various blockchains on the Thore network.

THXChain provides unprecedented economic scalability by allowing a common set of validators to protect multiple blockchains.

The platform enables transaction scalability by distributing transactions across multiple parallel blockchains.

Tokenized asset protocol

THXCHAIN ​​digital asset platform has launched tokenized stock trading. Apple (AAPL), Trading Live, and 10 other stocks will soon be trading here.

There are only three platforms in the world that provide token stock trading, and THXCHAIN ​​is one of them.

Unlike stocks that are traded on a regular basis, tokenized stocks do not require any paperwork or a stockbroker as an intermediary, freeing them from broker fees.

Tokenized shares are derivative assets. This simply means that the price of the tokenized shares is determined by the share price of the company.

If a particular asset is trading at a certain price on the stock market, the same price or a small price difference will trade on different exchanges.

These tools are digital forms of company shares that are traded on the secondary market.

This means that shares of Tesla, Apple, Facebook, etc. they can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.

For example, trading AAPL shares on a digital asset exchange can easily be bought / held anywhere, Apple shares.

The swap in THXChain

In mid-2020, the platform launched its SWAP exchange service.

In doing so, the THX protocol removed the technical barriers of the traditional blockchain, while at the same time providing access to high-quality third-party services, who are committed to building a complete blockchain solution platform to help anyone to build a token project at low cost.


The THXChain also allows you to stake your THX DeFi tokens and earn incredible rewards.

Thus, Thore Network raised the bar for DeFi projects with a high focus on interoperability and cross-chain transactions.

Using the THXCHAIN ​​protocol, THXCHAIN ​​will become an essential bridge between the THXChain network and the ETH DeFi ecosystems.

This is Thore Network’s ninth stakeout project.

Staking DeFi is quite similar to a typical savings account: it offers constant time-based returns based on wagering time and allows users to get a high return on the THX token of up to 120%.

Live Masternodes

Masternode is a server on a THXCHAIN ​​network. THXCHAIN’s blockchain protocols allow the creation of particular nodes that perform a lot of additional work in transaction verification and provide their owners with regular profits.

These nodes are called masternodes. They regularly get rewards for completing such actions.

In addition, as the configuration of a masternode (especially in the context of digital currencies) requires the reservation of participation, they are also called linked validation systems.

The most common demand for the initial configuration of the masternode is the blocking of a considerable amount of the native digital asset of the network in which the node operates.

This requirement is an important aspect of the THXChain Network rewards and incentive structure.

Setting up a masternode varies from one cryptocurrency to another, but generally involves downloading a full node, staking the required amount of coins or tokens to operate a masternode, and then setting up the node and linking it to the network so that it can function as a masternode.

THXChain simplified this whole process and it is now possible to activate a masternode on the network.

Thore Exchange

Thore Exchange is an open source, anonymous and community driven cryptocurrency exchange.

As part of the long-term vision of the Thore project, such a platform was created.

The goal of Thore Exchange is to complete 1 million transactions per day by the end of the second year. The cash flow will be similar to the cash flow of the stock market.

Anyone can make huge profits in the crypto token and digital asset market, which is why an exchange with the most exclusive features has been developed.

The exchange is expected to enable large-scale crypto trading to achieve unprecedented quality and transparency.

App available on Google Play

The THXCHAIN ​​application is now available live on Google Play.

The platform developers are working on the following functions of the application:

  • Store THXCHAIN ​​THX and 20+ crypto assets.
  • Instant digital platform / exchange with Plug and Play liquidity (exclusive only in the application model).
  • Cryptocurrency transfers between savings and trading wallets.
  • Cryptocurrency loan module.
  • Earn compound interest on your digital assets (in Ethereum, Tether USD, THX THXCHAIN);
  • Receive cryptocurrencies through the wallet address and the QR code;
  • Check your transaction history.

Now you can apply for a Fiat loan of up to $500 from your phone.

Do you want more information? Visit to Thore Network

Website: https://thorenetwork.com/

Discord: https://discord.gg/KKUgZbv

Instagram: h ttps: //www.instagram.com/thrtchthe

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Thr_Official

Medium: https://medium.com/@ethminer3/thorecoin-b46fa19a0b1b

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAF7bIkIArI3PlzvjPz-hsA

Telegram: https://t.me/Thoreexchange

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