Walkex: The Secure, Reliable Crypto Exchange With The Best Rates

Walkex: The Secure, Reliable Crypto Exchange With The Best Rates

Walkex is a cryptocurrency exchange platform, which offers many other products and services related to digital currencies , such as DEX (Decentralized Exchange) and launches of initial offers in crypto exchanges (IEO Launchpad).

With a solid technical base, improved security and a user-friendly interface, the portal also has an adequate legal position and transparency in operations.

Walkex adjusts to the need of the trader who wants to operate with digital assets, thanks to its good database that can accommodate billions of traders worldwide, without finding the traditional technical problems facing other exchanges.

Walkex adjusts to the need of the merchant who wants to operate with digital assets, thanks to its good database that can accommodate billions of traders worldwide

The firm is part of a limited financial technology company incorporated in Estonia, called Walkex OÜ under registration number 14605058 . Walkex creates a cryptocurrency financial center with the help of advanced blockchain technologies.

Safety first

Walkex took a list of 140 cryptocurrency exchanges and verified basic security issues, to develop systems that improve its own platform . Thus, the company found solutions to several problems related to the blockchain.

This is how the portal introduced a single transaction withdrawal system, which requires multiple signatures of the founders of the stock exchange before a transaction is made. In this way, if a hacker had access to the exchange systems, the user would have time to stop any further progression.

Also, it has the traditional two-factor authentication system, a measure that requires the user to enter an email address and / or a phone number when registering, so that they can receive a code to enter when they log in, still confirming Plus your identity. Another option that Walkex has is cold storage, where all important data is stored securely offline, which guarantees customers that their funds will not be manipulated.

Likewise, it improved transparency by involving solvency tests and tests of legitimate commercial volumes .

The first is critical, because investors need to know the risk of committing to a financial entity that owns their funds. However, many exchanges have problems with this because they do not want to publicly disclose the financial details of their internal operations. Something Walkex seems not to care about, so it puts transparency on its platform.

In addition, the firm improved the system for negotiating rates . Finding ways to address both high charges and retain paying customers, offering an incentive for those who wish to participate.

This, thanks to a referral scheme or a profit-sharing program, as a way for a trader to involve those around him and gain an additional benefit from an exchange.

“Walkex Exchange charges a small percentage of the amount it exchanges. Our minimum commissions are the best we want to contribute to the world and what makes us unique. While paying less is always attractive, keep in mind that Walkex is the best prioritizing the security and liquidity of rates. Because we believe that it would make no sense for our investors to barely pay almost anything in transaction fees and then lose all their funds in a hacker attack. So Walkex’s security is covered, ”he says.

To all this is added credibility. Walkex’s legal records make it a reliable option , within a cryptographic universe where scams have become the norm of the day.

Link between buyer and seller

Walkex connects buyers and sellers within the same ecosystem , in which a very low fee is charged for each transaction.

Thus, the platform offers direct trade from person to person, where individuals from different countries can exchange currencies. And although, in general, these types of direct commercial exchanges do not have a fixed market price, because each seller sets their own exchange rate, the company has the lowest rates compared to other exchanges .

“Walkex has enough liquidity, prices and the speed of our transactions will never be compromised. Once you have decided which cryptocurrencies you would like to buy, you are sure that Walkex’s exchange liquidity and trading volume will be covered. This allows your transactions to be quick and easy. This also means that you can buy and sell without the price of the cryptocurrency being significantly affected by large market movements, ”says the exchange portal.

In Walkex the payment methods range from credit and debit card, PayPal, Bitcoin, Ethereum and more . However, identity verification will always be required for the former and will have a higher price, because there is a greater risk of fraud and higher transaction and processing fees.

In that sense, the platform will require a Know Your Customer (KYC) registry that, although it may seem a nuisance, protects the exchange against all types of scams and money laundering.

Walex also offers its DEX platform, where it allows users to exchange any pair of tokens without making a transaction through an intermediate currency. And only a few milliseconds are required to approve the transaction.

Walkex DEX works faster and safer than traditional cryptocurrency exchanges . The exchange work is provided by the link nodes, which connect the seller to the buyer for a commission, and then fix the transaction in the Waves blockchain.

That decentralized platform operates on the basis of the leased participation test mechanism, which is a modification of the participation test consensus.

The initial offer

Walkex is launching an initial exchange offer (IEO) for its native WKX token , with a market target of US $ 50,000,000.

For this, the firm organized referral rewards program and presented channel ambassadors, whose mission is to raise awareness about their cryptocurrency exchange and educate the public through meeting sessions.

Walkex will be extended to the world for the first time in order to obtain up to 25 million users in the first years of operation . Its programmers are now working to turn it into a decentralized exchange from scratch with the Waves platform and also centralized to make IEO programs.

In addition, the company is creating a relationship with banks and payment providers to ensure that a range of services can be offered through its platform, including remittances, bill payments, fund transfers and commercial services.

Customers can also track and spend their cryptocurrencies from an account , and connect with other digital currency trading platforms.

The Walkex token (WKX) is based on the Waves platform, which is a public blockchain network that offers tools to help organizations create decentralized exchanges or applications (or tokens). One of its main attractions is that it is faster than Bitcoin or Ethereum, and it is also easy to use.

The LPoS mining system is launched on MainNet, which allows any user to transfer their technical mining capabilities and receive rewards while increasing network security. To provide adequate security, classic encryption with a public key is used. WALKEX tokens can be converted into fiduciaries and cryptocurrencies, as well as tokens from other projects.

Currently, the IEO is in its fourth pre-sale phase, which will end on September 30, and offers a 10% discount for participants.

This October 1 will begin the public sale and will not have any discount. The price of each Walkex token (WKX) is 0.50 euros and will be limited to 200,000,000 virtual tokens.

Do you want more information? Visit to Walkex

Website : https://walkex.com/ieo/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/walkex/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Walk_Ex/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/walk-ex/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1kXHVvmMFvBmet1LrS1MuQ/

Disclaimer:  CriptoMonedaseIco does not offer legal, financial or investment advice, nor does it replace the due diligence of each interested party. CriptoMonedaseIco does not endorse any of the Initial Currency Offerings (ICO) promoted here. The content and links provided in this article serve informational purposes only.

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